I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Celebrating 100 Baby!!

Finally reached my 100th post in 2 years of writing online!

In celebration, I'm treating you all!!
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Plain Jane No More!

Leisure times like semestral breaks and long Christmas holidays makes me reminisce the days when I never had to worry about picking the right dress.  Back when T-shirts and jeans crowded the wooden box masquerading as my closet, I was wild and free. My love for fashion eccentricities rose from just being Plain Jane (pun intended lol).  A few years back you can never spot me with a blouse on.  I was always this chubby girl wearing a baby tee.  But *sigh evolution had to take its course; I had to trade my favorite shirts for blazers and collared polo's.

Don't get me wrong, T-shirts are still basic fashion must haves.  They remain timeless and unfazed by the changing times.  In fact, up to this day wearing flamboyant funny tshirts just might get you the attention you need.  Celebrities on their lazy days and even on the red carpet are spotted sporting ordinary everyday T-shirts and yet they remain fashionably in style.
credits to fibers.com
You can play tough gal by wearing UFC T-shirts or play artsy fartsy by donning cool graphic tees.  T-shirt printing is not rocket science so go ahead and make your own or ask somebody to print your design for you.  The internet is teeming with clothing and apparel shops making your choices virtually endless.

Local DIY genius Philip of Fashion Toy Gun
Express your love just like what dear friend Sweet of Pens and Lens did!
In an age where standing out means wearing the most catchy, eye-brow raising statement tee, you need not fuss about designer labels or price tags because this time you are wearing you!

So while shopping for xmas ornaments, I'm going to my local T-shirt store to print me a shirt just like that one up there.  ^^
Go ahead! Strut your individuality!

How I Sparkle and Standout: A Skin Secret

Having suffered from dry flaky skin and uneven skin tone as a result of my active adolescent stage, I was frequently trying out lots of beauty soaps that can atleast help me get a good fair skin.  I say I have tried them all from moisture bars to whitening soaps with papaya extracts, shea butter, goats milk etc.  You name it I most probably have tried it.  

My search then focused on soaps with the same consistency as Dove.  I tried Olay but didnt like it because it darkens my skin.  Then I came across Caress Nature's Silk soap.  I feel like I have found the fountain of youth!  Ive been using it since I was 17 years old.  It's been 7 years of not looking back since then.  

I was not aiming for a whiter skin I just wanted to feel clean, moisturized and not red all over when I get out of the shower.  Right now I am in the most radiant skin I have ever been.  People say that when I go out under the sun, my skin reflects so much light.  A smooth and fair skin can really make you sparkle and stand out.

I use the soap generously by lathering it directly on my body and in some days I also use bath gloves to aid in scrubbing off dead skin.  Then after bathing I finish off with an age defying lotion.  It's the perfect beauty routine.
Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating BW, Exotic Oil Infusion in Moroccan and the original soap bar
Just recently I got to purchase 2 variants from their new body wash line. The first one I use for days Im too lazy to exfoliate.  The oil-infused variant is used when I need a quick shower.  They make me wanna take a bath everynight!  I smell so good I could be eaten ahhaha! No pun intended.
before and after
So there you go, my secret is finally out.  I didnt bleach, nor did I burn cash on glutathione injections because that stuff scares me!  

Disclaimer: I was not at all asked nor paid to write this post ^^

The Glamor in Law

Stress is a staple in law school.  I came to an inference that the way a law student dresses up correlates with the severity of the stress he is burdened by.  The more stress, the better we dress!

Dressing well sets a level of confidence that helps a lot when you are under pressure.  Of course wearing the right clothes to school isn't everything, your mind first of all must be prepared for a good round of intellectual battle that sets law school apart from any academic pursuit.

So enough with the blab, here's how we show the world the glamor of law school.
We can definitely rock any occasion!
May it be a rawr or a meow our fashion statement is deafening!
They say the law is a very jealous mistress, I suggest for the ladies to be patient.
Mac VB of Wit and Spit

Despite being outside our institution we standout and refuse to be ordinary.

Thank you to everyone who eagerly submitted their pictures and kisses to all whose permission I failed to get I know you love me so its ok.. hahaha!!