I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley


The Bonjing iPhone
I used to associate the word "tablet" with the 10 commandments of God.  
Now, I have rearranged that association because of Apples' iPad.

What I love about it:
  • 10 hours battery life!!!
  • multi-touch screen
  • bluetooth
  • wifi
  • solid state hard drive ( meaning I can jog it around)
  • 3G access on some models (only AT&T for now)
  • cool gaming use
  • its only $499 for the basic 16gb wifi only model
What I don't like:
  • cant multi-task
  • no drag and drop file management ( you have to sync it with itunes bah!)
  • no usb port
  • no adobe flash
  • no camera
iPad will be available in the U.S. market by end of March as per mashable.

I call it Bonjing (big baby) iPhone because it is for me an iPhone blown up.
There are other tablets out there, do watch out for HP slate, Asus Tablet & there's also one from MSI. Check out 7 other tablets here from mashable.

Wheezing Galore

Wheeze breathe with hoarse whistling sound: to breathe with an audible whistling sound and with difficulty, usually because of a respiratory disorder such as asthma
Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

People at home know when I'm feeling below the weather when they see me looking like I'm about to go to a party.  Yes, sometimes I dress up when I'm sick, I don't know why I get the urge to do so but it makes me feel better.  A little loony on the head?  I hope not.

Don't worry.  I'll be up and running in no time.  Got my meds on hand and my calamansi juice therapy.  I should be able to strut the law school hallways in a day or two.

Legs vs Leggings

I know leggings for some of you may be so last year, but for me it feels like I've rediscovered the sun (err corny ahah).  Seriously, I frowned on them before because I felt those clingy things will make my lower body smaller than it already is compared to my upper body.  I am what a fashion guru would call "apple shape" or figure similar to an inverted triangle.  My wardrobe has a lot more shorts, skirts and dresses than jeans or pants.

I don't have perfect legs but I show it off nonetheless.  By now you should understand why it took me so long to try leggings on. Since everybody seems to be wearing this things these days, I might as well jump into the bandwagon.

I bought two the brand was Lady President.  Very nice support and it's not tight nor itchy. In fact, I am enthralled by it!  I've been wearing it since Monday.  ( I have them washed of course haha)

Everybody has probably strutted around on leggings.  I've only worn my old pair 2 or 3 times during a dressup affair.  I hope to get the courage to wear these babies to school.  Good thing USJR is lenient on post grads, USC on the other hand won't let you in wearing leggings.  Bummer!

Remember leggings are not pants replacements.  I guess Paris Hilton did not get the memo.

disclaimer: I do not own these photos except for that in the middle.

I Pray Our Next Family Outing Will Be in BORACAY

Enter to Win!!!

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note: picture above was taken in Panglao Island, Bohol

The Weekend That Was

Even though I am not free on weekends, I still do not want to miss out on any kind of fun I can get.  So this time I placed a halt on monochromatic nails and went polychromatic.  

I also dropped by Metro Gaisano and saw they had a new makeup counter/booth.  Anyone familiar with L.A. Colors?  I bought a red lipstick from this line and it's not bad at all.  

Anyhoo, this cosmetic line had nice nail polish colors and with its fine brush applicator, you can use it for your nail art designs.  

My brother and I ended the week with a bad idea.  

Dayen The Canvass

This is my little sister Dayen.  She is my youngest sibling and the only sister I have.  She is 11 years old and soon she will be a teenager.  I kid her sometimes by calling her Emma ang babaeng emo (Emma the emo girl) because she so into the band Paramore and prefers wearing black.  Here are the two instances captured on camera where I put make up on her.  Since she is slim and curvy, something I never was (hahaha), I hope she materialize  my secret dream of being Ms. Universe.  Right after she overcomes her shyness ofcourse.

These pictures where taken from a birthday party for one of the daughters of Mom's officemates.  She won best in costume for showing up as a fairy.  She looked so adorable.  Of course I was the makeup artist.  It was not much of a job to do.  I just put on her a lot of shimmers and bronzers, a blue eyelid and yellow-gold lipgloss.  She just dazzled that day.

Sometimes when I get bored I practice my makeup skills on her.  She is always game for it even though her first response would be a big NO.  But she obliges, I'm her big sister after all.  For this set, I used the 56 color palette of Dollface Cosmetics on her eyes and cheeks.  On her lips is Nichido Multipurpose stick and a clear lipgloss for that pale effect.  Should this pass for a rock chick look?

Im Not a Nazi

I have a fascination for social and cultural structures and how diverse and odd they are.  Nazism is one of them.  I've been looking for a hard copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf.  I have not seen it sold here in the Philippines.  

I do have the e-book but I value my eyes more than I hunger for information.

Do you know where I could buy one, new or otherwise?

