I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Isabeau Unfolds 08

Day 08 - Short Term Goals for This Month and Why

Things to accomplish in a short period of time:

  • Malabuyoc fiesta
  • Law School enrollment for 1st semester 2011 ( gah! no schedules yet grrr!)
  • Get a facial
  • Ready study outlines for back subjects
  • My brother's birthday
  • My sister's birthday
  • Start saving for my birthday (I intend to go on a secluded island trip w/ my friends)
  • Shop for school supplies
  • Seriously learn how to pick a lock (this is an important skill mind you!)
  • Buy a new tube of mascara (waterproof please!)
  • Finish reading Gone With The Wind (interesting book, but very long and wordy!)
  • Finalize the dilemma on whether or not to change blog template to magazine style
  • Get back to reading Mein Kampf (Hitler intrigues me)
  • Go Booksale shopping (love cheap books!)
  • Blog! Blog! Blog
As you can see my list of  things to do are quite trivial, however they're not even half of what I need to finish asap.  Let's not get started with a long term goals list PLEASE!! 

Airphil Express P100 Flights!

P100 flight sale of Airphil Express just started this midnight!  Travel from Manila or Cebu to one of the Philippines' best adventure destinations.  Hurry sale will end on May 31 2011!

Should you have inquiries or other concerns, please PM Airphil Express Attendant on Facebook at www.facebook.com/airphilexpress.

Like them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/airphilexpressph) or follow on Twitter (www.twitter.com/airphilexpress) to be regularly updated on Airphil Express' upcoming sales and promos.

Headshots: Piano Recital

Welcome to my own take at an FOTD ( face of the day).  "Why? " you say?  Coz One can never have too many self portraits, I'm vain like that! ^^

It was my sister's first piano recital last 26th so we were all excited.  We actually went there on time despite the fact that she was performer no. 40.  We had to endure waiting for almost 3 hours to listen to her play Tarantella.  Nonetheless it was a fun afternoon with much goofing around SM food court.  Bumped into and chatted with good friends I havent seen in  a while.  Summer's almost over.  Shucks!  I will soon have to reunite with my boring books.  Weh!

What were on my face?

  • Garnier Skin Naturals LightComplete Multi-action whitening cream (base/primer)
  • elf tone correcting conceiler in Apricot Beige (under eyes)
  • elf waterproof eyeliner pen in Coffee
  • Maybelline waterproof mascara in Magnum
  • Flexwear contact lens in Misty Gray
  • Styli-Style Brow Liner in Auburn
  • Avon Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder in Natural
  • Avon smooth mineral blush in Blushed
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wine With Everything
I know I promised to tone down on the aggressive reds, but this was an occasion so it not counted! hahaha!!!

Dangers of Optical Vanity

Every other beauty enhancing tip out there would never miss out on recommending cosmetic contact lenses.  With all the K-Pop and J-Pop fever going on, these two countries' obsession for big anime-like eyes is naturally soaked up by fanatics and admirers alike.  Poof!  Colored and designed contact lenses are becoming easily available.  Pitch in the law on supply and demand and now we have very affordable contacts in ebay, facebook, multiply and just about anywhere else like your local market stall.

I have been a contact lens user since I was 15.  It is a convenient alternative to my bulky and not very flattering -350 eyeglasses.  Generally, its contact lenses during the day and eyeglasses when I am home and resting.  I have been using colored contacts for 2 years now and it's because I love how it make my eyes dazzlingly alluring.  This is definitely on my top ten best inventions list!  Leonardo da Vinci seriously ought to be venerated or something.  Ive only bought my contacts at optical shops and my brand of choice is Flexwear.

What calls for concern is that cosmetic contact lenses are now everywhere and with questionable origins too. I came across this post about fake contact lenses scare by Martha of thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com.  Take a good look on this documentary report and judge this optical vanity for your selves.

Ive always wondered why optical shops havent stocked on these very cheap contact lenses, now I know the answer.  Here are a few things to consider when you decide on wearing contacts.

  • If your only using contact lens for cosmetic purposes then avoid using it regularly as contacts are still foreign objects that can very well irritate your eyes.  
  • Personal experience dictates that colored contacts get pretty uncomfortable to wear after just 6 straight hours of wearing it.  Avoid using them long hours.
  • Always always buy only from trusted optical shops.  Dont get lured in by what youtube people say.  
  • Keep hands clean especially when cleaning, rinsing, storing and finally wearing your contacts.
When it comes to the welfare of our eyes, I think its just fitting to be careful to a point of being OC about it.  You can not afford to be cheap in this area.  

