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Dragon Blade Was Epic!

Jackie Chan is my favorite Asian actor.   I am always won over by his lightning fast martial arts moves and totally impressed by his work ethic too! It is therefore not a surprise that I would want in on being one of the first few people to watch Jackie Chan's new movie, Dragon Blade.

A lot of digital mastery was put in to produce Dragon Blade.  The ancient setting of the movie was almost believable but unfortunately I've seen better computer works.  Nonetheless, putting aside historical and costume accuracy, Dragon Blade was an effective retelling of an epic contributed to shaping a nation and a culture.

The Hollywood actors, John Cusack and Adrian Brody were not that much of eyecandies but their artistic craft was impressive on screen.  You can really feel the stone cold character and heart of a champion qualities in both of them.

Worth noting was the melodramatics the Prince had evoked.  Love for country, duty and fraternity was constantly looping all through out the scenes.  Over all the whole family will enjoy Dragon Blade and the kids and kids at heart will be on edge because of the fighting scenes.

Dragon Blade


Jackie Chan

, John Cusack and Adrian Brody is now showing in Ayala Cinema Cebu.  I highly recommend it with your gang.