Here is the link for the e-book if your interested.  Mein Kampf

Make Up Disorder

I think a girl can never have too much of make up stuffs.  My stash is so undersized compared to other women out there.  And I'm not talking about professional make up artists, they don't count.  Let's just say they are justified for their "assortments".  I'm not that crazy yet!  The most pricey make up I have are my Mary Kay collection.  These are just basic things I think EVERY girl should have.
Sad to say I don't have M.A.C. but I really want to try them, just waiting for that right time and budget. LOLS

This is my recent splurge, the 56 and 78 color palette from Dollface Cosmetics  I love it so much that I use it almost everyday.

Pearl, the pretty face behind Dollface Cosmetics is so nice and sweet.  She is based here in Cebu, so its not all hard to do business with her.  I look forward to my next purchase soon.

Dollface Cosmetics are the same products sold by Coastal Scents.  Both have very nice reviews and available tutorials over at YouTube.

My Staples
Missha Perfect Cover BB cream #23
Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation Ivory 2
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Rum Raisin
Burt's Bees Replenishing Lipbalm
Carmex Healing Lipbalm
Mary Kay Lipstick Apricot Glaze
Loreal Lipstick Burgandy Richess 
Nichido Multiple Stick Sunset Glow
Mary Kay Blush Orchid
FullerLife Brow Definer Brown
Nichido Eyeliner Dark Brown
Mary Kay Liquid Foundation Beige300 & Ivory200

It doesn't stop here, I'm still eying NYX Round Lipsticks.  I hear from sis khymm that this brand has great lippies.  I have to experience them at least ehehhe..

And so the Tree fell down

Christmas season is officially over in our household.  Mama brought down the Tree and all its glittering blings.  I wonder where she will hide the over-the-top belen showcase she bought because thats going to need storage space for sure.  

She then asked me what would be our next decor motif.  I was like "Haller?!! You know I don't know anything about design harmony and matching abobots!"  Mom just rolled her eyes probably wondering how I was her daughter when we are so different in a thousand ways.  

Mama's 48th

Mama turned 48 last Jan. 2.  She intended for the whole day to be spent getting her pampering done at ForeverFlawless but ended up postponing her indulgence for the next day because my Titos and Titas all insisted they come over and bring food to celebrate.

As expected my Papa, with his usual misplaced gallantry, ordered via radio communication a yummy chocolate cake designed with icing personalized dedication from a service provider for that sweet/chivalric effect.  Now this may all seem so mushy to many women, but my Mom is different.  She was not giddy about my Dad's gesture.  Although she did really appreciate the effort, however any excitement would die down especially when we all know how much that simple cake and ice cream costs.  Think X4 or maybe almost X5 the price of those when bought here.  

Ma and I are just about the same when it comes to romance.  We just want our men to keep it simple but real.  

My Time

do you know that the light of the night can be traced millions of years back?

do you know that the sounds of fireworks had been sounds from a few seconds back?

the thing is ive forgotten what i was like a few years back

i used to think that i could care less

i used to say time heals everything

i used to feel like im stuck at being 16 yrs old

i used to think you could stop feeling something if you just will it

there were a thousand things i was before, come to think of it, when did i turn my back?

when? why? how come?

today ive found bits of pieces.. fragments that compose a whole.

shatters of who i was of which i know only i can put back whole.

would you give me time?

would you pick me up?

would you lend me a hand or would you rather that i do this on my own?

sometimes we do forget, but rarely do we seek what we forgot

this stiching would be a long one.. but i know i will be whole

again i will be whole

p.s. I wrote this poem May 3 2007 on the brink of ending an unhealthy relationship

To you 2009 I bid my adieu!!


Reckoning 2008 and 2009


... This was a year of reflections and self discoveries. I had spent most of this year looking deep into myself, of what I really want from life; my aspirations; who I want to be and how I wanted to see and project persona.

I knew a little about me and my quirks through the little travels I made with family and friends. I allowed myself to enjoy the immersion in new places and reflect.

Indulgence would be the perfect word to describe how this year was for me. I indulged in the opportunities revealed to me by circumstances. I embraced the curiosity for higher learning by enrolling in law school without any inclination of the difficult journey looming.

I thank the Almighty for my experiences and for the revelations I encountered this year. At least I had learned.

Looking back I think I have gone a notch higher than I had been before. This year I felt the BIG DIFFERENCE of trying to know who you are and rediscovering your lost self all over again.


Ahhhh... I felt so busy through out the year that passed. I always felt that I had so much to do yet, I do not have a list of these things having been done. I got exhausted even before I started doing anything at all.

I remember this year as a time of self doubts and procrastination. Motivation was hard to come by. There was no fuel to fire me up to do great things. I did not find motivation this year, or if I did, I lost it.

I was wallowing in stagnant water, not moving, not drowning but was still and afloat. Despite the lack of significant improvement, there is still something worth reckoning for 2009. I dub it "Materialistic 2009" evidenced by the number of materials blessings I have enjoyed. My Blackberry, HPmini, girly caprices; oh just to name a few.''

I end this year with the hope for a better and a more fulfilling 2010. It is TWO-OH-TEN after all...