I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Stereotyped, Maligned, Bismirched

This blog post is fueled by my support for a classmate in law school, Jed Carlo Lazaga who is a victim of last Sundays bar exam blast.  He was wrongfully named as the suspect of the afore mentioned incident.

There are probably a few names that some malicious people call us just to spite us and incite our anger.  A few of those names could probably set us on fire instantaneously.  Nothing irks me more than being called stupid because I know for a fact that I am not.  But what is being called stupid compared to being tagged and accused as a murderer, a bomber to be exact?  Now that is social death.

Mr. Lazaga was a pointed to as the bomber man by a group of Tau Gamma Phi members who dragged him into an unmanned police booth where he was slapped, mauled and robbed to boot while being made to answer for the bombing incident.  

The police was quick to present his name to the media as the suspect because they needed to appear to have been prompt and efficient in taking control of the situation.  This is a classic case of dont judge a book by its cover.  They probably looked at Mr. Lazaga as an easy prey who looks the part of a suspect that can make the police look good again.  

Unfortunately for them, Mr. Lazaga is backed upped by a team of brilliant lawyers that will fight to the teeth just to protect their student.  I imagine the police are probably dumb founded and cursing themselves AGAIN for picking someone not from Manila as the escape goat/fall guy.

If Mr. Lazaga had not been a law student, had he not been a stranger to Manila and if he had been just a plain citizen who was curious of the merry making on the streets then most probably he will have remained as a suspect and suffer for something he did not do.

I dont know how the police can clean their act and for how long their reputation remains tainted I just wish that they would now see that the only way for them to be seen in a different light is for them to start doing their jobs the right way.  Its going to take a loooong time so please start now and no fuck ups this time.

August In Ruins

August has passed, whew!! I hate to say it but the past month had been mostly a showcase of disappointments and distractions and how badly I had managed my disposition during those crises.  Yes crises, as in multiple problems had emerged ganging up on me like crazy.  Remember that cliché about wrong decisions having a domino effect?  That was exactly how August went on for me.  It was as if fate decided to give me a series of armor piercing tests just to mess me up.  

So far, August holds the record for the most fuck ups I did this year.  Made me realize that I am weak against my impulses and that if I dont practice discipline soon, I fear I will become self loathing.  

I am not a person who dwells on the what might have beens. I have no regrets, but I dread that the day will come when I look at the mirror all I will see is a woman who could have been.

Happy August moments
Basty's 3rd Bday
Liz's 25th Bday

I dont want to dwell on the sad parts that happened.  I only pray that we all get to move on and great September with a renewed hope that everything will be alright.

August was a such a month full of extreme emotions. Ecstasy and misery almost just hours from each other. Im moving on to a brighter month having known more of myself because of the past months lost battles.  Though faltered, I still stand.