I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Adios Rob Patz + Rude Boy:RiRi

Its now out with the mushy mushy and back to reality.  What better way to free yourself from the bonds of hopeless romanticism than purge your brain of Robert Pattinson fantasies and then rinse with RiRi's new bodacious music video of Rude Boy, my new on-instant-replay sound track.
If you're still not dropping Rob Patz from your list of imaginary boyfies then this should convince you: He HATES and is ALLERGIC to V-A-G-I-N-A-S!!  He said so in this interview for details magazine.  Well, that statement says it all for me.  I don't care about the circumstances surrounding the question, but I've got a feeling those strong words did not come from nowhere.  So baboo Edward Cullen!  I guess you were just too good to be true.

Now on Rihanna.  I always find myself jumping to her beats.  Her music just fills me with energy.  This new video is not an exception.  The ultimate Vixen song! Booom! Boom! Boom! Enjoy the video. ^^

Blog Love

I've been showered some love today.  
Thanks to Miss Niera for appreciating my blog by giving me the "You're a Doll" award.  
It is always heart warming and most of all a fuel for me to write more whenever I get comments from all of you who notices my humble blog.

Much thanks also to Denise Katipunera for shooting me a message informing me of the problem regarding not being able to comment in my blog post and to dear friend Sweet of Pens and Lens for helping me out in finding the problem area.  I just removed the word verification thingy, it seemed to be the culprit.

Again thank you all for the blog love ^^

P.S. for Cebu residents, Sweet is on her 3rd blog giveaway.  Up for grabs is a gorgeous Forever21 gold heart necklace.  I would've been the winner of the zebra bangle still F21, but I waived my right over it coz I won the first giveaway.  It would be greedy of me to monopolize luck.  lol  Do join her giveaway visit her blog HERE for the full mechanics.  Its fun.  The questions makes you feel nostalgic.  ^^

Another One Bites The Dust | What KT Did | StyleBible.ph

Another One Bites The Dust | What KT Did | StyleBible.ph

I'm a fashion dumbass. So when people talked about Alexander McQueen's death by suicide, I was scouring the web just to find out who this person was. Kate Torralba's article was more than informative, I need not search for more. So sad when a genius just can't seem to take it.

Tuvalu Will Drown By 2100

Sea levels surrounding the Island State of Tuvalu will have risen by .8 meters by 2100

Public International Law:  Disappearing States

Disappearing State is the actual physical disappearance of a state, the loss of its territory or land, similar to the story of Atlantis.  The disappearance is caused by the fact the land mass of the states becomes submerged below sea level.  The Earth’s geophysical map has remained constant of the past millennium.  However, with the problem of climate change, it is believed that the status quo could soon be altered and the change would come sooner than expected.

A State, especially coastal States, are in threat of disappearing because climate change, whether natural or induced, would cause sea levels to rise.  In, effect, the lives of the people living in these areas would be greatly affected as homes, food, and security are endangered by the sudden displacement.

Island States, such as Tuvalu, Kiribati, Marshall Islands and the Maldives are the current example of states threatening to disappear.  Since the late 1980’s this issue has long been recognized, however the proximate cause of such threat has not been the primary focus of the solutions entertained and presented.  Instead of addressing how climate change maybe avoided thus saving these states from drowning, people have opted to focus on environment refugees would be protected or assisted in case the inevitable happens.  The inevitable would only take place if people would do nothing to circumvent the realities that climate change would soon bring if we do not act now.

The harsh reality is that sea levels are rising drastically.  The logical immediate option when vulnerable island states would lose their territory is to migrate to another territory that is most likely a State in itself.  The problem is: who would want to give part of their land to these environmental refugees when the cost is their own precious land and of course the host States resources that would have to be shared to them.

People might think that the effects of a drowned State would not reach other States.  The fact is, as soon as actual States do disappear, the existing international laws that people are accustomed to will have to be reconsidered and reconfigured to adjust to the occurrence and address possible conflicts this happening could also bring.

It is high time that resolutions to this looming problem be focused and directed on the issue of drastic climate change and how it can be decelerated. 
Source:  (Rayfuse, Wither Tuvalu? International Law and Disappearing States)

Handwriting Woes

Karyna, my classmate in law school was kind enough to let me be the first reader of a book she found in BookSale.  She probably saw how my eyes lit up when I read the title.  You see, I have really really bad handwriting and I'm really insecure about it.  When I get the liberty I would buy those writing books we usually had way back elementary.  

So far, I have read quite a lot of interesting theories from experiments done in this book.  If you want, I'll let you know the gist soon as I'm done.  

Hello! Birth Control Glasses!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Two different vintage styles of glasses: browline on the left, and horn-rimmed on the right.
Horn-rimmed glasses are a type of eyeglasses with frames made of horntortoise shell, or plastic that simulates either material. The name horn-rimmed glasses refer to their original material, which was horn or shell
From Urbandictionary.com
Birth Control Glasses are optical wear that virtually guaranties that NOBODY will ever f*ck you.
I've been constantly having migraines that are too distracting.  The pain is throbbing, forming a ring from my eyebrows down to the occipital area.  So i reckon the migraine has got something to do with my myopia.  I find that logical because I have not changed my lenses in more than two years.  The grade of my old glasses is -350 whereas my contacts is -375.  Now, it has gone up to -400 with astigmatism, whew!  I didnt think this difference can cause too much trouble.  Hayst!!  High maintenance!
Nerdy glasses seem to be the in thing today thanks to Taylor Swift or maybe the cheerleaders father or, saving the best for last, rugged and devlishly handsome Johnny Depp.  I don't know who set the trend but I jumping in.  Anyhoo its very comfy and I have a wider and clearer view of things now.  The frame was bought at SM Cebu Ideal Vision and it was on 50% off.  The catch?  It's GAP! Yup!  I'm still running a lucky streak.  Thank you God!
p.s. I love the Killers!!

