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Gabii sa Kabilin 2016



It's almost set in stone.  Every last Friday of May is always Gabii sa Kabilin.  A night of connecting with our Cebuano roots through the memorabilia and historical significance of old yet familiar places in the Queen City of the South.

This year's theme, Gabii sa Kabilin: FORGING PEOPLES dwells on the various cultures and races that had contributed to what Cebu is today.  To quote a story from the theme:

“The mixture of the different influences and culture gave birth to new complex society filled with different characteristics from each country (Spaniards, Americans, Chinese, Japanese, etcetera) that have made an impact on the Cebuano people. This new multicultural society not only changed perspectives but also helped in the transformation of Cebu from just a trading harbor in the Southeast to an advanced society, which Cebuanos could now take pride in. But even if Cebu’s native culture was overshadowed by the different influences that have come and stamped itself in, traces of the original native culture could still be seen through various traditions that are still visible and present up to today,”

During the Gabii sa Kabilin, participants will be treated to cultural performances, culinary experience, art fairs, and special exhibits, among others, during this one extraordinary night.  Select participating sites also offer children activities. Added activities this year are scavenger hunt, storytelling of myths and legends and learning crafts and music are in store for the kids too!

This is going to be my second time in joining this event and I look forward to seeing Cebu in a different light.  There is so much to know and explore.  This is a yearly adventure and a must for a Cebuana like me!

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