I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Isabeau Unfolds 06

Day 06 - Favorite Super Hero and Why

2 words: Fucking genius!

Isabeau Unfolds 05

Day 05 - A Picture of Somewhere You've Been To

There's something about Bohol that is almost magical.  I had been there only twice and I have to say the island captured a part of my soul.  It's scenic beauty really healed me deep down and I was never the same again when I got back to Cebu City.  I will never tire of this enthralling place!

Fish18 = Young Loalde

Loalde has always been my mom's and aunt's favorite store.  Their style and designs are very classy but not the kind that's too dressed up or too casual.  They certainly offer the right feel for the accomplished woman, beautiful things I cant wear on a regular basis just yet.  Finally they have decided to reach out to the young and hip generation (ehem! the likes of me!) as embodied in their brainchild Fish18.
I was lucky enough to get invites to Fish18's grand opening last December 10, 2010.  I tagged along Mac, the new blogger for Style Cebu, because of her exquisite knack for anything fabulous.  Seriously this girl has some fine tastes! 
Ive no idea what Cool Casual means! 
The store itself emits an old vibe that has quite a vintage taste in the air.  Some of the fabrics used are from Loalde's collection dating as far back as 30 years.  Despite the vintage feel, their wares are far from the boring old.  They boast of apparels that showcase urban culture as seen from the the streets.  I'm thinking sophisticated pop.  But I'm not really one for details and descriptions.  I only need to know that they have my size!
I was especially intrigued by their acid washed vests and cropped tees.  I loved how they made patch worked clothes look elegant and stylish.  The secret is the flawless craftsmanship impressed upon each item producing fine masterpieces that you can never pass as something mass produced.  

They only make limited pieces so y'all better take your pick asap!

 Fish18 is located on the 2nd level of  The Northwing at SM City Cebu.  Follow them on twitter here and check out their Facebook fanpage too!

Have a Happy Christmas!


This year is quite memorable for the whole family as my papa is spending Christmas with us.  With his line of job its really rare that he could be with us on special occasions let alone the holidays.  We dont even want to count how many Christmases and New Years he missed in our lives.  Right now we are just feeling so happy and blessed we can celebrate joyful moments and relish the blessings that came our way the past years as a complete gang.
The Kardashians do it, so why cant we right?  Yep! Thats our family Christmas Card right there!

Our Denim Era

From film.com
Ever since James Dean starred in Rebel Without a Cause with his infamous red jacket, white undershirt and blue jeans ensemble, denim pants have since then been permanently engraved in western culture.  The rest of the world followed naturally there after.  Who could ever resist the macho and classic allure that the simple common workers pants can instantly add to anyone's poise.

Now a days the denim cloth has been subjected to the kinds of stress no other fabric had been exposed to.  There are acid and stone washing, sandblasting, pre-shrinking and many other methods to achieve a very worn look.  Apparently the more distressed your pair of jeans are the sexier it looks on you.  Brands like Machine jeans and Jimmy Jean Clothing produce the kind that scream a whole lot of attitude and stylishly so too.
Rihanna in Machine Jeans
I have always been a fan of the denim culture especially when applied to ingenious fashion designs.  Depending on what color and how you pair it with, denim pants or jeans can be elegant enough to be worn in red carpet events.  Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt as well as famous pop icons have graced formal affairs in appropriately tailored denims.
Although I'm mostly in dresses these days, my current denim infatuation takes in the form of jeggings, jackets and bikers denim vest with patches prices I need not worry about thank goodness for thrift stores downtown.  I dont even have to wait for cool or rainy days just to have an excuse to wear them.  Air conditioning is reason enough in itself.  
My brother and I in my favorite denim dress gifted by Grandma.
Denim is fashion's interpretation of the freedom our time is soaked in.  Liberation spoken well through our clothes.  I believe that ours is a denim era.

Trend: iBoyf

Foreigners are flooding our country to not only personally behold the picturesque sceneries Philippines is known for but also to meet the country's prized gems, Filipinas!  Many are captured by our beauty and allure through the help of the top dating sites in the web.  Personally, I think that it is safe to say the feeling is mutual.  Ever since the World Wars we have been equally curious about the buffet of races brought into our shores by tanks, submarines and war planes.  

