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Ohh Lah! Lah!

It's an honor and such a big morale boost when your friends and peers recognize your efforts.  I love you Sweet dear!  Thanks for the heart warming encouragements.  We might be really different people but at least both of us made the big leap to really become good friends.
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GSP News: UFC Fan Expo

*Sigh again I could only wish to go here, if I could I'd waste all I have just to see you :`)

On a lighter note, GSP is now training with Freddy Roach (Manny Pacquiao's boxing trainer) to improve his boxing skills.  I really really admire Georges St-Pierre not only because of his unparalleled skill in the octagon but mostly because he is very down to earth and his quest to attain perfection with what he is doing.  He said "You can never stop learning.  You can never be too good".  This is why your on top of your game love!!

This is the main article by Dave Doyle of Yahoo! Sports

St. Pierre’s journey leads to Roach’s lair 

Turban Fashion: Cache-Misère

tur·ban [túrbən]
1. headdress: a man's headdress that consists of a long piece of fabric wrapped around the head or around a small cap, completely covering the hair, worn especially by some Sikhs and Muslims
2. woman's hat: a woman's hat that is similar in shape to a man's turban

[Mid-16th century. Via obsolete French turbant, Italian turbante < Turkish tülbend < Persian dulband]
Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

I only know so little about this piece of headdress, the turban.  My limited knowledge can only relay that turbans are worn by Muslims and Indians to serve as a social status symbol and at the same time an effective protection against the heat of the sun and dust.  There is yet so much more about the turban that I do not know of.  

What interests me is the fashionable elegance I seem to associate the turban with.  Turbans may not be the rave today but it did had its time way back in the 40's and 50's.  Once in a while couture designers include chic turbans on the runway but only to accent and give ummpf  to the main outfit feature.
But there are a few people adventurous, eccentric and fashion forward enough who don a turban  and get away with it.  
           Beyonce                                     JLo                                                              Kate Moss
In the fashion world, turbans are the fabulously chic alternative to wearing a hat when you are having a bad hair day.  Termed as "Cache-Misère" by French couturier Poiret which literally translates to "hide-misery". 

Do you think I can get a way with wearing one? What do you think? hehehehe 

My Outfit Collage

Sweet had asked me why I haven't been posting my outfits.  I had a slight hesitation because of minor insecurities.  Oh well here yah go!

Wanting Someone You Can Not Have

For almost 4 years now I have been dreaming and wanting so bad to have someone to cuddle and pamper without any reservations.  Since I quit my job and then enrolled into law school, I have somehow lost the chance to get to be in the paws of someone who loves you unconditionally.  I have even failed my current loves in having neglected them in choosing my books and laptop over my responsibility to spend time with them.  

I wanted to welcome into my life a new love, a new dog, but sadly I had to make a tough choice.  For, now I can not have you yet, but in time when I can really commit, I will, I definitely will.

All this drama for wanting a chow chow dog, pardon me ^^ but these doggies are too adorable to not love.  I will jump for joy the day I finally bring home such a dog.  Now that's true love!
No, I dont own these photos :(

Pacquiao versus Mayweather Jr: Is It a Go?

i dont own these photos 

Now that the Pacman has said yes to Prettyboy's ridiculus drug testing terms can there be a fight now?  People all over the world are waiting for this big big boxing event.  It's going to be the most important thing for the Philippines next to the oath taking of the 15th President of the nation.  Heck the fight might even weigh more compared to the culmination of the first automated elections!

So blabber mouth Floyd Mayweather Jr., will you now stop your whining and fight Pacquiao already?

Live Learn Share: Cebu Blog Camp

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Styli-Style Election EOTD

Woke up early last Monday so that I wont be bothered by long queues.  Well waking up early did not help at all because I got the wrong priority number, one intended for a different cluster precinct than mine.  So I ended up having gone to and fro the public school where I should vote THREE times.  But I am a patient person when it comes to long loooong lines, boredom was not so much of a killer as I was entertained by the different kinds of people teeming the polling area.  I love the fact that when it is election time, people from all walks of life gather around in one place, rich or poor or famous or just plain simpletons, we all went out of our ways to make our voices be heard.

