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The Creative Duo Behind Cebu Street Fashion II

His Side of Cebu Street Fashion

My raw email interview with Homer Anthony Medici
Photo by: Homer Anthony Medici
I:  love your blog cebu street fashion.  would you mind if I ask a few questions? although eloise has graciously filled me in on the big picture.. id like to get your side too if youre not too busy. ^^

H:  sure no prob.

I:  i understand.. pardon me if this is informal.. just a few quick ones
  :  what made you like fashion photography?

H:  i tried a lot of genre of photography but as an artist what i like most in photography is fashion, editorial,or fine art photography because i can express and execute the image in my head with control of the photoshoot, and Fashion photography for me is always exciting because it always evolves in time and nature. It also tickles the mind of the audience interpretation which is sometimes funny and interesting to hear what other says about my works. Same thing as fineart Photography, Fashion Photography is still Subjective.

I:  how do you choose your subjects? 

H:  I choose my subject by how they look overall, it does not mean they have to be pretty or handsome but i need them to be attractive with their looks. something that catches the eye. and makes you look back and gaze. 

I:  so far what do you think of cebu's street fashion?

H:  for me Cebu Street Fashion is still at early stage, meaning we only see people dressing up in certain time, places and events. and its rare to see someone during week day looking fab and hip, unlike other countries like hongkong, japan, france and new york. people go to work with their best outfit, i hope more people here in cebu will keep trying to dress up everytime they go out so that we can post more content in the site hahaa...

I: any big plans for the blog?

H:  Get a few Sponsors with names, Buy our own domain name, National & International Recognition awards, Hopefully we can post everyday. Inspire Everyone, hmm.. i think thats all for now

I: weeee! tnx homer!

Part I: Her Side of The Story


  1. what a fun interview my dear!!! I miss you posts and writings...I am so busy lately that I need to catch up with all your postings...


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