Hakuna Matata isn't Working for Me

spon·ta·ne·i·ty [spòntə n ətee, spòntə náy ətee]
1. unconstrained behavior: behavior that is natural and unconstrained and is the result of impulse, not planning
2. generation from within: the generating or provoking of activity from within, rather than as a result of external influences
Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

This noun is not doing wonders for me in my current predicament.  Disaster is looming.  My lifestyle of carefree chill chill state of mind is starting to make a mess of life.  This all seem cute and cool when your 19 or 21 but I eventually found out and realized this can not go on forever or I will end up clueless and regretful.

Need to get my big ass working my goals and to just stop staring at them.  I need to get organized, this life is no longer funny.

How you define failure is really something relative and subjective.  To me, not feeling good about myself is a sign of failure.  I always pick myself up but most of the time I find my efforts of rehabilitation wanting of drive.

If worrying gets things going, then I will practice being a worry wart.

Please pray for me, a self confessed procrastinator.

The Weekend Haul

After a battle with the Revised Penal Code, I just had to shake off the stress.  What better way to do that than to scour the heart of the city's fashion Mecca: Carbon and Manalili Streets!

Lo! I dug a seemingly Chanel chain bag in a pile of "bag crap" for only P35.  There are also funky accessories that caught my eye but I did'nt have all the moolah so there would definitely be a second episode to this cheap thrill.
All were for a little over 100 pesos!

Im One Lucky Vixen ^^

Yes!  I am such a lucky bitch vixen these days. Maybe Fate is consoling me because it is our midterm examinations week in law school.  They probably found me looking pitiful with the amount of cramming I had to do. 

Now back to why I'm lucky.  I have never won anything in my life that came from a shot at chance or any fortuitous event for that matter. The eventful day was yesterday, Friday Feb 5, where I won DJ MoTwister's blog give away and the prize was a $$ Nokia 5230 $$. As if that was not enough, I also won, via actual raffle, the blog give away of dear friend Sweet of Confessions of a Drama Queen.  

Now is'nt that a grand slam of some sort?  Woooohooo for me!!

My Fabulous Prizes eeeeek! I'm so excited to get hold of them

Dj Mo gives away a Nokia 5230 every day for 30 days so you guys might want to follow Mo on Twitter its @djmotwister and his funny yet informative blog at motwister.com.

Sweet's giveaways are bongga Fashion21 accessories available to Cebu readers and followers only. It's her homecoming giveaway since she will be back in Cebu by summer after being away on a teaching job in Bangkok.  Visit Confessions of a Drama Queen for the mechanics.

Got this award from Sweet just today.  I asked her if she awarded this to me based on the merits of my blog and not because we are lifelong friends, she said "@damnvixen I love you blog, I've been following it since you started it again hahahaha...ikaw jud".  So Yippeee I can therefore brag this.
I'm passing this on to these girls because I lurk in their blogs everyday!

Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream

I hope this luck does not wear off soon as I plan to give the lottery a shot.  6/49 jackpot is probably over a million pesos as of this time.  *cross fingers LOLS

He is the ONE!

Ahhh Yes! Georges St-Pierre is the ONE for me!  
Sorry boys but my heart is set.  
It's not about his looks or appeal not even the fact that his a champion that won me over.  
It's because he is MAN enough for me.

Is that a thumbs up to marry me George?  To me just a smile will do.. ^^

Illusionada!! But I've set my standard and I'm just waiting for that guy who tops it.. 

These cute bears are great Valentine's gift ideas for your special someone. 
 I ordered mine for P150 from my classmate in law school Krista Cristoria.  
Do contact her if you want to shower your lovey with sweet cuteness.  ^^

New Layout for That Girly Feel

I hope this hue of pink suits your eyes as it does to mine.  I decided to change the look and feel of my LaiR because I sense the lady-ish appeal is now something I can put a claim on.  So its now out with the tomboy effect and in with the blush blush.  

One thing will not change though:  I am still your DaMnViXeN in red lipstick minus the black.  

I was feeling down after taking the midterm exam on Administrative Law.  You guessed it!  T'was difficult or I didn't read enough.. So to perk me up I laid out my makeup abobots.  
MaryKay liquid foundation in ivory
Dollface eyeshadows
NYX creamy biege + Nichido all purpose stick
Fashion21 dipliner
Avon SuperShock mascara

Oh btw, the 2nd pic was taken after my BFF's ring hop last year.  I love this pic of me so much more so because I had no idea it would turn out this vamp!

It is still our midterm exam week as of press time and I have 5 more exams to battle.. Yoooosh! 


Pink's Grammy performance is exactly what the title says, AMAZING. 
I'm not much of a fan but I have to say her voice, attitude and reinventions are exceptional.  

Pink is definitely one of my playlist staples.  

Did you see how fast she did those twirls? 

Yet she can still sing powerfully.  

Now that's TALENT at its best!