I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

I Passed!!! weeeeeeeee

This is a late announcement since I got the results last week monday pa.. Im happy to say that I passed the USC Law School entrance exam at 69% equivalent to high average, passing rate is 40%..Damn!! that was one difficult exam indeed. 3 long hours of twisting my brain and straining my eyes..weeeeeeee hehehhehe..

Im not built to become a Lawyer. I have no study habits I am far from being organized and I have too many distractions. But as my HS principal once told me: your competition is your own self, in everything you do, all it takes is to beat yourself and be the best. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.. matod pa ni Ms. Seville.. hehehhe

My Cebu Pacific Horror

Imagine how excited I was few days ago when mama said she will bring me with her to Manila to meet my apster and go check out the city for 4 days!! Uber ecstatic! I'd be riding an airplane for the first time today!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! But before having booked the flight, we had to encounter the infamous Cebu Pacific Horror.

Perky me was in Robinsons to book a flight for Manila, ofcourse with amster hand in hand, we got shocked by the number of people crammed in the airlines limited space. But brushing the worry aside, I said its OK I can wait 1-2 hrs its nothing as long as Im getting on a plane. So I left my mom there in line waiting for her number to be called and I went window shopping with my bro. By the way, Robinsons stink like hell. I think there is something wrong with their drainage or sewerage because that area where Bo's cafe is located, smells so putrid you think the cafe is selling urine. Moving forward, Kirk and I roamed around for a good 45 mins and then we ate lunch which was technically merienda due to the time. We went back to check on mama and Lo and behold! Only 5 numbers had moved since I left. Crazy right? Well apparently they were experiencing and to quote "slow booking due to a change in their booking system" Yeah I also saw in the news about more than a week ago that the domestic airport of MIA got jam-packed because of Cebu Pacific's P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C system.

End of the story? Oh we got booked alright... after 10 agonizing hours!! We were there 1 pm we finished everything by around 11pm-ish. And you know what? Not more than 30 people were catered between that time. So if your traveling via airplane soon, I know Cebu Pacific is cheaper to PAL, just try and check if their problem has been solved. You don't wanna waste a good chunk of your time to be just in queue.

Movie Review - Sleuth

Genre: Mystery & Suspense
3 stars

Aside from Jude Law's charm, I saw the movie as being redundantly predictable. If it weren't for the talent of the actors I would have dozed this one off. It was obvious in how the dialogs were delivered that the setting was more of a game. I did like the choice of words and the rich vocabulary the actors contributed. I praise the genius work for the whole film was just starred by 2 people. The display of modern designs and technology in interior decorations was admirable. The entire film was to me obviously comedic. Seriously funny. The theater would have been the appropriate stage for this play, but nonetheless it didnt fail to excite me.

the old days-----> fastforward to now

Hell its late!! Yet still Im up.. After watching the long line of prime time shows, I hang out in my room and did a once-in-a-bluemoon-tidying (if thats how its spelled). Discarded super old makeups, that I never really got to use much; frowned on the fortune I wasted in super priced beauty regimens that promised everything but did so little for me; smiled on my collection of bags, which reminds me to add more to it (grrr money again!). Most noteworthy was the nostalgia I felt when I discovered some high school memorabilia. I browsed through the certificate of appreciation, attendance, and participation. I felt once more the beaming pride I had when I read the thank you notes given to me when I was a student teacher for a few days way back then.

Oh how happy and carefree I was back then, so as we mostly were I think. I can almost smell the cooking classes we had, feel again the haughtiness and rebellious anger. All of them although a little long ago, was still so fresh to me and as always had been the best time of my life. As I look back from where I am now, I wonder where have these faces in my high school yearbook gone to? How are they doing? Interestingly, did they become the person/professional they wrote here to be? Its funny to see that I wrote in the yearbook I wanted to be a CPA. Well I did graduate knowing the accounting principles, but the wind has changed. I dont want to count money I do not own..

As I read on, I silently congratulated the faces who were consistent with what they initially wanted. I was a bit saddened by knowing some were never able to realize their dream, some needed to stop pursuing it, others didnt have the heart to start it. Me? I am just thankful that at least I made it halfway, and now, though I wont continue that CPA crown, I am still aiming and dreaming for something to achieve. Still pursuing and still wanting to realize it.

I offer a silent prayer, that all of us who dream and aspire may reach it no matter how many crossroads we might encounter. I pray that whatever direction we choose, we would still be blessed by the will, strength and the intense passion to travel the heights.