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RaH! RaH! Sis Boom Bah! GERMANY!

Shot of the Day from FIFA.com

While the whole world is going gaga over FIFA World Cup, people in the Philippines in general are clueless about the sport.  I for one is curious about it and wonder to myself why the big deal?  Thank heavens for the rapid development of technology and information, the World Cup is just a button away.  Since there is no team Philippines, I choose to support team Deutschland and here are the reasons why:

  • I have loving relatives now based in Germany and they have a very nice family.  
  • Our neighbor is in Germany too and she seems happy ^^
  • I am intrigued by German History
  • I have a fascination for World War II and the Aryan race point of view
  • I believe Germans are one of the intelligent people on this planet
  • I already have a Deutschland tshirt with a big German flag attached to the back like a cape! LOL
This is a souvenir tshirt my dad brought me from one of his stops to Germany.  
My bro has several Manchester jersey(whatever lol) 

I don't know any player in the World Cup except for David Beckham, so can you suggest skillful Deutschland players I can cheer for?  I'm trying to be global here and join in on the craze.  ^^

At 2:30am Philippine time its Ghana versus Deutschland, and I will watch it, see if ill enjoy it and learn the rules of the sport too!

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