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CSDC: Say No! to Dog or Cat Meat

I like to think that people have already gone intricately deep into establishing a civilized society.  So it is quite disheartening to know that a significant number of our communities still have ice-age ways that are just beyond yuck!  In the Philippines, it is an open secret that some regions are consumers of dog and cat meat. Although the culture of eating dog is becoming scarce, the practice still exists and there is a threat of it becoming mainstream again as some enterprising individuals are capitalizing on dog and cat meat as exotic dishes.  

Laws are present to address this atrocious inhumanity towards our beloved pets.  However implementation of our animal rights laws seem to be missing a few teeth, actually we are missing able and capable authorities to stop dog or cat meat trade. 

Recently here in Cebu, although eating dog and cat meat are virtually unheard of, Cebu South Dog Club is a forerunner of the advocacy to stop dog and cat meat trade.  They launched an awareness drive last month and was very successful in spreading information about current laws against such practice.  CSDC roamed the streets of Talisay City, Cebu advancing the club's stand against the barbaric trade.  It was made clear that they have assumed the position of watching over the welfare of animals and that they will not hesitate to put things right when it comes to our beloved pets.

Cebu South Dog Club culminated the Say No To Dog Meat propaganda at Starmall Talisay City.  The event pooled together the participation of Island Rescue Organization, individuals and Cebu Blogging Community to showcase to the Cebuano community that there are people looking out for man's best friends and they will see to it that the full length of the law will be implemented.