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Styli-Style Election EOTD

Woke up early last Monday so that I wont be bothered by long queues.  Well waking up early did not help at all because I got the wrong priority number, one intended for a different cluster precinct than mine.  So I ended up having gone to and fro the public school where I should vote THREE times.  But I am a patient person when it comes to long loooong lines, boredom was not so much of a killer as I was entertained by the different kinds of people teeming the polling area.  I love the fact that when it is election time, people from all walks of life gather around in one place, rich or poor or famous or just plain simpletons, we all went out of our ways to make our voices be heard.

After 48 years of waiting for my turn to vote, I went home a little over 7 o'clock pm with a dirty blue nail on my index finger.  Alas! The first automated election was generally peaceful and definitely a success.  

We Filipinos may not be famous for our smart choice of leaders but we are definitely well known survivors.  And so the majority has spoken, let us just all get along and COOPERATE LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW. Our new President needs all the help he can to run our country. This is not just Noy2's fight we are all in on this we are Filipinos after all... We maybe naive, but we can definitely wager a good fight! PILIPINO KAYA NATIN TOH!


Styli-Style Flat Liner in Black/Brown 
- Im not so much of a fan because I have to rub the liner many times on my lid just so I can achieve this subtle cat's eye look.  It doesnt wear off easily though, indeed it lasts 24 hours if on an unoily unrubbed eyelid.
Fuller Life Brow Kit
- I swear by this, they keep changing the packaging but its the same formula, doesnt stay that long but it gives me the right coverage for my sparse brows.


  1. gawd dhay!!! many updates much...I haven not check ur blogs na...will totally do...when I get back to BKK...

    Take Care love,


  2. i didn't line up too long cuz my cousins were lining up for me...had to rest for my shift.

    really disappointing election results huh?
    i'm heartbroken...

    ps. you do the cat-eye so well! my eyeliner always ends up smudged...hehe.

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  3. my styli is still left on my stash, unused. i wasn't that impressed with it. but maybe i should give a try just to make sure.. :)

  4. miss your blog....and one thing I hate you for joining the blog camp soon!!! I wish I could stay longer...but work is begging me to come back to Bangkok....take care always...will definitely miss you love!!!

    See you after idk when??? heheheh mwuah!!!


  5. hahahaha buj i love them all how i wish i can buy different colors and use them when im at work....