After 48 years of waiting for my turn to vote, I went home a little over 7 o'clock pm with a dirty blue nail on my index finger.  Alas! The first automated election was generally peaceful and definitely a success.  

We Filipinos may not be famous for our smart choice of leaders but we are definitely well known survivors.  And so the majority has spoken, let us just all get along and COOPERATE LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW. Our new President needs all the help he can to run our country. This is not just Noy2's fight we are all in on this we are Filipinos after all... We maybe naive, but we can definitely wager a good fight! PILIPINO KAYA NATIN TOH!


Styli-Style Flat Liner in Black/Brown 
- Im not so much of a fan because I have to rub the liner many times on my lid just so I can achieve this subtle cat's eye look.  It doesnt wear off easily though, indeed it lasts 24 hours if on an unoily unrubbed eyelid.
Fuller Life Brow Kit
- I swear by this, they keep changing the packaging but its the same formula, doesnt stay that long but it gives me the right coverage for my sparse brows.

The Dragon Has Been Slain

UFC 113 was heartbreaking for many of us especially for my brother.  He worships Lyoto Machida with equal passion as I have for George St-Pierre.  I was hoping the Dragon would still remain undefeated but I have got to give it to Shogun Rua for acquiring the ability to find his opponent's weakness, the skill to execute his annihilation game plan that cemented a well deserved UFC light heavyweight champion belt.  Not only did he beat the Dragon, he literally had slain him showing to all of us that in mma no one is unbeatable nor invincible and that he is now truly a full fledged champion.
Also do allow me to express my utter disgust over the actions of Paul Daley after the end of his fight with Josh Koscheck.  That punch he threw despite the fact that round 3 was over was just indicative of how much of a lousy sore loser he is.  MMA may be brutish in many ways than one but it is never a venue for you to unleash your animosity and lack of discipline.  I don't like Koscheck but at the end of the day you still are supposed to be a man of sports who should know the basics of sportsmanship and professionalism.  That is elementary Daley!  Baboo!

I do not own these photos

Sink, Float or Swim? I Choose to Swim, I am Voting Villar

Don't let our country, the beloved Philippines go down the drain by handing over the leadership to INCOMPETENT FOOLS and POWER HUNGRY VAMPIRES!  Vote based on your qualifications of what a good leader is.

For me a good leader is someone who has tangible proof of his achievements and accomplishments not only for himself but most importantly for the good of the country.  Tomorrow I am not voting for some MAMA'S BOY or some BRAT who thinks the Presidency is an heirloom he should inherit, nor am I not voting for someone who delivers speeches as if you were watching Home Shopping Network.  Tomorrow I am voting for EXPERIENCE OVER PADDED PROMISES, I am voting for Senator Emmanuel "Manny" Villar not because I was swayed by his cheezy political ads and not because I believe he really is from a poor family.  I am shading the oval beside the number 10 of the list of Presidential candidates because I know only he can move things around the murky stagnant waters that is Philippine politics where its either sink, float or swim.

So do vote wisely! ^^
Check out this sample ballot I found from Inquirer.net 

The Chunkster Challenge: A Bookworm's Workout

I am jumping in!  Though I don't really see myself as a bookworm since I don't read that much worthwhile literature these days.  Thanks to law school I have shied away from obsessive reading.  It's hard to rekindle an old addiction but for my sanity's sake I will love a good read again and will stand strong despite the every day terror I get from lifeless law books that have corrupted me and fried my brain cells to a point where I turn my back.

For now I am committing to participate in the level The Chubby Chunkster just to get started and get the ball rolling.  My three books are:  Moby Dick, One Hundred Years of Solitude and Les Miserables.  

Good luck to me and I hope you join in the magical journey too.