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Vintage Swimwear

Ive been looking around for swimsuits that can camouflage my bulges yet still remain stylish and fab.  My mind was set on one piece styles when I saw a picture of Taylor Swift wearing a two piece high waist polka dot swimsuit that was screaming "vintage!".  
Dont slouch! 

My brain went haywire and immediately registered the idea of me rocking that style.  I was so busy looking at recent swimsuit designs that I missed the glamour that was 1940.
Take a look at these swimsuits sold at Unique-Vintage I had blast clicking through their collection of vintage fashion.  They even have articles about the fashion timeline of the fabulous past.  

This is me having gone haywire.  Well I'll be damned!  I told you so, didn't I?

Win a Dr. Jart BB cream from Project Vanity

I want to win the Black Label Variant!

One of my favorite beauty sites is at it again on a bongga giveaway!  Project Vanity is giving away 2 15ml tubes of her favorite BB cream.  I just cant help but join in, I'm a sucker for free stuff you know! ^^

Here's what we need to do to win one of them:

1. Answer the question: What BB cream variant do you want to win and why?

2. Post your answer on your blog (5 raffle entries), Facebook page (3 raffle entries - make sure the post is set to public so I can view), Twitter account (1 raffle entry), and/or Plurk account (1 entry).

3.  Make sure that your post includes the following: the contest poster as seen above, a link to   Projectvanity.com, and the contest mechanics. You will be disqualified without all three requirements in your post.

4. Lastly, leave a comment on this post providing the links of all your contest entries. 

How to up your chances of winning:

Simply follow the POC.net's Beauty and Fashion Channel on Facebook. This will entitle you to three raffle entries.

There will be two winners each receiving the BB cream of their choice. Random.org will be used to draw the lucky winners. Contest runs from June 26 to July 10. Winners will be announced July 11.

RaH! RaH! Sis Boom Bah! GERMANY!

Shot of the Day from FIFA.com

While the whole world is going gaga over FIFA World Cup, people in the Philippines in general are clueless about the sport.  I for one is curious about it and wonder to myself why the big deal?  Thank heavens for the rapid development of technology and information, the World Cup is just a button away.  Since there is no team Philippines, I choose to support team Deutschland and here are the reasons why:

  • I have loving relatives now based in Germany and they have a very nice family.  
  • Our neighbor is in Germany too and she seems happy ^^
  • I am intrigued by German History
  • I have a fascination for World War II and the Aryan race point of view
  • I believe Germans are one of the intelligent people on this planet
  • I already have a Deutschland tshirt with a big German flag attached to the back like a cape! LOL
This is a souvenir tshirt my dad brought me from one of his stops to Germany.  
My bro has several Manchester jersey(whatever lol) 

I don't know any player in the World Cup except for David Beckham, so can you suggest skillful Deutschland players I can cheer for?  I'm trying to be global here and join in on the craze.  ^^

At 2:30am Philippine time its Ghana versus Deutschland, and I will watch it, see if ill enjoy it and learn the rules of the sport too!

eyeshadow: Victoria Jackson Pocket Palette
mascara: Maybelline Magnum
foundie: Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation
blush: Dollface Cosmetics 78 Palette

A Shower of Scarlet Kisses

I am a lipstick hoarder.  Red lipsticks are my weakness.  I wear rouge lips whenever I can and I don't need any special occasion just so I can sport extra red lips.  In a short span of time I have gathered quite a lot of these babies.  My current staple is my newest find Maybelline's Colorsensational in Summer Sunset.  It's my perfect red lipstick for the time being.  It's a bit drying but I don't care, I have my Carmex lipbalm to rescue my lips whenever I need lip repairs.

  • Maybelline Colorsensational in Summer Sunset
  • Maybelling Moisture Extreme in Brick Rose
  • Loreal Color Riche in Burgandy Richess
  • Fullerlife Colorfull in Watermelon
  • L.A Colors in Cranberry Red
  • Fullerlife lipstick (no tag)
It does not stop here, I still scour beauty counters for a new purrfect red lipstick.  ^^

A Social Climber's Blooper

First day of school last Monday and I was uber excited because I have not stepped inside school grounds for more than two months.  The weather was as crazy as ever, so just imagine a very sweaty me running up and down the winding stairs to get enrolled.  In grad school there's no rush to get yourself enrolled because classes offered would never close due to minimal enrollees.  But before the hullabaloo of my enrollment, I started my school year with a very very hilarious BANG!  
This is the bag from this haul
I was just about to come down from the jeepney I was ridding for school when suddenly a lady of chalk white face (chinchansoo alert) pointed her lips towards my knockoff Chanel bag and then said "Miss, mao nay GUSI?"   (Miss, is that GUSI?) I did not have the time to answer her because I was careful in getting down from the vehicle.  As soon as I processed her question, I was roaring with laughter while crossing the busy street from Carbon, a big market place right across my school.  To this day I still smile when I remember the incident.  Not to be a snob, but I think GUCCI is a fairly recognized brand by all walks of life.  Moreover, Chanel has a very distinct trademark don't you think?  Can someone write and distribute the FAQ's of a fashionista/socialite wannabe please?  I'd like to get a hold of that too LOL

Only in the Philippines: Fiesta Mr/Ms Macho Gay Contests

A Filipino barrio fiesta would not be complete without the highlights "disco-ral" or disco in a fence and beauty pageants, may they be little Miss/Mr, Ms/Mr Local or the hilarious Macho Gay contests.  We love to celebrate any occasion, we even throw parties for the dead.  This is deeply rooted in our culture, we Filipinos are the best party goers in the face of the earth.
I got to judge 12 straight men on who was the best in being a Mr. or Miss Macho, though I really didnt know what that means.
They were all oiled up and made up to deliver the most wacky entertainment with their exaggerated movements and green jokes.  The whole town was roaring with laughter.  Then disco till the break of dawn.

FYI: Some of the gowns used here were actually used once in a real fashion show back in the late 80's where in Melanie Marquez was one of the models.  She might have worn one or two of these gowns.

cotton racer back mini dress: Metro Ayala
cocktail rings: Bangkok from Sweet
gold ipanema starfish sandals: gift
maybelline colorsensational in summer sunset
fabulous tan: Malabuyoc Sun

My Summer's Last Hoo Haaah!

Just like a kid scraping her fat fingers on an empty jar of strawberry jam, I scraped all I can from whats left of my summer.  The whole family went to our home town Malabuyoc, Cebu to spend 3 lazy days doing nothing but basking under the sun and enjoying the municipal sea and river.  
Malabuyoc is often just passed by without so much notice.  Not many people know where this place is and really there is not much word about this simple town either.  But despite the lacking ummpf! of Malabuyoc, I have been coming here since I can remember, my love for this town has grown on me.  It is where my parents where born, raised and fell in love.  Malabuyoc is a very closely knit community, everyone knows everyone, and boy! words do travel faster than speed of light here! 
 mom waving as if she's a politician or something.. lol
goofing around while walking back home
This is Aransana river.  Water gushes out from big rocks from the mountains and flow down stream. Locals go here to douse the summer heat.  
We do all sorts of stuff here, chitchatting is just one of them.
Me and my costar cousin sporting the Ruby look and fabulously sun burnt from 4 hours of bitching beaching. ^^ 

chuck liddell or rich franklin?

I watch UFC because of the Iceman! im a Liddell fan down to the bone

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