I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

What's Your Anthem?

Despite being caught up with the pressures of Now, the day's in-betweens deserve to be celebrated with a soundtrack.  I don't have much words for this post, just bangin' music.  Enjoy my selection of artists.  

Dont judge me by my playlist alone.  ^^

Lana Del Rey

Amy Winehouse


Coeur de Pirate


Kelly Clarkson



Just Got Lucky On Books!

I"m on a lucky streak.  Won two online contests!  
Isn't that grand?!

First was this mid June Fully Booked did this #win50shades contest in twitter where in patrons get a chance to win copy of the best seller book Fifty Shades of Grey by tweeting puns for the color gray.  Sent a few tweets, went to school, came back home and found out I won!  Erotica is really so high school for me, but since I will have a copy soon (in 3 weeks) I will read it anyway.

Second was from a newly discovered local online bookstore, Blink who offers free shipping!  This second win got me elated because the prize was a 1Q84 Haruki Murakami box set.  3 MURAKAMI books!  And they sent it right away, I'm impressed!  Below is my answer on why I should win.  I think I nailed that right on the spot!

Im really extra happy these days.  So much that my hair is glowing in a vibrant golden hue.  
Have a happy weekend y'all!