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Top 50 Mistakes of Women While Having Sex

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I have a feeling this was put together by a guy hoping to get away with a few things.

This infographic clearly suggest we all embrace our inner slut and just live out a female version of the term "dick head"!

I do agree with a few things here like no. 5, no. 7 and no. 14, but over all I dont think it's ever a mistake to demand for how much you, as a woman, are worth.  

Basically, a typical guy have E and Z put together as their favorite letters in the alphabet.  Despite how much of a "challenge" you were during your courtship stage, as a general rule, men expect the chase to end after the first time his hoo-hoo got into your cha-cha.  It should be smooth sailing for them thereafter.  Pun intended!

My take? Men should not dare pin point a woman's mistake not before he meets her needs and is deemed faultless!

source: theirtoys.com

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  1. I cannot read the full body of the image...can you send me a link or give me an email...I am curious hahahahaha!!!! seriously I am :D there is an urge for me to start acting like a pornstar soon due to the shoes he gave me recently hahahaha....