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Isabeau Unfolds 09

Day 09 - Something you're proud of in the past few days

Oakely Holbrook in Matte Rootbeer
Meet Bronx, the wild card winner of my heart, which had always been a Ray-Ban wayfarer cult follower.  I beam with pride because I rightfully earned it.  Let's just say I've been a very good daughter academically this past semester; a fitting bribe from any loving father, don't you think?

Ray-Ban 2132 in Red Rubin
My spirits were low after I scoured two major malls for that Ray-Ban new wayfarer in red rubin I was lusting after.  You all pretty know how much I get into a trance when it comes to red things.  Sad to say I didn't get to have what I really wanted because it was incompetently out of stock!  How difficult is it to press the reorder button from your suppliers? gah!  My sight fell upon this beauty in the glass case and I immediately settled for it.  Not that it was second best, coz personally I think Oakleys are a notch better than Ray-Bans, but design wise, new wayfarers has got to be the sleekest in eye wear architecture in the market.

sorry for the crappy phone pic, point and shoot cam is still busted :(
Polarized sunglasses like Oakley's Holbrook are perfect for minimizing the summer glare.  I enjoy the vintage tint on my vision.  It feels like I have stepped into a magical realm full of rainbows!
polarized vision
not mine but thanks flickr!
P.S.  Although this post may seem like a sunglasses advertising pitch, let me clarify that its not the sunglasses Im proud of, its me doing good in school after a stint of being "not so good".  Yeah, this is a disclaimer! ^^


  1. i super love polarized lenses! not only are they better in lighting conditions, they look more badass though. thank you for the love dae!


  2. my friend has this too, they're really nice :)