I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Mama's 48th

Mama turned 48 last Jan. 2.  She intended for the whole day to be spent getting her pampering done at ForeverFlawless but ended up postponing her indulgence for the next day because my Titos and Titas all insisted they come over and bring food to celebrate.

As expected my Papa, with his usual misplaced gallantry, ordered via radio communication a yummy chocolate cake designed with icing personalized dedication from a service provider for that sweet/chivalric effect.  Now this may all seem so mushy to many women, but my Mom is different.  She was not giddy about my Dad's gesture.  Although she did really appreciate the effort, however any excitement would die down especially when we all know how much that simple cake and ice cream costs.  Think X4 or maybe almost X5 the price of those when bought here.  

Ma and I are just about the same when it comes to romance.  We just want our men to keep it simple but real.  


  1. wow..ka sweet sa imong papa shabz ui..how i wish kita ta'g ing ani, hehehe...

  2. the cake is still alive till now by the way.. ehhehe