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Legs vs Leggings

I know leggings for some of you may be so last year, but for me it feels like I've rediscovered the sun (err corny ahah).  Seriously, I frowned on them before because I felt those clingy things will make my lower body smaller than it already is compared to my upper body.  I am what a fashion guru would call "apple shape" or figure similar to an inverted triangle.  My wardrobe has a lot more shorts, skirts and dresses than jeans or pants.

I don't have perfect legs but I show it off nonetheless.  By now you should understand why it took me so long to try leggings on. Since everybody seems to be wearing this things these days, I might as well jump into the bandwagon.

I bought two the brand was Lady President.  Very nice support and it's not tight nor itchy. In fact, I am enthralled by it!  I've been wearing it since Monday.  ( I have them washed of course haha)

Everybody has probably strutted around on leggings.  I've only worn my old pair 2 or 3 times during a dressup affair.  I hope to get the courage to wear these babies to school.  Good thing USJR is lenient on post grads, USC on the other hand won't let you in wearing leggings.  Bummer!

Remember leggings are not pants replacements.  I guess Paris Hilton did not get the memo.

disclaimer: I do not own these photos except for that in the middle.


  1. Oh gee leggings bwhahaha. BTW, I love your legs shabz, you have nice legs baya!!!! Ikaw jud...compared to me big thighs but still confident to wear my glittery leggings, I want to buy the leather ones here, but I might look like a dominatrix hahahah!

    Take Care


  2. lols leather? basin maka baho na ug taliban bohol? hahahaha bitaw nice man daw ang liquid leggings.. looks like leather pero dli..

  3. thankyou for visting my blog, I'm more of a tights person than leggings.

  4. oh hi chloe thnx for dropping by.. i totally dont have a clue whats the difference between leggings and tights.. ehhe now im curious.. ^^

  5. my dogtags were from a friend from the US..
    but i think the 'airsoft' shops sell custom-made dog tags...u can try asking them. :D

    thanks for dropping by my blog!

  6. sexy legs and fabulous leggings!

    p.s thanks for the comment. would you like to
    exchange links with me?


  7. wow.kagwapa sa leggings!hehe
    thank you for dropping by my blog!

  8. oh, bisaya pud ka? wow! love that leggings! great legs!


  9. nice leggings. thanks for dropping by at my blog. I hope you like Aldo when you go there. You're right, they have to pay me for it =)

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