I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Sink, Float or Swim? I Choose to Swim, I am Voting Villar

Don't let our country, the beloved Philippines go down the drain by handing over the leadership to INCOMPETENT FOOLS and POWER HUNGRY VAMPIRES!  Vote based on your qualifications of what a good leader is.

For me a good leader is someone who has tangible proof of his achievements and accomplishments not only for himself but most importantly for the good of the country.  Tomorrow I am not voting for some MAMA'S BOY or some BRAT who thinks the Presidency is an heirloom he should inherit, nor am I not voting for someone who delivers speeches as if you were watching Home Shopping Network.  Tomorrow I am voting for EXPERIENCE OVER PADDED PROMISES, I am voting for Senator Emmanuel "Manny" Villar not because I was swayed by his cheezy political ads and not because I believe he really is from a poor family.  I am shading the oval beside the number 10 of the list of Presidential candidates because I know only he can move things around the murky stagnant waters that is Philippine politics where its either sink, float or swim.

So do vote wisely! ^^
Check out this sample ballot I found from Inquirer.net 

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