Currently crushing over him!
Thanks to technological improvements iBoyfs or internet boyfriends have become quite a trend.  With dating site features like personality matching tests, security features and sometimes unique chat set ups, getting to know the person you are interested in becomes fun and thus generate more opportunities for you to nurture a possible relationship.  
Currently swooning over this ufc champ!
Skeptics would probably warn you of maniacs and sickos rampant in the internet that is why you should do some research by looking out for positive and negative dating site reviews before signing up for membership especially for paid ones.  Ask your friends for the best dating sites they are familiar of and whether they recommend it or not.  Checking on reviews gives you a bit of assurance of the security that the site can give to its members.  You can also get an overview of the type of members they have.  Yes its like peering into a menu of some sort!  
Especially intrigued about this vampire!
So what are you waiting for? Get dressed up, put some make up on and turn those lights on high.  Practice on your best angle, learn how to smile so cutely and turn on your web cam!  That's how we roll on iDates!

P.S.  Obviously Im a sucker for blue eyed devils!

Beware of These 3 Women!

As a general rule, a woman is an apple to everyone's eyes.  We bring sunshine to the gloomy, excitement to the bored and liven up just about anything.  However, our species aren't perfect.  Flaws are sometimes extrinsic, but are usually dangerously bottled up inside too.  I'm writing this as a fair warning to all those who love the company of women.  Beware of these three!

Sad Little Girl
They are gloomy and most likely loners.  Why?  Because they talk about their problems too much and never really making mention of how to solve or over come them.  Suicidal?  Most likely!
Why should you be aware?  If you have someone like this hanging around you, their tendency is to stick with you and pester you.  So unless your a shrink, it would be best to keep distance or they will follow you around relentlessly.  Imba stalking abilities!  Needy bitch I tell you.

Example: Your local emo girl!

Crazy Bitch
This one's a meanie.  They snap poof! just like that.  One moment she's the sweetest, then in a blink of an eye, she screams and suddenly transforms into a level of rage only tranquilizers can extinguish.  Everything she touches while consumed by anger will be beaten down to a pulp.  Wear protective gear if an encounter with this kind would be unavoidable.
They can lose all reason, case on point are the many crimes of passion recorded in any court.  Murder is a natural instinct, so its either you oblige or you flee.  Remember that movie Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct?  They are the same!

Example:  Your foul mouthed neighbor shrieking at 7 in the morning.

The Bitch from Hell
Careful coz they seem normal.  Highly intellectual, calculating and efficiently manipulative.  They make you do things you wont normally do.  They act with impunity in high heels and a smile.  Inside their minds are intricate blueprints for the next 20 years.  Believe me, you dont want to get in the way of her scheme of things.  You will get trampled on and get burned!  They get to the top and at the top they intend to remain.

Example: That highly decorated classmate who always ask you about your exam scores.

My mantra when I have encounters with these women is simple.  Remain cool and composed as my usual self and practice maximum tolerance at all cost!  Dont get in their way but when in right always stand your ground.  Every girl has claws! They dont call it cat fight for nothing.

p.s.  This was a product of me and my brothers observation based on what we see on T.V.  I would love to drop names, but that would be cruel! ahahha

25 Divided By 5

Im 25 and Fabulous!

Ahh yes!  Another year has turned for me.  Although celebrations are indispensable, I plan for my special day to be chillax with a few clinks of champagne to top the night.  I thank God for the degree of contentment I am feeling right now.  So definitely, hard party animal wont be an option this year.

25 is a biggie!  I'd like to recollect the memories that made the most of me.

@ 5 years old:
~ I was a handful.  Relentlessly hyperactive!  Thank God ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ) wasn't that much of a fad back in the 90's or I wouldve been tranquilized!  When mom said no, I look at her all curious with a poker face seemingly agreeable to the prohibition.  Yet I do it anyway.  Come to think of it, to this day Im still like that.  

@ 10 years old:
~ I was carefree.  I didn't care how many friends I got, about hygiene, about dressing properly, about brushing my hair and I certainly didnt care much for school.  Its a bit of a blur to me.  I only remember being a chubby kid with a handful of friends and some guy enemies.

@ 15 years old:
~ I was friendly.  I finally had gotten over identity crisis and had lots of people I call friends.  I know people and people I know know me!  This was the time me and crazy friends discovered ah-ah-ah alcohol!  For some odd reason, I was not prohibited to drink alcohol by my parents.  That's probably the reason why Im not drinking now.  I grew out of my curiosity even before I graduated from college.  Alcohol is overrated!  As for boys, lets just say I had a specimen for my experiments! hahaha

@ 20 years old:
~ I was hopeless romantic.  Walking with heart-shaped eyes!  Thank God I grew out of that too!  Its silly!  Remember this: No boy should have power over you.  By this age, I finished my bachelors and was off to conquer the world!

