I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Masking the Stress Away

Purederm's Skin Recovery Red Ginseng Mask

I was browsing through Watson's and got curious on the Purederm masks.  I have very sensitive skin that's why Im wary of trying skin products.  There's quite a buzz about these masks that I decided to give it a go.  I chose the variant that has the least intimidating name.  Skin Recovery Red Ginseng Mask was the winner by elimination. The "re-energizing" tag seems safe to me and ginseng doesnt sound scary at all.  

  • It didnt break me out
  • My skin got refreshed and supple immediately after the application.
  • No funky smell, in fact I love the citrus pomegranate scent.
  • Barely Php70.00 a pack and it's good for 3 applications!
  • Will definitely buy again!

Meet Me on a Monday 05

Whew! Another Monday passing through.  It is a holiday today thanks to Jose Rizal's 150th birthday celebration.  Who would not love our favorite Pepe?  If he were alive to this day with the same 30 year old good looks, Id trade his lack of height for his sharp wit any time!  Holler back Jose!

Lezz go to the questions, shall we? ^^

1. What feature of the opposite sex do you notice first?

Im a back and shoulders kinda girl.. I like men who look sturdy not necessarily bulky. 

2. Do you talk to yourself?

Who doesnt? If you dont then better have yourself checked out! It's healthy!

3. What is your current relationship status? 

Single and will stay that way for a few more years! I dont want the unnecessary emotional baggage right now!  

4. Do you have a garden?

nothing fancy or landscaped, just hanging orchids and a guava tree! I dont have a green thumb, plants die on my watch.

5. What is your favorite licorice flavor? 

I have no idea what this tastes like. But I can eat any flavor of jelly bean!

Just in Time for School Year 2011-2012

BDJ Forget-me-not
As of press time, I now have 5 different planners/organizers waiting to be filled up.  Just like every year, I know Im only going to write on half of it.  *sigh I dream of the day that my yearly planners will be so used up that one would fear bacterial infection judging from the dog eared yellowing pages.  Pretentious bitch!  hahaha

But seriously, I love how planners/organizers effectively help me in navigating my life.  Though right now, time management is a skill I always flunk (if there was a grading system for it) nonetheless, I pray that someday in the future, I will be on a level of maturity and professionalism that would really impress the past and present me.  Like the book, A Christmas Carol, but only on reverse!  

Thank you Belle de Jour team for these very useful treats!  


Happy 113 Years of Independence, Beloved Philippines!

5th Grade extra-curricular event
This is as nationalistic as I can get, in a vain kinda way!

College graduation souvenir picture
Im no Leonor Rivera or Maria Clara but when it comes to family and friendship I am as traditionally Filipina as those two.   

The Creative Duo Behind Cebu Street Fashion II

His Side of Cebu Street Fashion

My raw email interview with Homer Anthony Medici
Photo by: Homer Anthony Medici
I:  love your blog cebu street fashion.  would you mind if I ask a few questions? although eloise has graciously filled me in on the big picture.. id like to get your side too if youre not too busy. ^^

H:  sure no prob.

I:  i understand.. pardon me if this is informal.. just a few quick ones
  :  what made you like fashion photography?

H:  i tried a lot of genre of photography but as an artist what i like most in photography is fashion, editorial,or fine art photography because i can express and execute the image in my head with control of the photoshoot, and Fashion photography for me is always exciting because it always evolves in time and nature. It also tickles the mind of the audience interpretation which is sometimes funny and interesting to hear what other says about my works. Same thing as fineart Photography, Fashion Photography is still Subjective.

I:  how do you choose your subjects? 

H:  I choose my subject by how they look overall, it does not mean they have to be pretty or handsome but i need them to be attractive with their looks. something that catches the eye. and makes you look back and gaze. 

I:  so far what do you think of cebu's street fashion?

H:  for me Cebu Street Fashion is still at early stage, meaning we only see people dressing up in certain time, places and events. and its rare to see someone during week day looking fab and hip, unlike other countries like hongkong, japan, france and new york. people go to work with their best outfit, i hope more people here in cebu will keep trying to dress up everytime they go out so that we can post more content in the site hahaa...

I: any big plans for the blog?

H:  Get a few Sponsors with names, Buy our own domain name, National & International Recognition awards, Hopefully we can post everyday. Inspire Everyone, hmm.. i think thats all for now

I: weeee! tnx homer!

Part I: Her Side of The Story

The Creative Duo Behind Cebu Street Fashion I

Her Side of Cebu Street Fashion

My raw chat interview with Eloise Daniot
Photo taken from Eloise Daniot
I:   both of you are art students right? can u tell us a quick overview of the sweet training you  and homer had?

E:  well we started out as both fine arts kids; him from usc me from UP
  :  he was more into commercial training since he's an advertising major and im more inclined to art since im a painting major
   :  I worked as a designer in a company based in madrid and he used to work in film sets as a still photographer and then later studied as a 3d animator in College of saint benilde    
   :  he also took up business in photography in benilde while working as a contributing photographer to summit media and other magazine publications in manila specializing in fashion editorials

I:  but why fashion photography? what's so special?

E:  because we both love fashion.  since he met me he's become more interested and passionate about it.  we shared the same interest and appetite for all things beautiful and the drive to constantly learn new things

I:  and it shows in the beautiful pictures.  
 :  how do you choose subjects? and how do you make them comfy in front of the camera?

E:  we just see them walking.  when we have time we actually wait is some spots where a lot of people pass by but most often we just spot them while we're doing other things like having a meeting in a cafe then this stylish couple passes by

I:  almost like a stake out?

