I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Thirty Thank Yous I need to Say

30 Thank you's

I’m a blogger with a list of thank yous to publish.  A long overdue litany of thirty fortunate things, events and people I have come across in real and digital life.  Let me start with a few sentiments.

Thank you no.1 is for the Man in the sky where all good things must come from.  Through Him all has been redeemed.  We all owe Him a life lead fruitfully.  Everything I had, have and will hold are graces I work hard to deserve.  Thanks Big Guy!

No. 2 is for the love of family.  My heart may wander in search for something uncertain but the bond of kin can never be substituted.  When everyone else will not understand, my family stands by me to be like a rock that is ready to break my thick head.

No. 3 is for my great friends.  Those I grew up with, who despite any distance, still connects with me and let me in their lives no matter how different from mine.

No. 4 is for the long intimate conversations with my best friends.  I'd rather have a few long and winding talks with you than thousands worth of small shoptalk with those who do not care for me at all.

No. 5 is for the heart breakers.  The run down line "you made me stronger by breaking my heart." is in order.  I smile better now, thank you!

No. 6 goes to the banking industry.  I never thought I'd go back to working in a formal setting but the stars have aligned for me and being where I am now, polishes me to be a better person.

No. 7 is my thank you to whoever put together A Thousand and One Nights.  The story of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves had awoken my curiosity for words and reading.  Writing came naturally after my love for books.

No. 8 is a shout out to booze.  I write better under the influence of rhum and anything over 40 proof.

No. 9 is for the colors red, green and orange.  Without these three I can never express my loud side.  Just because I enjoy books does not mean I cant get on somebody's nerves. 

No. 10 is for the real feminists.  Thank you keeping women empowered as we ought to feel.  We bring forth mankind onto the face of the earth.  Respect shouldnt have to be our battle cry.

No. 11 is for my lucky charms.  You keep my dark compulsion at bay.  Your powers aren’t real but I imagine too many things.

Thank you to lipstick, eyebrow pencils, contact lenses and BB creams.  These babies keep me looking the way I am outside our iron fence.  Without them I'd look very, very different.  My vanity is my armor against the harsh reality that appearance is a currency.

No. 16 is for the books I have yet to read.  Although my TBR list could be a mile long, I am happy I have them to read when then internet is down.  One wall in my room is commissioned as my bookshelf.  Sometimes when I hoard books and add them to my wall, I feel guilty.  At the rate I am going, I may never be able to finish reading every book in my room.  Thrifting for second hand books is an addiction I have no intention of curing.

No. 17 is for the internet.  My horizon stretch as far as the internet could reach.  I am truly the master of my fate because of you.  Life would've been so different and so so difficult.  Now, I cannot imagine life without Facebook or Instagram.  It may appear shallow for some, but truly the internet has uplifted so many lives no politician ever could.  If I really want to, I can learn any language, any profession or any deadly skill just by investing my time and effort on the internet.  At this day and age, ignorance is an active choice we make. Information sows in us empathy and understanding. 

No. 18 is for the very healthy blogging syndicates on Facebook!  You keep Cebu is a Beauty alive!  I never thought there are that many bloggers willing to labor day in and day out just to help others get better.

I'd like to thank the amazing leads of Cebu Blogging Community - Mary Narvasa, Bjornson Bernales, Chanel Imperial, Jeph Flores, Jhanis Vicente, Gay Dumaguing and our prime mover Ruben Licera Jr.  There was a time when I was really set on retiring this blog until you guys inspired me to rekindle the passion to write online again.

No. 26 is for the nature loving entrepreneurs.  Thank you for working hard on your businesses to bring your patrons healthy and safe products.  Since I switched to natural goodness, my disposition and outlook changed for the better. 

No. 27 is a powerful number and I this space of gratitude goes to the only person who can boss me around but never does.  You may or may not be reading this but I thank you for not being bossy.  Your warmth infects me so much it is always a  happy day at work.

No. 28 is for my adorable nephew, Nunki.  You are the star we look at with love and joy.  We steer our lives with you at the center.  We hurry home to be your playmate and provide the answers to your inquisitive blurbs.

No. 29 is for the year 2015.  I am amazed at how much I feel like a different person than last year.  The trials were so real, better than cheap prime time TV.  The defeats and wins were beyond what my old self could have endured.  2015 has marked me for life, for the better.

