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My Cebu Pacific Horror

Imagine how excited I was few days ago when mama said she will bring me with her to Manila to meet my apster and go check out the city for 4 days!! Uber ecstatic! I'd be riding an airplane for the first time today!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! But before having booked the flight, we had to encounter the infamous Cebu Pacific Horror.

Perky me was in Robinsons to book a flight for Manila, ofcourse with amster hand in hand, we got shocked by the number of people crammed in the airlines limited space. But brushing the worry aside, I said its OK I can wait 1-2 hrs its nothing as long as Im getting on a plane. So I left my mom there in line waiting for her number to be called and I went window shopping with my bro. By the way, Robinsons stink like hell. I think there is something wrong with their drainage or sewerage because that area where Bo's cafe is located, smells so putrid you think the cafe is selling urine. Moving forward, Kirk and I roamed around for a good 45 mins and then we ate lunch which was technically merienda due to the time. We went back to check on mama and Lo and behold! Only 5 numbers had moved since I left. Crazy right? Well apparently they were experiencing and to quote "slow booking due to a change in their booking system" Yeah I also saw in the news about more than a week ago that the domestic airport of MIA got jam-packed because of Cebu Pacific's P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C system.

End of the story? Oh we got booked alright... after 10 agonizing hours!! We were there 1 pm we finished everything by around 11pm-ish. And you know what? Not more than 30 people were catered between that time. So if your traveling via airplane soon, I know Cebu Pacific is cheaper to PAL, just try and check if their problem has been solved. You don't wanna waste a good chunk of your time to be just in queue.

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