I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Let's Try Win a Samsung

Join me in trying my luck at another grand give away.  Y'all know I love give aways, and having won a handful of give aways like this just makes me wanna join all of them!

This is Gadgets And Tech’s 1st Annual Phone Raffle Contest so lets support this very informative blog by checking out their cool site Gadgets and Tech FOR THE WIN!!

The Law is a Very Very Jealous Paramour!

I'm a beauty blogger for the obvious reason that I love make up especially that particular art of putting on the beauty stuff on my face.  However, this past month I could'nt seem to find time to prep my face up, nor have I exuded my flamboyance in my recent outfits to school.  Sigh!  I fear I'm turning gray!  

In life one would always, at least at one point, reach a divergent road.  Here you have to choose only one path to take.  For now, I can't mix my vibrant and carefree self with the need to focus on a tough dream I'm determined to realize.  I can't be an attorney at law when my current traits show I'm more of an attorney at lol.

All I'm saying is I need to mellow down, I guess.  Hmm maybe once a week I can commit to playing my usual bouncy self and be the sunshine that I am to everyone.  

But wait!  I still wear a hint of makeup, though I'm now reduced to just mascara, lipbalm, blush, and filling in my brows.  Yup!  No more powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc.  coz it takes soo damn long to put it together! I'm way behind my readings :(
my boring staples
brows: fullerlife eyebrow pencil
mascara: maybelline magnum
lips: maybelline lipbalm in cherry

To a Boy I Know ^^

Boy, light my fire

Drag my sweetness

Into the crevices of your lungs

Inhale my intoxicating scent

Blow out the dust from my heart

And only then could I wish

That I'd be like the nicotine

In that cigarette you're smoking

That sticks to your system

Corrupts you and gets you

Insatiably addicted to

~ by yours truly~

vector art by Alexandra Lorenzana

USJ-R School of Law Hat Party!!

Mac V/B looking Europian ^^

This was my first time to attend an official acquaintance party.  The theme was Hat Party, everyone were compelled to where a headdress of some sort. There were already a handful of "unofficial" *cough redhorse *cough more redhorse gatherings I had joined the last five semesters I've been in law school.  Definitely it was the time to make bongga ang go over and beyond the usual law student stiffness.  So unwind we did and partied till 4 am-ish ^^

hmm someone's channeling toy story hehehe 

don't you just love hard to gets?

witty fashionista/artist Eloise with the military jacket

Videoke till 4am resulted to my absence for Sunday's morning class haha

I had to pin my headdress to my bust coz some eyes where rolling probably too hot for them to handle.

face: missha perfect cover bb cream #23
eyes: dollface cosmetics + Maybelline Magnum
blush: Mary Kay over dollface
lips: Maybelline Colorsensational in Summer Sunset
dress: rehash from my bff's grad ball (unbranded)
shoes: gladiator platform heels by Lipstick (so cheap @ 600+ so comfy too!)

The Edward I'm Screaming For

Brock Edward Lesnar
The reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion who recently defended his title from Shane Carwin despite having gone through a life threatening sickness the past months.  He won over the very persistent Carwin via the arm triangle during the second round.  

Why do I like Lesnar?  He's the one big bad ass at 6'3" in all his 265lb glory and he never let's his haters down.  Now that's one scary dude!

Definitely the TOUGHEST s.o.b. around!

Prior to UFC 116 I only look at Lesnar with awe simply because of his size and fake wrestling show speeches, but after last Saturday's fight I now see him as a different man who deep inside is really a professional as implied in his post fight interview by Joe Rogan. 

Brock just went up my list now just second to Georges St-Pierre.  You're not even close Edward Cullen!