@ 25 years old:
~ I am fabulous!  I have a strong heart and big head.  I can take on any challenge.  I can claw myself out from a difficult situation and in red manicured nails too!  Security and contentment are the only two tools I need to get me through the next five years.   I have so much to be thankful for.  To ever supportive family and my cheering friends, I survived all 25 of my years because you all were there to make sure of it.  ^^
my first birthday.  I love my dress!

Isabeau Unfolds 04

Day 04: A Habit That You Wish You Didn't Have

Over Indulgence!!
Taken last year during my 24th.
What can I say?  I'm a passionate girl! ^^
I wasnt always this errr curvy.  I remember being thin and frail that my dad force feed me and my brother to make as look plump.  In the '90s, a plump kid meant healthy.  Well they got more than they bargained for!  I got so used to double servings you now see the result in that picture.  Oh well!  Im a glutton for food among ahem! other things! ^^

Globe's Blackberry Messaging/Social Plans

I just saw it in Globe Blackberry's fan page minutes ago!  They have answered my prayers for cheaper Blackberry services.  Right now I can do somersault in drunken happiness!  Im feeling like a brat who just got what she wants yeyerzz!

Since I got my first blackberry summer of 2009, I've always been fascinated by its functionality.  Understand this from a view point of someone who is most of the time behind technological advancements.  When the latest thing I knew of cellphones back then was 3G and video calls, I was gifted with the BB flip.  I had so many questions.

By the time Globe offered Blackberry prepaid plans I already knew what needed to be done and I was very much anticipating to be able to exhaust my BB's full capacity.  Addiction came naturally.  But *sigh the telco fees were too steep for a student like me.  Shelling out Php50 a day stings my meager allowance.  I couldnt fuel my dependence as much as I wanted to.  On my frequent broke stints, I thank God for wifi!  Now that I got a Curve, Ive lost the capacity to use most BB's apps while on wifi.  

So finally the god of the thrifty and kuripot answered my plea and injected some compassion into my telco provider.  

Globe is now offering Blackberry Messaging and Blackberry Social Plans to all its postpaid and prepaid subscribers at a very low subscription fee of Php300 for 30 days! AHHMAYZING!

Copied from their Facebook Note here's how it works:

1. What is BlackBerry Messaging (BB MSG)?
BB Messaging is the cheapest BlackBerry plan for Globe Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers. BB Messaging allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited push email, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and Instant Messaging for only P300 for 30 days. Unlimited push email can be enjoyed for Yahoo! Mail, GMAIL, MSN and any POP3/IPOP email account. For subscribers with corporate emails, you can register your office email if you have Outlook Web Access (OWA). Instant Messaging can be enjoyed only via the following applications: Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk. Mobile Browsing is NOT allowed while subscribed to BB Messaging. Should you want unlimited surfing + unlimited use of BlackBerry services, unsubscribe first to BB Messaging then register to Super Surf for BlackBerry or BlackBerry MAX.  

2. What is BlackBerry Social (BB Social)?
 BB Social is the cheapest BlackBerry plan for Globe Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers. BB Social allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited Social Networking, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and Instant Messaging for only P300 for 30 days. Social Networking can be enjoyed only via the following applications: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. Instant Messaging can be enjoyed via the following applications: Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk. Mobile Browsing is NOT allowed while subscribed to BB Social. Should you want unlimited surfing + unlimited use of BlackBerry services, unsubscribe first to BB Social then register to Super Surf for BlackBerry or BlackBerry MAX. 

6. How do I avail of BB Messaging / Social?
To register to BB Messaging / Social, just text BB MSG ON or BB SOCIAL ON to8888.For Prepaid subscribers, P300 is decremented to their load. For Postpaid subscribers, the P300 is charged on top of their MSF.  

I am definitely getting the Blackberry Social plan!  So what are you rooting for?

The ViXeN's Muse

My official muse on lazy days for Php20.  ^^

That is my 12 year old little sister who packs a punch with that sinister glare.  I remember being 12, so carefree and so swooning over Leonardo DiCaprio! 

