I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Summer 2012 Report!

Hold on!  Before I get burrowed in school work and kilometer after kilometer of reading lists, let me stop and cherish my 2012 Summer frolics.  

  • Jumpstarted summer 2012 with a pre-summer island hopping trip to Pandanon Island courtesy of Eris Island Hopping with my law school friends.  
  • Spent a day and a half on my first visit to Malapascua Island with my brother's friends. 
  • Went home to Malabuyoc for the Holy Week.  
  • Had fun doing makeup for City of Vintage's 5th swimsuit collection!  Highly recommended!
  • Another island hopping trip and this time it was at Nalusuan Island with my family and close friends from highschool.
  • Team No-Rules summer 2012 outing at La Familia Resort Tabuelan Cebu.
  • Went home to Malabuyoc for the customary annual town fiesta!
  • Lastly, I accepted the fact that summer was over and moved on to get ready for 1st semester 2012-2013 and bought me some (actually mom bought them!) school bags!

Enjoy my pictures!! oh add me on 

Pandanon Island

pandanon island
eris floating restaurant

Malapascua Island

boat ride


Malabuyoc, Cebu

Malabuyoc river

Did Makeup for City of Vintage

Nalusuan Island

 No-Rules summer outing at Tabuelan, Cebu

 Malabuyoc annual town fiesta

Wrapping up Summer 2012 Report with new school bags!

Topshop and Dorothy Perkins Month-long SALE!

Topshop Ayala Center Cebu sale up to 50% off!!!
Dorothy Perkins Abreeza Mall Davao sale up to 60% off!!!

June 29 - July 29

Who says its not smart to simultaneously buy your school supplies, books and new campus wardrobe in one shopping run?  Topshop and Dorothy Perkins understand the dilemma of priorities which is why they are running a month long SALE!

Men: Dodong Lousy, Narcissistic Nerd and The Gigolo

Some days I just wish I could instantly ward off some types of men within ten meters of me. You might immediately think "WTF who are you to be such a bitch?" well just read along and maybe you'd see from my point of view too. There aren't that many factors that that catch my ire. In my good days, I am usually just an anything-goes kind of person. I do get along just fine with anyone. However, there are moments when that suppressed diva part of me just takes over and something as judgmental as this post like that post I did - Beware of These Three Types of Women - which is just hahah mean! Nonetheless, I'd still post my thoughts anyway because this is my blog after all and as long as I'm not naming names I should be scot-free.

So here goes and bato bato sa langit ang matamaan wala ga helmet!

Dodong Lousy is the exact term for guys, no wait, boys who are still emo-tripping at over 25.  They haven't grown emotionally for the past 10 years and still insist on wearing that hideously faded rock band t-shirt they've never actually seen play in person - insert poser snide comment.  Most likely, they think they're the coolest kid in town after holding the best record for having been kicked out of the house for the nth time - layas ko bai.  At one point, I did say poor you and your parents should treat you better, but today I yawn and say tell me something new about you for the past decade please!  Grow up or grow a pair of jigglies!

Comic Boards

Narcissistic Nerds can bleed my ears to death.  I have nothing against nerds and metrosexuals (usually gay), they are genuinely amusing.  But a nerd and an egocentric bearer of a Y chromosome will give me acid reflux.  Being well dressed and good looking doesn't really make up for my annoyance because I'm the type who likes my eye candies virtually mute and the only sounds coming from his mouth are James Deen like growls.  Bottom line is, letting your work do the talking tops my sexy meter anytime.  And whats the deal with explaining to me every high falutin word you know in the dictionary?  If I dont understand you, I will explicitly let you know, as in stop you mid-air.  Another scenario:  you passionately retell something like Star Wars when all I asked if you watch Game of Thrones (which I dig) - hoi! do I look like I want to be Ob Wan whatever's groupie?  No, that's a rhetorical question.

Imp Awards
Oh The Gigolo and his lewd designs.  They come in all ages and sizes.  They try to be discreet as most predators would prefer so, but do not be deceived by lack of presence.  A lion has more respect for the females in its harem.  At least lions do their duty to protect his ladies and the ladies reward him willingly too.  But The Gigolo fakes the parts he play and plays it well to lure girls into a web of promises only to be sucked dry.  He wants you for the good things you can supply him with, be it sex, attention, money, exams and so on and so forth.  

I am not a man hater (bold and underlined jud ha!) and people around me know that for a fact. I still do believe that my "the one" is still out there some where.  They say when you will something, hard enough, the universe will conspire to give it to you.  Some sleazy shit I got from The Secret but who knows right?  I don't know what I want exactly from a guy yet, but I do know what I do not want and those three up there, Dodong Lousy, Narcissistic Nerd and The Gigolo just about sums it all up.

Style Origins Happening in Ayala Center Cebu This June 15-24

Starting June 15 to 24, Ayala Malls, in cooperation with Tiger 22 and The Philippine Star invites us Cebuanos to Style Origins.  This 10-day event will immerse Ayala Cebu goers in a series of fashion, music and lifestyle activities that guarantees to leave us buzzed and hyped!  

First off is the Style Star Picks campaign.  Shop around Ayala in your most fashionable ensemble and upload your photo in Ayala Cebu's Facebook Page until June 21. Shoppers who have had their photos taken and uploaded will have a chance to win a shopping spree worth 25,000 and an exclusive feature in The Philippine Star.  

Fashion Beats will kick start the Style Origins events this Friday June 15 4pm at the Activity Center.  Enjoy the sounds from Tiger 22's DJs and be entertained by the local band, Never The Strangers who brought the hit "Moving Closer" while your sights are treated to a high street fashion show from the current spring-summer collection of top brands like Bench, Bayo, and Kamiseta among others.

Come 6pm of June 15, just right after Fashion Beats, the stage will make way for Mensweek which will showcase the men's wear collections of more than 20 Filipino designers including Cary Santiago, Phillip Rodriquez, Arcy Gayatin and Yvonne Quisumbing.  From June 21 to 24 a four-day fashion and lifestyle event called Style Souk will bring together fashionistas, designers and stylists for exclusive deals, freebies and treats.

Ayala Malls envision a hub for music, fashion and lifestyle that Manila hasn't seen before, where customers attend the shows, take photos, dress up, interact with designers, writers and radio personalities, and explore their fashionable side with the help of its partners. Expect buzz, expect fun, expect hype, and expect some serious fashion. 

Catch this exciting event and more only at Cebu’s premiere shopping, dining and entertainment destination, Ayala Center Cebu. For more information, contact Ayala Center Cebu Concierge at (032) 516-2035 or (032) 231-5342. You can also visit the website: www.ayalamalls.com.ph or “like” the official Ayala Center Cebu on facebook (www.facebook.com/AyalaCebu) for more details on upcoming shows and events.

McDo's Big n' Tasty!

McDonald's Big n' Tasty

I know I have been slacking on my blogposts -- zori na mmm k?  Summer is officially over for me yet I am fully aware of the insatiable urge to relive my summer frolics. The exact same urge when I opened The ViXeN's LaiR and was greeted by Nuffnang Philippines' banner ad for McDo's irresistible Big n' Tasty 1/3 pound burger goodness!

Happy first day of the first semester of school year 2012-2013!  Treat yourself with some juicy Big n' Tasty burger!  God im a sucker for food ads! lol