E:  we just ask them if we can take their photo for our street fashion blog.  sometimes, they don't agree, they wont allow us to take their photos

I:  so only the bold and shamelessly proud have been features so far?

E:  those comfy enough in their own style;  those comfortable enough with their looks and style

I:    ahh yes no wonder the pictures are so alive!

E:   it must be taken a point that style also involves having great confidence in yourself

I: what other places do you shoot?

E: we find our subjects in malls and restos or where people hang out since cebu is not a place where everyone walks in the street.   a lot of people have to take cars and vans to travel

I:  its usually you who keeps an eye for the wandering stylistas?
  :  or does homer have a say?

E:  of course it's an agreement between me and homer
   :  he asks me or i ask him, "how about that one?"

I:  do you have minimum criteria besides confidence?

E:  style, confidence, interesting mix of fashion
   :  something like that; something that grabs our attention

I:  so you go but gut feel? lukso ng dugo sort of an natural instinct?

E:  yes
   :  like " hey mer look at that guy i kinda find him interesting u want me to go ask him if we can take his photo?" LOL

I:  what toys are you using?

E: EOS 5d mark II and a 72-200 L lens all canon

I:  i have no idea what those are but they sound like premium stuff any photography enthusiast would drool at!

E:  lol well his gears are what he uses for his paid projects

I:  any future plans for the site?

E:  mostly the international ones have been demanding for more posts
   :  we actually have two more blogs coming up
   :  im planning to edit some of our posts pa; put some descriptions for the more interesting photos

I: your site really puts cebu fashion in the world map

E: wahahhaha! really? it's quite overwhelming. it's just one of our pass times really, we havent taken it that seriously

I:  so to conclude whats can u say about cebu street fashion?

E:  it's quite eclectic;  a lot of people are now really dressing up
   :  when they go out to work or to the mall or for school not just really for parties or what not.  its getting quite interesting and also with the healthy flow of foreign travelers which also pepper the scene and in some way also influence the locals in their modes of dressing

I:  Thanks for gracing me with this interview Eloise!

Isabeau Unfolds 11

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

Oreo Gurlz still strong and still spiking drinks for the past 10 years!

Isabeau Unfolds 10

Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad






Music seeps deep into the soul, you should never go with out it.  Keep the rhythms, beats and melodies embedded within you that every time you close your eyes, the sounds become deafening.  The hammering of your heart  isn't the only thing that keeps you alive, it's your humming soul too!

Headshots: Adele-ish Makeover

British sensation Adele has been on constant repeat on my Ipod all through out this summer.  I catch myself thinking in British accent, that is how much damage her music has done to me.  I sing her songs all the time.  I belch out in the shower, while idling in my room and when Im in the car too!  

But its not just her soulful music that had me transfixed, I applaud her utter disrespect for the entertainment industry's concept and projection beauty.  She is her own authentic self and I truly admire her for that.  The way she communicates her soul through her music needs no more than her beautiful voice and perhaps a piano or guitar.  I swear you will just want to stop in your shoes and absorb it all.  I know I did.

Her signature makeup style is pretty much a piece of cake.  Youtube have so many tutorial videos but you really just need to pay attention on her pictures to get the idea.  Here are the things to remember when channeling Adele's minimalistic makeup.
  • Hair style:  Parted deep on the side and style it with a pony tail on easy days or twist it to a bun slightly below one ear.  
  • Eyes:  Brown/bronze smokey eye with a heavy wing tipped black eyeliner.  False eyelashes would be nice for the added drama.
  • Lips:  Stick to neutral pinks, those that are very near the color of your natural lips and then some lipgloss too.
  • Face:  Matte foundation with full coverage and a blush for contouring.

The trick is to just really focus on the eyes and go neutral on the lips.  Wear your fave LBD and youre good to be Adele for the day!

  • elf tone correcting conceiler in Apricot Beige (under eyes)
  • Flexwear contact lenses in Misty Gray
  • Styli-Style Brow Liner in Auburn
  • Maybelline Gel-liner in Black
  • Dollface 78 palette 
  • Mary Kay Liquid Foundation in Beige 300
  • Mary Kay Powder Mineral Foundation
  • Avon Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder in Natural
  • Mary Kay Lipstick in Apricot Glaze
  • Etude House LuciDarling lipgloss in no. 6

Isabeau Unfolds 09

Day 09 - Something you're proud of in the past few days

Oakely Holbrook in Matte Rootbeer
Meet Bronx, the wild card winner of my heart, which had always been a Ray-Ban wayfarer cult follower.  I beam with pride because I rightfully earned it.  Let's just say I've been a very good daughter academically this past semester; a fitting bribe from any loving father, don't you think?

Ray-Ban 2132 in Red Rubin
My spirits were low after I scoured two major malls for that Ray-Ban new wayfarer in red rubin I was lusting after.  You all pretty know how much I get into a trance when it comes to red things.  Sad to say I didn't get to have what I really wanted because it was incompetently out of stock!  How difficult is it to press the reorder button from your suppliers? gah!  My sight fell upon this beauty in the glass case and I immediately settled for it.  Not that it was second best, coz personally I think Oakleys are a notch better than Ray-Bans, but design wise, new wayfarers has got to be the sleekest in eye wear architecture in the market.

sorry for the crappy phone pic, point and shoot cam is still busted :(
Polarized sunglasses like Oakley's Holbrook are perfect for minimizing the summer glare.  I enjoy the vintage tint on my vision.  It feels like I have stepped into a magical realm full of rainbows!
polarized vision
not mine but thanks flickr!
P.S.  Although this post may seem like a sunglasses advertising pitch, let me clarify that its not the sunglasses Im proud of, its me doing good in school after a stint of being "not so good".  Yeah, this is a disclaimer! ^^