Our baby is becoming a lady way too soon!  We cant keep up with her changing likes.  Yesterday it was Dora the Explorer.  Now it's Japanese manga characters I know nothing of!  From rhymes and lullabies to roaring Paramore and J-Pop.  She's a self taught Photoshop enthusiast too!  Kids these days huh?  ;)

I was never her size ever! eheh
make up: dollface, mary kay lipstick in pink melon
P.E shirt, my old board shorts, DC shoes

Isabeau Unfolds 03

Day 03: A Picture of Me and My Friends

In each of my friends, I find qualities that mirror mine.  If I were reborn and be so wise I could choose the right people to befriend, I'd choose these girls 100 times over!  All of them are my BFFs!  

Love you bitches!


7 Days Older

Happy 25th Birthday to my doll eyed friend Sweet of Pens and Lens

Slow down on the Emo stuff!  I love you!!

Isabeau Unfolds 02

Day 2: The Meaning Behind Your Blogger Name

I love the mysteries behind a nom de plume.  It tickles me curious.  What can I say?  I'm a gossip-monger!  However my pseudonym isn't really that mysterious and its not even a secret.  

Vixen was a word I often come across when I used to extensively read historical romance novels.  *Gasp! Yes I read the likes of Johanna Lindsey, LaVyrle Spencer, Jude Deveraux, Nora Roberts ahh its a long list!  I blame those books for feeding my delusional notion of romantic love! Pardon my rant ehheeh!  

Compared to the word bitch I think vixen has a lot more class to it don't you think?  

Now for the prefix Damn, its because if you believe me too much, I can be the cause of your damnation! hahaha

Looking forward to do Day 03!
photo edit credits to Sweet of Pens and Lens

And The Winners Are:

Thank you to everyone who joined my giveaway!  So now here are the winners!

Ultimate Winner:  Pia Gabuya

Best Comment:  Emiliana Sison

Earings Winner: Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream" and Marie Roque

Elephant Bling Winner:  Fatwreck Iway Bitoy

It warms my heart to know that I have a place in this world!

I can smell Christmas in the air!  Greeting you all in advance!

Isabeau Unfolds 01

Day 01 - A recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts about me

In a few moons, I will be turning 25.  I feel like by the time the clock strikes 12 midnight on November 30, I will be compelled to say goodbye to adolescence.  I have sustained my teenage lifestyle far beyond the acceptable threshold, therefore its about time I turn the page.  I owe it to myself to grow up.  So I am taking this 30 day self revealing challenge just to put down in black and white what makes me, me! This is going to be a nostalgic venture, maybe even therapeutic.  

  1. I am super friendly although I may appear antagonistic.
  2. I am very curious about World War II and Adolf Hitler
  3. I have a fascination for anything novel
  4. I can not resist books, chocolates and ice cream
  5. I feel I have this other person in me that I have to defeat
  6. I question the existence of God but always find myself serene and uplifted after praying
  7. I believe that people should be able to decide for themselves
  8. I listen and reflect on what an important person has said
  9. I can identify a lustful stare at any angle
  10. I find shallow people irritating
  11. I secretly want to shake hard a pessimistic person
  12. I am full of self doubt but wearing red lipstick makes me feel good about myself
  13. I am content with my family's love
  14. I spit venomous words when I'm furious
  15. I believe in the power of dreams

15 facts about me in a not so interesting order. :)

The Beautiful Sunrise

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.  ~Author Unknown

When you wake up in a room full of books it is like opening your eyes to a buffet of adventures, of places to explore and of lives to peer into.  When I open a book that has been read before perhaps by a stranger , I dwell on the idea that the book I am holding bears at least one more story in addition to the one written on its pages.  I get curious on how the book might have affected its previous reader and what does the it hold for me.  

My fondness for pre-loved books lures me towards thrift bookstores.  The old smell and the yellowed dog eared pages fascinates me so much that I feel a momentary serenity when I enter any house of books.
The pull of La Belle Aurore was too strong to ignore.  After months of knowing this enticing nook exists, me and my bookworm friends finally just stormed in and literally raided the place!  It was like Disneyland, we wanted EVERYTHING!  I found so many titles there that tickles my fancy and I could only wish I had the resources to put them all in my plastic bag!  
It was so hard choosing the books to bring home!
I don't know if there are other thrift bookstores as homey and cozy as La Belle Aurore here in Cebu City.  Unfortunately, Booksale, to me, lacks the ambiance of a personalized bookshop although they serve their purpose of offering second hand books.  
I love the vintage feel and Audrey Hepburn's presence here!
It's the eccentricities of bookshops like La Belle Aurore that set the tone for a reading that seeps deep into the soul.

