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The Creative Duo Behind Cebu Street Fashion I

Her Side of Cebu Street Fashion

My raw chat interview with Eloise Daniot
Photo taken from Eloise Daniot
I:   both of you are art students right? can u tell us a quick overview of the sweet training you  and homer had?

E:  well we started out as both fine arts kids; him from usc me from UP
  :  he was more into commercial training since he's an advertising major and im more inclined to art since im a painting major
   :  I worked as a designer in a company based in madrid and he used to work in film sets as a still photographer and then later studied as a 3d animator in College of saint benilde    
   :  he also took up business in photography in benilde while working as a contributing photographer to summit media and other magazine publications in manila specializing in fashion editorials

I:  but why fashion photography? what's so special?

E:  because we both love fashion.  since he met me he's become more interested and passionate about it.  we shared the same interest and appetite for all things beautiful and the drive to constantly learn new things

I:  and it shows in the beautiful pictures.  
 :  how do you choose subjects? and how do you make them comfy in front of the camera?

E:  we just see them walking.  when we have time we actually wait is some spots where a lot of people pass by but most often we just spot them while we're doing other things like having a meeting in a cafe then this stylish couple passes by

I:  almost like a stake out?

E:  we just ask them if we can take their photo for our street fashion blog.  sometimes, they don't agree, they wont allow us to take their photos

I:  so only the bold and shamelessly proud have been features so far?

E:  those comfy enough in their own style;  those comfortable enough with their looks and style

I:    ahh yes no wonder the pictures are so alive!

E:   it must be taken a point that style also involves having great confidence in yourself

I: what other places do you shoot?

E: we find our subjects in malls and restos or where people hang out since cebu is not a place where everyone walks in the street.   a lot of people have to take cars and vans to travel

I:  its usually you who keeps an eye for the wandering stylistas?
  :  or does homer have a say?

E:  of course it's an agreement between me and homer
   :  he asks me or i ask him, "how about that one?"

I:  do you have minimum criteria besides confidence?

E:  style, confidence, interesting mix of fashion
   :  something like that; something that grabs our attention

I:  so you go but gut feel? lukso ng dugo sort of an natural instinct?

E:  yes
   :  like " hey mer look at that guy i kinda find him interesting u want me to go ask him if we can take his photo?" LOL

I:  what toys are you using?

E: EOS 5d mark II and a 72-200 L lens all canon

I:  i have no idea what those are but they sound like premium stuff any photography enthusiast would drool at!

E:  lol well his gears are what he uses for his paid projects

I:  any future plans for the site?

E:  mostly the international ones have been demanding for more posts
   :  we actually have two more blogs coming up
   :  im planning to edit some of our posts pa; put some descriptions for the more interesting photos

I: your site really puts cebu fashion in the world map

E: wahahhaha! really? it's quite overwhelming. it's just one of our pass times really, we havent taken it that seriously

I:  so to conclude whats can u say about cebu street fashion?

E:  it's quite eclectic;  a lot of people are now really dressing up
   :  when they go out to work or to the mall or for school not just really for parties or what not.  its getting quite interesting and also with the healthy flow of foreign travelers which also pepper the scene and in some way also influence the locals in their modes of dressing

I:  Thanks for gracing me with this interview Eloise!

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