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Jed Lazaga: A Struggle Crowned With Victory and Glory

Jed Lazaga with Atty. Elaine Bathan on Sunstar Cebu March 1 2012 Front Page

Results of the 2011 Philippine Bar Examinations was finally rolled out yesterday afternoon with anxiousness and anticipation from barristers, law students and law schools.  The vibe this previous February from everyone I know in law school was jittery, and since I'm such an empathetic kinda girl, nakiki-nerbyos pud ko.  Believe me the wait is really disconcerting, I dont know what will happen to me if it would be my turn to shine. 

The usual drill is to take note of the 2011 Bar Topnotchers, play betting games on who among the Top Law Schools in the country had the most passers - percentage wise, move on to who among the barristers I know have passed the bar exam, and then a litany of congratulatory messages.  However, only one name stood out as I was browsing the Supreme Court's website, LAZAGA, JED CARLO S - a name to be reckoned with.

Remember the guy who was wrongfully accused as the 2010 Bar Exam bomber?  The young man who was Stereotyped, Maligned and Bismirched by ignorant gossip-monggers is now ATTORNEY JED CARLO LAZAGA.  In your face, caps lock and in bold letters!

I could never pass a moment to learn from a very inspiring person.  Fortunately, Atty. Lazaga indulged me with a mini interview last night via Facebook chat.  After my repeated thank you's and congratulations, turns out there was more room in me to admire him some more.  It is my honor to share with you what we talked about and I leave you with your own impressions and conclusions about the man that is JED LAZAGA.

My Interview with Atty. Jed Lazaga
First super congratulations. let me say you are inspiring not only me but all the other future lawyers, and that's a fact 
what are your current emotions?
Im so happy..........
but still can't believe that i made it... 
You must be really overwhelmed right now. But we all know you will make it!
Looking back on the drama that was 2010, what part of that event really gave you the fuel to become a lawyer? 
After the report that i was the culprit of the bombing.. my friends and I were discussing the possibilty that I will be incarcerated in prison..
I soon realized how incompetent our peace officers and the national media..
They were only considering one side of the story they didnt even mind to ask me what had happened, they summarily accused me of throwing the bomb.
Nakaingon jd ko nga daghan ang nkaexperience ani.. ( I said to myself a lot have experienced this ) nga dli alng akong na napasunginlan... ( that I am not the only one who have been wrongfully accused )
So i tried my best to pass the exam in order to serve those who are experiencing what had happened to me. 
Would it be correct to say that the trauma of the event made you realize that you wanted so bad to be the champion for due process and rights of the accused? 
What are your next steps - career wise, considering that motivation to protect the accused? 
I want to serve in the pubic attorneys office
most of the clients there are accused of committing a crime/s who cannot afford the services of a private counsel..
gnahan ko mutabang nla.. ( I want to help them ) 
Wow! Usually some law students would answer that they will follow where the money goes... hahahha!
Any lucrative offers from law firms local or national? 
wla man... ( none )
NGO's ra naa... ( only NGOs ) 
Now that your struggles are crowned with victory and glory (char doctrine) hahaha
Do you have ill feeling towards those who bismirched and maligned you? 
Ever since, i dont have it...
Those people who inflicted physical injuries and robbed my wallet wla jd koy ill feelings.. ( I have no ill feelings )
nadawat nako nga part ra jd to sa sa life sa usa ka fratman.. ( I accepted that that was part of a life of a fratman ) 
Who do you want to give express thanks to? And I would like to request tips in preparing for the bar and a message to us future lawyers. 
To God of course, this is not possible without him...
To future lawyers, I wud like to quote my esteemed professor Judge Anacleto Debalucos, according to him,"STUDY HARD AS IF EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON YOU, PRAY HARD AS IF EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON GOD" 
Salamat kaau brod Jed for indulging me with this interview.. its really my honor.. as Ive said to everyone you are my top notcher for 2011 bar exam..

Jed Carlo Lazaga is Innocent Facebook Fanpage
Jed Lazaga has been vindicated and now a lawyer, we are blessed to have with us a new champion for due process and the rights of the accused. I look forward to shaking hands with you soon Attorney!

Congratulations to New Philippine Lawyers