Project Tone Down: Mauve It Is

Probably the next best thing to reading a good book in these stressful times, is online shopping.  Sometimes when I get digital money, you know paypal credits, e-gift cards and coupons, my mind runs with so many things I want to buy.  Odd thing is I'm not usually like that what it comes to cold cash.  Just when I got bored with ebay, I discovered strawberrynet.com.  It was love at first sight, the penny-pincher in me was instantly hooked by the free shipping and bargain deals come-ons.  

After an hour of clicking through the site I finally settled for 2 lipglosses, one MAC the other from Smashbox, both in a pretty shade of mauve.  They even gave me a Stila lipgloss in Barbie pink, which I gifted to my mom.  I got the items in under 20 days.  I really recommend this shopping site.

Why mauve and not my usual kind of reds?  I wanted to lay off the red lipstick but I cant jump into pinks and corals just yet.  Call it: Project Tone Down.  Then maybe later on I can transition to soft, sweet and ladylike colors.
L: MAC lipglass in Crazy Haute; R: Smashbox in Cosmo

This color is gonna take a little getting used to.  MAC looks really good during the day time and this shade complements my pigmented lips too!  Smashbox's Cosmo is vibrant mauve and lot more pigmented than MAC.  My only turnoff would be the sandy texture of the lipgloss, its annoying.

Toning down the very aggressive rouge would be difficult.  Im not going to stop wearing reds though but I just want to entertain other colors.  My lipstick stash has way too much reds that I wont really get to finish them all.  So this is me not buying red lippies until I really have to.

Cebu Blog Camp 2011

School for me will start again soon since June is just around the corner.  I might just conclude my summer  starting with  Cebu Blog Camp.  The Programme is really very interesting with topics like basic photography and travel blogging 101.   Im particularly looking forward to learning the do's and don'ts of social media marketing and that topic on blogging etiquette too.  I got to attend last year's World Bloggers Day event at Parkmall.  That was mighty fun with girlfriend Sweet in tow.  *sigh wish you were here love!

  • It would be nice to meet and greet some familiar bloggers.  Hopefully the very entertaining fashion bloggers show up and showcase the color blocking trend.  Id love that!
  • Im expecting something a bit short of a camera exhibition.  Big bulky DSLR's and big ass lenses will surely  be paraded.  heheeh I really want my picture taken by those toys! ;)
  • I rarely go to events with not much people I know on it, but Id love to go nonetheless just to tidy and prep up for a change.
  • Id love to see the Cebu blogging community up close.
  • Need I say about the food, contests and prizes? ahhha you got me!

The Cebu blog Camp  is an event organized annually by the Cebu Bloggers of the Blog and Soul Movement which is the educating leg of the Philippine Blog Awards Inc. which has been running for already four years. This is the largest gathering of bloggers in Cebu.


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Vixen's Reads: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Never Let Me Go (Movie Tie-In Edition) (Vintage International)
A tale of 3 friends living a predetermined life.  A short life that completes in the first or maybe fourth organ donation.  
  • science fiction
  • cloning and medical advancement
  • humanity
  • friendship
  • melancholic

Points I have pondered on:

What does it take to be human?
The world we live in is full of divides. These divisions of race, color, religion, culture, nation etc., do not only separate us physically but they also ensure that we all stay divided. The permanency of these things that keep us light years further apart from our actual distances, depends solely upon how far longer we arrogantly sustain the thought that we are more human, thus more deserving, than others. 

The soul.
One of the many things most of us believe in, is the existence of souls. What is the criteria for one to have a soul? Who are soulless creatures and how exactly do we deal with those categorized as such? Pardon the rhetorics, but these are serious thoughts.

That bossy best friend.
Admit it, best friends can ruin your life if you let them get away with it. How Gossip Girl is that?! hahaha I thank God I dont have to compete with any of my friends. Im not the competitive type anyway.  I rarely put border lines on friendship, there are no rules except to just be truthful.

I love the story of this book although Im not much of a fan of how it was written.  First person narrations either capture my attention right away or it just cant keep me interested.  I am big on first impressions.  The sadness of the novel is felt immediately.  Make me cherish my lifelong connections and appreciate how human I am.

Meet Me on a Monday 04

Ahhh the heat is just too much to a point that Im worn out and I havent been doing anything yet!

1.  Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
Im not really a big fan of peanut butter. Im more of a jam person, blame it on the diaetic gene. Id go for crunchy peanut butter because it's not boring and kinda feels less greasy. My fave brand is Jif dont know if we still have it locally though.