Waking up to a room full of books is like a beautiful sunrise that inspires us to bask in the endless possibilities of life while it unfolds upon us every waking day!

Vintage Cristine Reyes

Preview's November cover girl, Cristine Reyes, in 50s-inspired Louis Vuitton ensembles!

Makes me wanna go back in time just for the glamor of it!  

Check  Luis Vuitton's Fall 2010 Collection here are my faves!

Shopbop and Marc Jacobs is ♥ ♥ ♥ Confessions of a Drama Queen

Shopbop and Marc Jacobs is ♥ ♥ ♥ � Confessions of a Drama Queen:

Win a Shopbop $100 gift card to spend on their website from Pens and Lens!  
I want bag no. 2!!!

Here is how you can join:

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So what are you waiting for, start sharing and spreading the love.  JOIN NOW!!
Visit Sweet's giveaway Now!!

Villainous Mentor

This is my attempt at looking like a feisty terror teacher.  It's also my entry to Pens and Lens' Fashion Stylist photo contest where I am hoping to win a full Forever21 outfit ensemble courtesy of Sweet.

I've worn this several times in school minus the awfully painful wedges and necklace.  I came up with this look because I wanted to depict Sweet's serious teacher side.  I was inspired by a recent photo of her raising a stick to scare a naughty school boy lol!
Miss Minchin of The Little Princess

Celebrating 100 Baby!!

Finally reached my 100th post in 2 years of writing online!

In celebration, I'm treating you all!!
Here's how you can win my cutesy prizes:

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Put everything you did in ONE COMMENT and include your email, facebook name and twitter username

*My giveaway is open to Philippine residents only

Ultimate Prize: A full outfit ensemble
cocktail rings and casual dress from Pens and Lens, satin rosette necklace from Thimble Cap, Custo bag, Parisian sling back wedge.
Best Comment Prize
Pretty pocket watch necklace and Levi's notebook from StarDots
Consolation Prizes
  • 3 winners of one cellphone pouch and a foldable round fan (for participants 16 and below only)
  • 1 winner for each earings
  • 1 winner for the elephant long necklace

This giveaway will run from October 29 2010 until November 19 2010.  Winners will be announced on November 20 2010.

The Ultimate Prize and Consolation prizes winners will be determined via raffle through random.org

Best Comment winner will be judged by me and 2 more people and it will be based on how you have connected with my blog posts.  So do tell me the cheezy stuff too! Id love to get to know you all!

Special thanks to the people who have continued to encourage me to write and have made this giveaway possible:

To Sweet of Pens and Lens for being my cheerleader in many ways and for the outfit/rings sponsorship.  
To my very good friend Liz for sponsoring the Custo bag and for updating me with the hottest trends.
To my mom for the shoes and for the everlasting love.
To Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream for bringing the giveaways from Bangkok
To Meream of Thimble Cap and Simonette of StarDots for such wonderful finds!
and most of all to the first 30 followers and 130 who "liked" my fan page a very BIG thank you to you all!

Plain Jane No More!

Leisure times like semestral breaks and long Christmas holidays makes me reminisce the days when I never had to worry about picking the right dress.  Back when T-shirts and jeans crowded the wooden box masquerading as my closet, I was wild and free. My love for fashion eccentricities rose from just being Plain Jane (pun intended lol).  A few years back you can never spot me with a blouse on.  I was always this chubby girl wearing a baby tee.  But *sigh evolution had to take its course; I had to trade my favorite shirts for blazers and collared polo's.

Don't get me wrong, T-shirts are still basic fashion must haves.  They remain timeless and unfazed by the changing times.  In fact, up to this day wearing flamboyant funny tshirts just might get you the attention you need.  Celebrities on their lazy days and even on the red carpet are spotted sporting ordinary everyday T-shirts and yet they remain fashionably in style.
credits to fibers.com
You can play tough gal by wearing UFC T-shirts or play artsy fartsy by donning cool graphic tees.  T-shirt printing is not rocket science so go ahead and make your own or ask somebody to print your design for you.  The internet is teeming with clothing and apparel shops making your choices virtually endless.

Local DIY genius Philip of Fashion Toy Gun
Express your love just like what dear friend Sweet of Pens and Lens did!
In an age where standing out means wearing the most catchy, eye-brow raising statement tee, you need not fuss about designer labels or price tags because this time you are wearing you!

So while shopping for xmas ornaments, I'm going to my local T-shirt store to print me a shirt just like that one up there.  ^^
Go ahead! Strut your individuality!