I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

The Glamor in Law

Stress is a staple in law school.  I came to an inference that the way a law student dresses up correlates with the severity of the stress he is burdened by.  The more stress, the better we dress!

Dressing well sets a level of confidence that helps a lot when you are under pressure.  Of course wearing the right clothes to school isn't everything, your mind first of all must be prepared for a good round of intellectual battle that sets law school apart from any academic pursuit.

So enough with the blab, here's how we show the world the glamor of law school.
We can definitely rock any occasion!
May it be a rawr or a meow our fashion statement is deafening!
They say the law is a very jealous mistress, I suggest for the ladies to be patient.
Mac VB of Wit and Spit

Despite being outside our institution we standout and refuse to be ordinary.

Thank you to everyone who eagerly submitted their pictures and kisses to all whose permission I failed to get I know you love me so its ok.. hahaha!!