2.  What is your favorite color Rose?

Dark red.  It's mysteriously dark yet exquisitely feminine.  When mixed with the macabre its that enchantment that crawls up the skin.  Dark red roses are captivating arent they?  I love this Alexander Mcqueen shopper bag! This is perfect with my recent lust for Rayban's new wayfarer shades in opaque you-guessed-it dark red!

3.  Do you remove your shoes when you walk into your home?
No. I remove my shoes when I get inside the house and then I just go barefoot. I dont like wearing slippers inside the house too. You should see my feet photo album sometime lol!

4.  What is your favorite season?
Despite the crazy heat, summer would always be my favorite. It's not just the sunny weather or the beach, it's how well lighted my eyes see everything. Every color pops out and you can almost swear on the beauty of creation.

5.  Approximately how many hours a day do you spend blogging?
I would love to run my life in perfect schedule but I just dont have it in me to plan my day minute per minute. Im a whimsical blogger. Let's just say I blog by spurts of inspiration. I love to write so I dont want to ruin my writing leisure by putting timers or something like that.

This is my Monday for me!

Ganito Uminom ng Soshyal!

Lolo must be so busy that he doesn't have time to sit around with friends for a formal drinking session. So he makes his favorite recreation quick by downing his favorite rum, Tanduay 5 years, in 3 very smooth gulps. You won't even hear that "ahhhh!" exclamation. He returns the bottle with the cap and heads off to work. Efficient I tell you!

Disclaimer: I do not own the video

Sun Cellular's Blackberry Pay Per Use: Rant-ish

Blackberry Pay Per Use Load Promo

Just like most of the people in my crowd, I have Sun Cellular as my alternative mobile phone service.  Their cheap unlimited rates got me sold.  I abuse their service for my text brigades, booty calls and for almost all my insignificant triflings.  Note that my reliance on Sun Cellular's service is with in the bounds of recreational use.  Although I give them credit for keeping the bigger telco's from whimsically pricing their services near swindling levels, I wont entrust my life nor assets to them just yet.
Now that they have entered the market as the newest Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) provider with their Pay Per Use Loads version, I had high hopes that maybe I could rely on them for my internet mobility needs.  Boy, was I wrong!

This is going to be a disappointed and a near rant post about the one day service I registered for.

First.  The rates are not competitive at all.  Smart and Globe have had BIS going for over a year now and are offering Blackberry related promotions at significantly lower rates.  Ive tested both networks and I was satisfied with them, Globe with their BB Social promo, being my preferred network.  Sun could have at least launched their service at a fraction of the current prices, considering they are known for affordability. 

Second.  Speed is just unbearable.  They are Pong Pagong slow in loading apps and Im not even the type who multi-task on my phone.  Their poor signal strains my battery, resulting to my phone becoming useless in just six hours.  Bugger!

Third.  Annoying 7210 sms notifications.  What's the deal with sending me at least 8 reminders to load my account in a day?  Ever since I registered for one day BIS they've been irritating me with these relentless notices.

But I am not writing Sun Cellular off just yet.  After all, Sun is now a PLDT subsidiary, hopefully they get to share in of some Smart's power lines.  I have a feeling they can redeem themselves in no time.

Elating News Roundup

Ive been blabbing on my twitter how the past days have been so full of great news!  It is indubitable how this day's greatness just tops it all.  

Royal Wedding
Royal Wedding makes history as Prince William, heir to the British crown, marries a commoner Kate Middleton.  They are now officially known as Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. What a fairytale don't you agree?
photo credits to The British Monarchy Flickr

Ombudsman Resigns
On local news, the notoriously unfavored Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez rendered her official resignation to President Aquino.  This certainly gets the gears rolling for the appointment of the next Ombudsman to take her post.  Hopefully we wont get a rotten egg again.

Blessed John Paul
The most beloved Pope in our times, Pope John Paul II, was beatified last Sunday.  This is another first in history as this is the first time that the current Pope seeks to canonize his immediate predecessor.  The Catholic Church is on a crisis with all the abuse accusations thrown to their clergy.  Let us pray to Blessed John Paul that despite all these, faith continues to endure.

Osama Bin Laden is dead!
United States President Obama shared the most elating news to the American people and to the world.  The dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden is now dead and that his body is with American custody.  Although this does not end the war on terrorism, this brings hope to us peace loving nations that hate can be subdued.  Today many will sleep soundly in their beds well except for the guy who unknowingly did a live tweet on the Osama raid. Another one for World Peace yo!  Best news ever!

Life is beautiful!  Have a wonderful month of May!