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Hello! Birth Control Glasses!

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Two different vintage styles of glasses: browline on the left, and horn-rimmed on the right.
Horn-rimmed glasses are a type of eyeglasses with frames made of horntortoise shell, or plastic that simulates either material. The name horn-rimmed glasses refer to their original material, which was horn or shell
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Birth Control Glasses are optical wear that virtually guaranties that NOBODY will ever f*ck you.
I've been constantly having migraines that are too distracting.  The pain is throbbing, forming a ring from my eyebrows down to the occipital area.  So i reckon the migraine has got something to do with my myopia.  I find that logical because I have not changed my lenses in more than two years.  The grade of my old glasses is -350 whereas my contacts is -375.  Now, it has gone up to -400 with astigmatism, whew!  I didnt think this difference can cause too much trouble.  Hayst!!  High maintenance!
Nerdy glasses seem to be the in thing today thanks to Taylor Swift or maybe the cheerleaders father or, saving the best for last, rugged and devlishly handsome Johnny Depp.  I don't know who set the trend but I jumping in.  Anyhoo its very comfy and I have a wider and clearer view of things now.  The frame was bought at SM Cebu Ideal Vision and it was on 50% off.  The catch?  It's GAP! Yup!  I'm still running a lucky streak.  Thank you God!
p.s. I love the Killers!!


  1. i'd think i'd get nerdy glasses in cerulean blue or hot pink...hehehe..but then i've had so many eye check-ups cuz i thought something's wrong with them but my eyesight is perfectly fine ra jud...haha!


  2. tnx for the comment toxic disco boy.. ur name reminds me of gaga..

    @gizelle maybe ur eyestrain is due to stress from starring at the pc.. have eye resting exercises.. ^^

  3. i love it when people wear glasses, but i hate it on me. maybe i'm just used with wearing contacts and loving the convenience it gives me. but still, i wanna have a nerdy glasses just for the sake of having it. i think it's cool =)