I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Something I Realized Upon Joining the Cebu Real Estate Industry

If you have been living in Cebu City for quite some time now, for sure you cannot help but notice the immense developments especially with Cebu's real estate industry sprouting all over our lovely island. In just the last 5 years alone, IT Park in Apas, Lahug has drastically morphed from mere grassland to concrete jungle teeming with "millennials" buzzing about their consumerist lifestyle from sunup to sundown.

Everything looks so promising economy wise and I feel many have felt that the recent improvements in structures and commercialism are also commensurate or proportionately attributable to healthy employment opportunities in the region. Consequently, young professionals are earning more and with that naturally comes a stronger purchasing power and confidence in spending on the non-essentials. In short, people now have money to burn.  

And when you have money, all seems good isn't it?

The problem with having money or being liquid - and I mean financial liquidity - is the fact that you will always be lured into buying something you really do not need.  

You save because you spend.  When you have had this cycle of divesting disguised as saving going on for a while and reach the time when your earning capacity wanes, almost instantly you will find yourself going into debt and deeper down thereafter.  

Cut your spending lifestyle and put your hard-earned money in investments  that cannot be easily corroded by inflation such as something as promising as CEBU'S REAL ESTATE

Cebu Real Estate Agent

If you do plan to get a hold of your finances and earn passive income for your future, just send me a message.  I'd be happy to assist you in making real and mature decisions henceforth.