I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Caveat: Shoe Envy

“Terrorism, hurricanes, and acts of God can’t part a true Imelda from her shoes,”

- Jane Blahnik

Every woman has a button somewhere up her brain that gets turned on by the sight of the perfect pair of shoes.  Any man would be silly to just think that that's just one pair.  What we don't tell you is that the perfect pairs of shoes can occupy half of the living room space if we don't exercise self restraint.  A woman doesnt have to be an Imelda Marcos or Eva Peron fan to be a shoe whore.  Shoes make me happy!  It is almost second to sweets.  Spending an extra hour on the ladies shoe department when you only intend to buy socks is fairly typical dont you think?  

from pensandlens
Recently Sweet has been arousing my shoe desires by posting her new Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  Not one but two pairs and definitely not from her own money!  Yup!  The man gifted them to her as a 10 year anniversary present.  Whoah!  FYI:  This post is colored green for a reason.  That bitch friend of mine is being spoiled showered with love and affection.  How loving!

Girlfriends, route your men to Bluefly or Shopbop to give him hints on what you really want.   

Boyfriends, a fair warning: It all starts with just shoes, then later on evening dresses and designer handbags.  

As for me, well I'm just waiting for the perfect prey I can rob blind to get this beauty.  
Alexander McQueen

red satin crystal appliqu├ęd peep toe pumps