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Should I Believe Maricar Reyes? - Contractubex


I am in an exposé mood to try Contractubex now that I have lots of free time after I took all the exams needed to end the last semester.  Summer is already here and how am I supposed to strut around in micro-mini shiz when Im having a skin crisis?  

You know, when you have so many things running in your mind, you forget some not so important stuff.  I forgot to cut my nails!  Mosquitoes are everywhere too and because I have no patience, the inevitable happened.  

My scabs :(

The directions said to apply 3-4 times a day on the affected area massaging it on the skin until the gel gets absorbed.

  • The formula is a gel-like consistency so its not sticky or slimy.
  • It smells like roses!
  • It leaves a minty and tingly feeling after applying it.
  • It's effin expensive! P490+ for a 10g tube!
  • I dont buy the pitch on keloid scars.  
  • Its laborious! 3x a day?! 
Maricar Reyes from PEX
Stay tuned to this blog post as I will update this to conclude Maricar Reyes' credibility.  (ehhe just kidding!)