I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

The Travelling Scarf Goes To Cebu, Philippines!

Our ride for the whole day!  A big pump boat the fits 30 people from Eris Island Hopping
The Travelling Scarf is now doing its rounds here in the Philippines!  This wanderlust of a scarf is on its 6th destination, making me the 6th person to act as hostess for a good few weeks.  

What better way to treat my sky colored scarf visitor than to drown it in the infamous Filipino hospitality right?  This year,for me, is filled with so many water adventures; this last island hopping trip I had been to was perfectly matchy-matchy with the travelling scarf.  The pristine waters of Mactan Island definitely went well with the vibrant blue accessory.

I was holding on for dear life as the pump boat was already heading to our destination.

How to style the travelling scarf was kinda difficult knowing there are so many ways of tying a one.  Honestly   I find scarves weird.  Blame it on having lived for forever in a tropical country; we just don't see that many people wearing one at any given place or time.  And so, hair accessory it became.  Did a square knot around my already done pony tail and poof! I have a style!

Watch for the next installation of  The Travelling Scarf as it goes all the way to Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines!

Lookbook Wednesday

You guessed it!  Red is my favorite color!  And right now I'm thinking Red Skinny Jeans!

Captain Morgan and My Legendary Time

When you get an invite to party exactly right after a series of exams, you just do not say no!  Never mind the fact that I do not have anything new to wear.  The promise of something new to drink, a.k.a Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rhum, is lure enough for me.  Got word from mamang Eden (my saint for everything grandiose) that Captain Morgan, the lovable rogue that he is, will be throwing a guaranteed legendary parteeeey over at my favorite party destination, Alchology.  

You bet this DamnVixen was keen for an adventure!

Captain Morgan has been taking over the country's "it bars" lugging along with him his prized treasure chest.  Customers are given keys to this chest where inside it is a trove of premiums which await the lucky new shipmates.  Oh I did get my own key alright, however I was so into the beats, sounds and dancing that I lost my loot!  I say blame it on the 3 full glasses of Captain and Cola I had downed that night! The drink mixes the unique blend of Caribbean Rum, mellow spices, and flavoring, with the right amount of cola and ice—the perfect serve for all occasion, any season.  

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rhum is now available at an SRP of P350.00
Soon the notorious Captain Morgan will hijack your favorite bars and hangouts so that you can get a taste of Captain & Cola and get the chance to unlock his treasure chest for some special gear, just like how some of us in Cebu Fashion Bloggers had experienced!  Holler to Rabsin, Marco, Mac, Lyka and Mark Monta for an awesome time!

Me, Mac, Lyka and Captain Morgan!
Don't mind my electric blue eyeshadow, just hustle over to Captain Morgan Philippines Fan Page to keep yourself up to date with the Captain’s adventures, promos, and other news.

Captain Morgan is distributed by Diageo, makers of Johnnie Walker, J&B, Baileys and BenMor Four Casks Scotch Whiskey among others, and the worlds leading premium drinks business trading in more than 180 countries.

Profound and Sexy

A man is most physically attractive in his everyday wardrobe. 

Little do they know that that hanes underwear peeking through that worn out blazer and jeans ensemble, adding to the  mysterious nonchalant air, are perfect ingredients to catching a certain girl's discriminating eye.  

Profound and Sexy

What men forget, is that bank accounts and statements of assets and liabilities are mere icings and garnishments to a cake that is already oh so delectable in its simple self!  Sometimes all it takes are just a pair of levi jeans or perhaps wrangler jeans topped with the most basic of tees to close the deal.  

So what's the catch?  
Borgy Manotoc is THE Total Package!  We need more like him!
Would it be too much to ask for a profound head and an articulate mouth to liven it up?  This year, it is my fervent wish to meet such a man.  Maybe I frequent the wrong places or I'm entertaining the wrong crowd, because these days most men seem to enjoy living up the Peter Pan syndrome.  Seriously, gay men are hotter these days.  

Straight men beware: The threat is real!

Meet Me on a Monday 07

It has been so many weeks since I have posted my weekly installment of Never Growing Old's Meet on Mondays!  So here goes another round of 5 get-to-know-me questions that will give a glimpse of my many quirks!  

How was your Monday?  Mine was quite jam-packed with activities in school.  My only solace is knowing that in a few days, Holiday vacation will have started!  Ready, shoot!

1.  Tomorrow I'm going to _________?

Study.  Prelim exams, booohoo! insert sad exhausted and irritable face!

2.  Pudding or Jello?

picture from istorya.net

I love the gooey, sticky and messy texture of pudding!  and Im drooling! lol  That picture is our Filipino version of pudding.  We call it "pan borikat" in my local dialect.  The name roughly translate to "prostitute bread".  Such reference is made because of the red pasty filling that resembles that of a prostitute's red lipstick.  Very politically incorrect hahahah!

3.  What book are you currently reading?

Lots actually.  I jump from one book to another when I get bored with the one I'm reading.  It hard to finish a book with this kind of approach, however it still a consolation that I am reading.  Les Liaisons Dangereuses is a very hilarious read.  I love the formalities of writing letters back during the Victorian era.  I wish handwritten letters do not lose its romantic and personal qualities.

