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Oi Rebond ang Lola Mo!

 Day 1

I had been strutting around sporting my infamous bedroom hair (unkempt, uncombed and unruly) far long enough.  So I finally decided to exercise jurisdiction over my shaggy locks, imposed strict discipline over it by having undergone hair rebond treatment.  My long overdue decision was just in time for the wedding I had to be in, the one I mentioned two posts back.  I got the treatment done at a not so famed salon here in Cebu City.  The salon name was Red Lips formerly Dyoosa Salon located at Tisa Labangon right across Maria Lina's Catering Building.  

Now you might be wondering why I took a risk in an unfamiliar salon with a delicate procedure as a hair rebond.  Mine was choice based on research.  I had initially wanted to get the job done at Jonas Borces in Talamban ( a really famous salon, with sossy clientele ) but I had second thoughts because I havent seen anyone I personally know whom has had theirs done there.  After a few calls and texts to my cousins who have had good hair rebond results, I whole heartedly trusted their reviews of Red Lips Salon and just simply entrusted my wayward tresses to Tootsie the salon owner.   

He was the one who applied the treatment to my hair and also took notice of how long the chemicals were to stay on my hair.  It was his minions who did the troublesome procedure of thinly ironing my hair.  Because I have thin hair, entire process was done after 3 hours, a short time compared to the usual 4-5 hour routine.  

Its been almost a month since I have had the treatment done and my hair still is so straight, shiny and easy to comb.  Tootsie also suggested I put on Ahglow Keratin Hair Protek once in a while after I shower for maintenance.  It's always good to ask your friends for feedback on products and services you are interested in.  Dont get swayed by how a product is marketed, or just because its expensive or pricey.  You dont want to end up having wasted money and still look hideous.  ;)