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Plain Jane No More!

Leisure times like semestral breaks and long Christmas holidays makes me reminisce the days when I never had to worry about picking the right dress.  Back when T-shirts and jeans crowded the wooden box masquerading as my closet, I was wild and free. My love for fashion eccentricities rose from just being Plain Jane (pun intended lol).  A few years back you can never spot me with a blouse on.  I was always this chubby girl wearing a baby tee.  But *sigh evolution had to take its course; I had to trade my favorite shirts for blazers and collared polo's.

Don't get me wrong, T-shirts are still basic fashion must haves.  They remain timeless and unfazed by the changing times.  In fact, up to this day wearing flamboyant funny tshirts just might get you the attention you need.  Celebrities on their lazy days and even on the red carpet are spotted sporting ordinary everyday T-shirts and yet they remain fashionably in style.
credits to fibers.com
You can play tough gal by wearing UFC T-shirts or play artsy fartsy by donning cool graphic tees.  T-shirt printing is not rocket science so go ahead and make your own or ask somebody to print your design for you.  The internet is teeming with clothing and apparel shops making your choices virtually endless.

Local DIY genius Philip of Fashion Toy Gun
Express your love just like what dear friend Sweet of Pens and Lens did!
In an age where standing out means wearing the most catchy, eye-brow raising statement tee, you need not fuss about designer labels or price tags because this time you are wearing you!

So while shopping for xmas ornaments, I'm going to my local T-shirt store to print me a shirt just like that one up there.  ^^
Go ahead! Strut your individuality!


  1. I am so touch about this feature...and the lookbook too!!!! awww!!! Thanks love...so happy!!!! mwuah as in super mwuah!!!!

    i also love my shirt it is a personal favorite...


  2. hey isabeau! :D we make shirts too...hehehehe. just want to let you know that (shameless advertising..hehe).

    yes, i agree statement tees never grow old...sometimes i just like to wear a plain pair of denim shorts with my oversized graphic tees...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