4.  What is the first concert you went to see?

picture by Patrick Bitoy

Slapshock!  It's a local metal band that was quite popular back in the late 90's until I graduated highschool in 2002.  They used to frequently tour the country and tickets were reasonably priced.  My taste in music evolved from boybands to girlbands to screaming violent music to reggae and now I've succumb to pop! I havent bought a legit record in years! hahaha!

5.  What is your current weather? 

A quick strike on the keyboard reveals that it is still wet season in the Philippines-Wet, humid, muddy and gloomy!  I would love some fashionable wellies to splash, with gusto, the flooded streets!

Now Monday's over!  Stop being so down and move on to Tuesday!

Bring It On, Rain!

It's one hell of an expensive day when my prayers for not to be caught in rain go unanswered.  I don't even want to mention the times I chose to get stranded rather than tread through the city's murky flood.  Ohmygehd! The horror!  And how about the threat to my perfectly drawn eyebrows?  Obviously I am not a fan of the wet season.  However, a girl has got to go out, go to school, high five the boys, sneer at fellow girls and gossip some more a.k.a live life in general.

Hunter Wellies
Could Wellington boots a.k.a wellies be the answer to my prayers?  The western world, with their four seasons, is not alien to this apparel.  In fact it seems to me that rain boots are part of their wardrobe staples akin to sweatshirts or blue jeans. One of my vivid childhood memories is a scene of an adorable old lady doing her usual rounds of feeding a badelynge of ducks.  Not exactly a charming picture when quacking ducks and a pail of poultry feeds are in the scene, but I must admit the rubber boots made quite an impression to me.

Flickr photo from GumDropsWetWeather
I have not seen anyone my age wearing this very functional foot wear.  I don't understand why, despite the fact of flood being everywhere these days, no one seem to dare and try them on.  Would you rather be carried by sweaty men for a service fee of, how much is it now? Ten pesos?  Is that your interpretation of being "swept off your feet"?  I will unfriend you! hahahaha!

If you know where I could invest on a pretty and trust worthy pair of wellies here in the Philippines, I am all ears!

Lookbook Wednesday

Shock. Awe.Captivate





Lessons Learned from No Other Woman

Since divorce is not an option and annulment certainly costs more than an arm and a leg, wives need something short of a culinary degree and pole dancing prowess just to have monopoly over their husbands attention span of 1 year, or 2 tops.  

As Denny Crane would put it: The perfect woman is an angel in bed and a whore in the kitchen.  

Looking Spruced Up!

Poor eyesight is in our gene pool.  Back in the days of Sweet Valley High, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and historical romance novels, when I read them all through midnight and lying down to boot, I get scolded for straining my eyes; that I'd go blind because of such vice.  How can reading be a vice?  

I started wearing eyeglasses when I started highschool, but I had already been squinting my way through gradeschool way before I got my eyes checked.  The world looked so much beautiful through hazy eyes back then.  But with a growing head comes the progression of my myopia, so it cant be helped, my present and future continues to be latched with prescription eyewear... for good!

I get my eyes checked at least once a year and just recently my myopia progressed from -400 to -475 since last year when I got my nerdy eyeglasses.  As I said it can not be helped.  What can be helped is seeing to it that the optical shops I go to maintain the standard of having licensed opticians and ophthalmologists that ensure the quality of eyewears prescribed and being sold. Cubix Eyewear offers that high quality service with style and affordability!

I was snooping around their site and found something I really like!  I'm lemming for the CUBIK 940 C1 tortoise shell frame.  Very classy and looks mighty sturdy too! Looking spruced up wouldn't be much of an effort with the right accessory on.  Plus filling it with my prescribed -475 eye grade, this baby makes up for style x functionality that I so live by.  ^^

I just might win Cubik eyewear simply by joining the Cubik Eyewear Blogging Contest!

Visayas Blogging Summit 2011

Now that online media is making huge waves and gaining momentum when it comes to credibility and audience share, it's about right to learn more about this endeavor because there's more to blogging than just plain whim.

Scoot over to SM City Cebu on November 26 2011 to take part of Visayas Blogging Summit 2011!

Co-Organized by SM City Cebu, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., and PRworks

Adding Benmore To The List of Men I Trust

Last Saturday I got to know 2 Bs to add to the 3 Js whom I trust to get me 100% buzzed!  Benmore Scotch Whiskey and Borgy Manotoc is a concoction you might want to binge on!  However, with these fine men, you have got to pick out an equally sophisticated outfit to get drunk in.  You might as well play the part right and do play it well.

