I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

My Time

do you know that the light of the night can be traced millions of years back?

do you know that the sounds of fireworks had been sounds from a few seconds back?

the thing is ive forgotten what i was like a few years back

i used to think that i could care less

i used to say time heals everything

i used to feel like im stuck at being 16 yrs old

i used to think you could stop feeling something if you just will it

there were a thousand things i was before, come to think of it, when did i turn my back?

when? why? how come?

today ive found bits of pieces.. fragments that compose a whole.

shatters of who i was of which i know only i can put back whole.

would you give me time?

would you pick me up?

would you lend me a hand or would you rather that i do this on my own?

sometimes we do forget, but rarely do we seek what we forgot

this stiching would be a long one.. but i know i will be whole

again i will be whole

p.s. I wrote this poem May 3 2007 on the brink of ending an unhealthy relationship

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