I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley


Spolarium by Juan Luna

I am in outrage!  How many more tragedies do we have to suffer and take part of to realize that we have fucked up as a country?  How many dead bodies do we need to count in order for us to take charge of our nation?  How many more of these ridicules could we stomach?  

The Filipinos I know are the kind who will fight to the death just to protect their own.  But just like a wild horse, we have been broken, our wild hearts had been tamed to conform to too many a conquerors whims.  We lost our identity a long long time ago, sad to say until now we have never regained it back.  For centuries we were taught to be envious and insecure, perfectly brainwashed to believe that we were only second best.  

The Spaniards, Americans and Japanese all treated us like dogs.  And so "independence" we gained.  We are no longer under foreign rule, but why do I still feel the leash on my neck?  It is because we are repeating the cycle of hate, this time the infliction is upon our own blood.  Having been treated inferior for a long time caused us to recoup by wanting to be the master and superior this time and since we are still weak to take on others, we resulted to taking the nearest Filipino down.  

This is how it is with us now.  I see it, I live it and it sucks to know we are really going to be it.  By "it" I meant a whole country dedicated to destroying itself my gnawing at its own wound, never allowing it to heal.  We are infected by disease and its time to seek for the cure.  Let us all heal from the oppressions we had to suffer, please let us truly rebuild our nation.

p.s Winning the Miss Universe crown is not going to be redeeming in any way.. 

Boo Silva! Boo!

All of the other fights I liked.  All the other fights were impeccable, impressive and really outright raw.   Silva and Sonnen's fight, to me, seemed just a bit short of a Hollywood show, if not totally concerted.  Commercialism at its finest!  I've seen Anderson Silva's stances, moves, agility and a good chunk of his infamous octagon prowess.  Simply put, I feel he had doused those skills, literally spitting at his own face by willfully lowering his guard down and just "tanked" Sonnen's aggression.  He brought disrespect not only to himself but to all those who trained him and he did it twice!  To err is human to err again is stupid!

You still are the best in your division, hell I even think you can take GSP, but your integrity had been pounded down to dust and its your own doing.  Kudos to a great broadway-ish show!