No. 30 is a solid thank you to Romeo. There is no compulsion here, I was not coaxed nor cajoled into putting together this list of thirty things or unthings I am thankful for.  However, I did get a nudge from ZupRome! and so it is unto him I drop my last thank you!

The big 30 years old is coming soon and Im happy and thankful!

Inner Circle Live at The Monastery

inner circle cebu poster

There was a time when reggae music was all over Cebu City. Even until now, rasta vibrations are still present downtown.  If you listen good enough, not a day passes by without coming across the familiar stirrings of Buffalo Soldier.  Arguably, Cebuanos are by nature laid back island dwellers and it doesnt come as a surprise that we easily adopted as our own the vibes that came all the way from Kingston, Jamaica. Although Bob Marley may be the poster boy for reggae, Inner Circle is without a doubt a Cebuano favorite that is on anyone's reggae playlist.

I, for one, have never stepped out of a beach party or town disco without bouncing crazy to Sweat (A Lala Long) and Bad Boys.  A true blooded Sugbuanon like me cannot resist to dancing to authentic reggae music as played by reggae royalty, Inner Circle, themselves!  Cebu will be on an early festive mood come November 6!  The last reggae event happened in the same place with Big Mountain.  Im loving The Monastery with their consistent commitment to feel-good vibes!

The Monastery brings us the bad boys of reggae, Inner Circle live in Cebu for their One Love Reggae Revolution Tour.  The event is presented by DMC Philippines in cooperation with Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino and The Monastery.

Ticket prices: VIP - Php2,500.00 | General Admission - Php1,500.00 available at any SM Tickets outlets, The Monastery, La Vie Parisienne, La Maison Rose (The Pink House Restaurant), Alliance Francais de Cebu.

This event is also brought to you by: La Vie Parisienne | La Maison Rose (The Pink House Restaurant) | Alliance Francais de Cebu | Hyundai Cebu | The Freeman | Sunstar Daily.

For inquiries you may call: (032) 232 1311 | 09178226416 | 09328763416.

My Ordinary Perfect Day: Morning

While I sit on my chair and make my keyboard sing, I think about what would be my concept of a perfect day.  Do I put in only the activities and things that make me happy or do I factor in the necessary circumstances that makes a normal life.  It's more realistic to thing about an ordinary perfect day.  It is a day that can happen, although most of it will be wishful thinking.  Nonetheless, in the hope of having this day to my self and experience it in a foreseen time, I will imagine my ordinary perfect day.

ordinary perfect morning


  • Wake up before sunrise.  It is what most productive and successful people do.  They start their day beating the rays of the sun.  Waking up before the sun does means you are a go-getter, a person with a mission to get the day started.  
  • Exercise.  Yoga is a divine habit to start.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to really set a moment in my day to breathe out the aches that I do not have any use for.
  • A full breakfast of milk, bacon and eggs, rice, bananas and hot chocolate.  Coffee is optional.  In my ordinary perfect day, I am not a slave to coffee.
  • I'm reading a newspaper that is not biased.  I will not be critical of the facts I am supposed to be reading.  Then the flowers and plants will be eager listeners of my opinions on politics and economics.
  • Gracefully and without any hint of panic, I will step into the shower and have time to pay attention to my hair.  My happy tunes will echo through the lush greenery behind the fence.  Other people will welcome hearing it.
  • My eyebrows will be in its most cooperative state.  They will agree to my version of symmetry and the mirror too will reflect me in perfect radiance.
  • The clothes I will wear to work for the whole week have already been perfectly lined up.  No more shouting searching for something with collars.  My shoes will not have aged a day.  It will be as if I had a team of tiny shoe makers doing midnight work while I slept the night before just like a fairytale.
  • The trodden path to where I commute will be pleasant.  No arguing neighbors, no unkempt dog and no black cat crossing my way.  Luck is on my side on my ordinary perfect day.
  • Commute to work will be hassle free.  I get to sit properly and I wont be next to someone who coughs in open space.  I arrive a the office smoothly and my hair still looks well combed.  My laptop will tell me I have no adverse emails and then I can now move on to the tasks I had scheduled to do for the morning.

What is your ordinary perfect day?  Do you think mine is doable?  

