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Discovering Blanc Magazine

I hope it would not shock you if I say I do not own even one glossy fashion magazine.  Some might find this as a crack in my credibility as a fashion blogger, however I dare say that I am a full-fledged fashion enthusiast at the least.  One does not have to conform with the standards established by a very commercialized sector of the fashion industry.  Nothing attracts me more than the fresh, rogue and revolutionary fashion culture that thrives on the streets, parading yet still quite unnoticed.  Thankfully, Blanc Magazine Online has pooled their resources to give us a showcasing of the untapped reservoir so full of immense talent and potential that are all along right here in Cebu City.

Queen of Cebu, Bee Urgello is Blanc Magazine's Cover girl!
BLANC Magazine is a digital bi-monthly magazine mixing fashion, art & culture. Celebrating the underground youth.
BLANC is an online fashion and art magazine dedicated to the underground youth, the vague and the implicit. Put up together by Cebu’s most artistic and experimental young minds, BLANC is the unconventional probe of the Queen City’s distinct chronicles on the latest in fashion, androgyny, art culture and streetstyle. It is the uncovering of Cebu’s rusty side.
BLANC MAGAZINE is more than an art compilation; it is a movement, an uprising, a reality.
Be enlightened by the edgy points of view of 
Cebu's unrestricted young designers head over to 
to peruse their very regal Queen issue!


Philip, Angeli, Moi photo from Jeemah Villaverde
Jeemah Villaverde
Special thanks to Philip Lapinid of The Fourth Kid and fellow Cebu Fashion Blogger for giving us front row seats to Blanc Magazine's launching last 1.12.12 at Yo.u Restobar.  Needless to say, it was a night teeming with fashionably inclined minds and I was there and saw the proof of Cebu's brilliant budding designers.

These petite ladies are Liezyl and Chyrel Gomez!
Animal print represent!

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