I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Men: Dodong Lousy, Narcissistic Nerd and The Gigolo

Some days I just wish I could instantly ward off some types of men within ten meters of me. You might immediately think "WTF who are you to be such a bitch?" well just read along and maybe you'd see from my point of view too. There aren't that many factors that that catch my ire. In my good days, I am usually just an anything-goes kind of person. I do get along just fine with anyone. However, there are moments when that suppressed diva part of me just takes over and something as judgmental as this post like that post I did - Beware of These Three Types of Women - which is just hahah mean! Nonetheless, I'd still post my thoughts anyway because this is my blog after all and as long as I'm not naming names I should be scot-free.

So here goes and bato bato sa langit ang matamaan wala ga helmet!

Dodong Lousy is the exact term for guys, no wait, boys who are still emo-tripping at over 25.  They haven't grown emotionally for the past 10 years and still insist on wearing that hideously faded rock band t-shirt they've never actually seen play in person - insert poser snide comment.  Most likely, they think they're the coolest kid in town after holding the best record for having been kicked out of the house for the nth time - layas ko bai.  At one point, I did say poor you and your parents should treat you better, but today I yawn and say tell me something new about you for the past decade please!  Grow up or grow a pair of jigglies!

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Narcissistic Nerds can bleed my ears to death.  I have nothing against nerds and metrosexuals (usually gay), they are genuinely amusing.  But a nerd and an egocentric bearer of a Y chromosome will give me acid reflux.  Being well dressed and good looking doesn't really make up for my annoyance because I'm the type who likes my eye candies virtually mute and the only sounds coming from his mouth are James Deen like growls.  Bottom line is, letting your work do the talking tops my sexy meter anytime.  And whats the deal with explaining to me every high falutin word you know in the dictionary?  If I dont understand you, I will explicitly let you know, as in stop you mid-air.  Another scenario:  you passionately retell something like Star Wars when all I asked if you watch Game of Thrones (which I dig) - hoi! do I look like I want to be Ob Wan whatever's groupie?  No, that's a rhetorical question.

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Oh The Gigolo and his lewd designs.  They come in all ages and sizes.  They try to be discreet as most predators would prefer so, but do not be deceived by lack of presence.  A lion has more respect for the females in its harem.  At least lions do their duty to protect his ladies and the ladies reward him willingly too.  But The Gigolo fakes the parts he play and plays it well to lure girls into a web of promises only to be sucked dry.  He wants you for the good things you can supply him with, be it sex, attention, money, exams and so on and so forth.  

I am not a man hater (bold and underlined jud ha!) and people around me know that for a fact. I still do believe that my "the one" is still out there some where.  They say when you will something, hard enough, the universe will conspire to give it to you.  Some sleazy shit I got from The Secret but who knows right?  I don't know what I want exactly from a guy yet, but I do know what I do not want and those three up there, Dodong Lousy, Narcissistic Nerd and The Gigolo just about sums it all up.

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