I can not deadma that level of adorableness!
Yes! We all came here for hugs!
I no longer drink as much as I used to.  This I say with all honesty.  How could I when my drinking buddies have been promoted to mommy duties.  Since I am still stuck in the rabbit hole, so to speak;  While I'm still trying to figure out how deep this burrow goes,  I trod along with a drink in hand once in a rare kind of while. Semestral breaks like this one right now, tend be a string of rare whiles. ;)

My stars had certainly aligned that Saturday, as most of my evil exams were done.  The lively Eden of Chic in the Tropics, invited us Cebu Fashion Bloggers to Benmore Four Cask Scotch Whiskey Launch and Bar Tour.   She did emphasize that brand ambassador Borgy Manotoc will be there, I would be crazy to let this one slide.  Besides I was dying to meet my Cebu Fashion Blogger friends.  I will take Borgy as a side dish any day!
Isabeau and Issa

Cebu Fashion Bloggers!
Me, Mac, Mildred, Dawn and Angeli
Shoes have their own language.
As a lady who drinks, I am impressed by Benmore's smooth and not too overwhelming taste. The Php 380.00 price tag is spot on for those who want to experience the exquisiteness of scotch whiskey without having to shell out a big wad.  Benmore came from Diageo, the same people responsible for Johnny Walker, Ciroc, Baileys and Smirnoff to name a few.  But hey don't just take my word for it, the people over at whiskyboys gave this scotch blend as score of 3 corks.  They even recommend it for everyday consumption.  Pretty promising for an affordable drink, don't you think?  

I have long ditched beer as my recreational drink of choice.  Im transitioning to the real deal, coz I know I can take it.  Benmore Four Cask Scotch Whiskey belongs to my stash along side Jack, Jim and Jose.

Much love and thanks to Angeli, Michelle, Mildred, Marco and Rabsin, and Issa for letting me grab the pictures!  And ofcourse to Eden for bringing us there!

The Best Outfit To Be Drunk In

No, not really drunk Drunk, just drunk-ish.  So you decide to treat yourself with some booze after the whirlwind of mind fucks you had gone through be it at work, school or at home.  Having considered the place you will go to and the crowd you will be with, it now boils down to how safe and secure you will be in your outfit.
OUTFIT. Let say you will go clubbing, do yourself a favor and show one asset at a time, lest you be mistaken for the cigarette promo girls.  Show legs, show boobies, but not all at once.  Slut is a harsh, stingy word, you don't want that.  If you like wearing those stringy undies then skip this next sentence.  I love mini dresses and skirts, but I detest the airy feel down there, so I have a habit of wearing boylegs; I feel secure that way.  Do yourself a favor and smack hard every peeping tom too!

SHOES.  How drunk you intend to be determines how high your shoes ought to be.  Your feet and ankles are way more precious than you give them credit for.  Avoid stilettos and anything else that resembles a deadly weapon instead of a goddamn shoe!

MAKEUP.  And to top it all wear shine proof, water proof, and if you can find it, sweat proof makeup.  You are supposed to peg the look at sultry and smokey not a burnt survivor of a three-alarm fire.  One last thing, stack on some rings just in case you get mixed into a bar fight.


Again take note, rape proof clothes, shoes you can stand and run on, a face that says parteeyy, and some self defense blings that will get you past the bouncer.  This goes without saying: "Drink responsibly" ;)

Cinema Bound: No Other Woman

I can vividly remember being terrified by Glenn Close's character in the iconic movie Fatal Attraction.  How I got to watch an R movie at barely 7 years old, is beyond my recollection.  To this day I still associate mistresses to "bunny boilers" and it would probably stay that way.  Mistress: Que Horror!

I so want to watch this for 2 reasons: First, Derek Ramsay-damn!  Second, I'm anxious to finding out who among Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes gets to be the psychotic bitch.  The spot on dialogues and cliches are but mere consolations, I dare say.  Who doesn't love a cat fight, right?

September 28, 2011  in cinemas nationwide!   
I will channel Anne and sport a nude lippy, for kicks!  See yah!

p.s poster from starmometer.com

Heart Stopper!

Jollibee Hash Brown Burger!!

I swear burgers are worse than cigarettes!  I am easily bribed with burgers this past few weeks.  Just yesterday, I got to drag my ass off to a mall just for a Flame It! burger.  Im talking about burgers hoping the craving will go away via write off!

A few hours ago, me and my law buds, stopped by Mcdonald's for a quick dinner.  Here's what happened..

Me: (to Mac) oii orderin natin yung bago na hash brown burger! sarap nun!
Mac: cge un na din orderin ko
I was looking up the menu looking for the hash brown burger wondering why there's no info about the product.   Moved on and brushed off the bewilderment and proceeded to voice out order.
Me: (to cashier/manager) Miss! 2 orders ng hash brown burger please! (smile)
Manager: what is your order ma'am?
Me:  hash brown burger nga!  ba't wala sa menu ninyo? ahh bagong product kasi noh?
Manager:  we don't have that in this Mcdonald's ma'am! ( no smile )
Me:  ahh sa ibang branch lang pala..... hala baka sa Jollibee yun!
Mac:  hahahhaha ano kaba manager yata yung kausap mo, sa Jollibee cguro yun!
Me:  eh pag hash browns Mcdonald's yung alam ko eh!
Me: (to manager) hala cge McFlurry na lang order ko!
Manager:  *punch *punch that would be 44 pesos mam.
Mac and I: LOL

Note:  I have long associated hash browns with Mcdonald's since they did offer it in their menu some years ago.  Kudos to Jollibee for the successful disassociation!