I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Isabeau Unfolds 06

Day 06 - Favorite Super Hero and Why

2 words: Fucking genius!

Isabeau Unfolds 05

Day 05 - A Picture of Somewhere You've Been To

There's something about Bohol that is almost magical.  I had been there only twice and I have to say the island captured a part of my soul.  It's scenic beauty really healed me deep down and I was never the same again when I got back to Cebu City.  I will never tire of this enthralling place!

Fish18 = Young Loalde

Loalde has always been my mom's and aunt's favorite store.  Their style and designs are very classy but not the kind that's too dressed up or too casual.  They certainly offer the right feel for the accomplished woman, beautiful things I cant wear on a regular basis just yet.  Finally they have decided to reach out to the young and hip generation (ehem! the likes of me!) as embodied in their brainchild Fish18.
I was lucky enough to get invites to Fish18's grand opening last December 10, 2010.  I tagged along Mac, the new blogger for Style Cebu, because of her exquisite knack for anything fabulous.  Seriously this girl has some fine tastes! 
Ive no idea what Cool Casual means! 
The store itself emits an old vibe that has quite a vintage taste in the air.  Some of the fabrics used are from Loalde's collection dating as far back as 30 years.  Despite the vintage feel, their wares are far from the boring old.  They boast of apparels that showcase urban culture as seen from the the streets.  I'm thinking sophisticated pop.  But I'm not really one for details and descriptions.  I only need to know that they have my size!
I was especially intrigued by their acid washed vests and cropped tees.  I loved how they made patch worked clothes look elegant and stylish.  The secret is the flawless craftsmanship impressed upon each item producing fine masterpieces that you can never pass as something mass produced.  

They only make limited pieces so y'all better take your pick asap!

 Fish18 is located on the 2nd level of  The Northwing at SM City Cebu.  Follow them on twitter here and check out their Facebook fanpage too!

Have a Happy Christmas!


This year is quite memorable for the whole family as my papa is spending Christmas with us.  With his line of job its really rare that he could be with us on special occasions let alone the holidays.  We dont even want to count how many Christmases and New Years he missed in our lives.  Right now we are just feeling so happy and blessed we can celebrate joyful moments and relish the blessings that came our way the past years as a complete gang.
The Kardashians do it, so why cant we right?  Yep! Thats our family Christmas Card right there!

Our Denim Era

From film.com
Ever since James Dean starred in Rebel Without a Cause with his infamous red jacket, white undershirt and blue jeans ensemble, denim pants have since then been permanently engraved in western culture.  The rest of the world followed naturally there after.  Who could ever resist the macho and classic allure that the simple common workers pants can instantly add to anyone's poise.

Now a days the denim cloth has been subjected to the kinds of stress no other fabric had been exposed to.  There are acid and stone washing, sandblasting, pre-shrinking and many other methods to achieve a very worn look.  Apparently the more distressed your pair of jeans are the sexier it looks on you.  Brands like Machine jeans and Jimmy Jean Clothing produce the kind that scream a whole lot of attitude and stylishly so too.
Rihanna in Machine Jeans
I have always been a fan of the denim culture especially when applied to ingenious fashion designs.  Depending on what color and how you pair it with, denim pants or jeans can be elegant enough to be worn in red carpet events.  Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt as well as famous pop icons have graced formal affairs in appropriately tailored denims.
Although I'm mostly in dresses these days, my current denim infatuation takes in the form of jeggings, jackets and bikers denim vest with patches prices I need not worry about thank goodness for thrift stores downtown.  I dont even have to wait for cool or rainy days just to have an excuse to wear them.  Air conditioning is reason enough in itself.  
My brother and I in my favorite denim dress gifted by Grandma.
Denim is fashion's interpretation of the freedom our time is soaked in.  Liberation spoken well through our clothes.  I believe that ours is a denim era.

Trend: iBoyf

Foreigners are flooding our country to not only personally behold the picturesque sceneries Philippines is known for but also to meet the country's prized gems, Filipinas!  Many are captured by our beauty and allure through the help of the top dating sites in the web.  Personally, I think that it is safe to say the feeling is mutual.  Ever since the World Wars we have been equally curious about the buffet of races brought into our shores by tanks, submarines and war planes.  

Currently crushing over him!
Thanks to technological improvements iBoyfs or internet boyfriends have become quite a trend.  With dating site features like personality matching tests, security features and sometimes unique chat set ups, getting to know the person you are interested in becomes fun and thus generate more opportunities for you to nurture a possible relationship.  
Currently swooning over this ufc champ!
Skeptics would probably warn you of maniacs and sickos rampant in the internet that is why you should do some research by looking out for positive and negative dating site reviews before signing up for membership especially for paid ones.  Ask your friends for the best dating sites they are familiar of and whether they recommend it or not.  Checking on reviews gives you a bit of assurance of the security that the site can give to its members.  You can also get an overview of the type of members they have.  Yes its like peering into a menu of some sort!  
Especially intrigued about this vampire!
So what are you waiting for? Get dressed up, put some make up on and turn those lights on high.  Practice on your best angle, learn how to smile so cutely and turn on your web cam!  That's how we roll on iDates!

P.S.  Obviously Im a sucker for blue eyed devils!

Beware of These 3 Women!

As a general rule, a woman is an apple to everyone's eyes.  We bring sunshine to the gloomy, excitement to the bored and liven up just about anything.  However, our species aren't perfect.  Flaws are sometimes extrinsic, but are usually dangerously bottled up inside too.  I'm writing this as a fair warning to all those who love the company of women.  Beware of these three!

Sad Little Girl
They are gloomy and most likely loners.  Why?  Because they talk about their problems too much and never really making mention of how to solve or over come them.  Suicidal?  Most likely!
Why should you be aware?  If you have someone like this hanging around you, their tendency is to stick with you and pester you.  So unless your a shrink, it would be best to keep distance or they will follow you around relentlessly.  Imba stalking abilities!  Needy bitch I tell you.

Example: Your local emo girl!

Crazy Bitch
This one's a meanie.  They snap poof! just like that.  One moment she's the sweetest, then in a blink of an eye, she screams and suddenly transforms into a level of rage only tranquilizers can extinguish.  Everything she touches while consumed by anger will be beaten down to a pulp.  Wear protective gear if an encounter with this kind would be unavoidable.
They can lose all reason, case on point are the many crimes of passion recorded in any court.  Murder is a natural instinct, so its either you oblige or you flee.  Remember that movie Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct?  They are the same!

Example:  Your foul mouthed neighbor shrieking at 7 in the morning.

The Bitch from Hell
Careful coz they seem normal.  Highly intellectual, calculating and efficiently manipulative.  They make you do things you wont normally do.  They act with impunity in high heels and a smile.  Inside their minds are intricate blueprints for the next 20 years.  Believe me, you dont want to get in the way of her scheme of things.  You will get trampled on and get burned!  They get to the top and at the top they intend to remain.

Example: That highly decorated classmate who always ask you about your exam scores.

My mantra when I have encounters with these women is simple.  Remain cool and composed as my usual self and practice maximum tolerance at all cost!  Dont get in their way but when in right always stand your ground.  Every girl has claws! They dont call it cat fight for nothing.

p.s.  This was a product of me and my brothers observation based on what we see on T.V.  I would love to drop names, but that would be cruel! ahahha