Food Trip at Sugbo Mercado

Cebu is a Beauty may not be a food blog but the lady behind it is a foodie who can't say no to dessert or the goodness of grease.  Food trip at Sugbo Mercado is this Cebuana foodie's Neverland.

While the poster above may say it all about my favorite weekend market, it cannot possibly tell you how much of a foodgasmic experience it is.  You simply have to be actually be there and let your nose and your watering mouth lead you from one booth to the other.  

food trip at sugbo mercado

When Sugbo Mercado opened last week, I had the strong urge to sample EVERYTHING.  I stopped myself long before my wallet can oppose me.  I have the power of the purse but if the purse loses it's intrinsic powers then, I will exercise my right to summon a foodie friend.  But seriously, you don't have to fear for your wallet. A food trip at Sugbo Mercado can accommodate any kind of budget.  Take this as an example:  I had a huge filling burger with fries from 21 Dubs for just P100, a cold San Miguel Apple Flavored Beer for P45 and for dessert a really delectable treat from Charlie's Chocolate Farm at less than P100.  I could have had food coma if not for the company of Sweet and interesting new people with us on the table.

21 Dubs Burger

IT Park is on the opposite side of where I live but I am willing to labor through Cebu's traffic situation to experience it again.  Like I said on Facebook, if your are not going for the food then go there for the host.  Mr Pornografeed will charm you to eat everything he says to be good.

Check out Sugbo Mercado's Facebook page and Instagram for more of the visual stimuli.  While I rally my favorite alies for another round of food trip. #iBlogforCebu iBlogforCBC

30 Musings Before 30

This is going to be the quickest blog post in the history of my blog. Well, all for the love of blogging, I will be injecting life into this dusty blog for 30 days.  In the process of wringing my brain for clogged thoughts, I warn any reader who may, for whatever reason, come across this digital lair, that I will be publishing my musings. As to what that means, I will leave it up to you.

A kinda big deal personal milestone is coming up before the year ends.  My adult ventures (doesnt seem right) have been out in the open in this blog since 2006 may be and I think a revamp is in order.  I have changed my domain, gave the site new colors and now I am planning to streamline my thoughts.  Now Cebu is a Beauty will have enough of the gibber-jabber.  For 30 days, I will take a shot at the narratives and redundancies. This will count as one of many rebirths.

While I am planning to DIY all the work I have to do for my blog, I am letting go of the mindless, creative or emotional clutter in my thoughts.  My Cebu Blogging Community support group have suggested a 30-Day Blogging Challenge as remedy to my ailing digital space. I took on the challenge because my writing has been reduced lately to plain corporate communications. Though I do write more often now because of work, I feel a bit of disconnect with the old natural music of my uninhibited self tapping at the keyboard. I miss the raw and spontaneous familiarity of my own mind. I have to talk out loud here. Let me just brushup with my individuality.

So here goes my 30 Musings Before 30.  The succeeding posts may or may not be the real me. Iam not my thoughts.

#iBlogforCBC #CBCLevelUp and #CBC30DayChallenge

#GlobeUnleashed in Cebu - Get FREE Tickets!

GlobeUnleashed Cebu poster

Globe throws the best parties - hands down.  You wouldn't want to miss a party like no other!  

Get free tickets to #GlobeUnleashed Cebu party. 

Be there and relieve yourself of that midterm exam paranoia.

How to get free tickets?

Drop by the Globe shop in Ayala Center Cebu.  Buy a Globe sim.  Load up. Register to GoSurf.  


Buy tickets at the door err entrance for P300 and walk right in!

Come in your best party-party mood and see you all at the SRP grounds on Saturday, Sept. 5, 2015!

Cebu Blogging Community is One!

Cebu Blogging Community turned a year old and so we partied!
I met a good bunch of strangers online, followed through with a meet up IRL and we became a family of bloggers in less than a year.  What started out as a quest to find inspiration to revive this blog has now become a commitment to blog beyond the personal and the vain.  

Cebu Blogging Community is spear-headed by impressive individuals who have been relentless in building CBC to what it is now and to what it is yet to become.  

Energies were so high during CBC's first anniversary party held in F Cafe.  Cebuano bloggers who you would assume to be resigned to oneself, had shown prowess in the latest dance craze.  Writers can dance and dance the night we did.  I lost count as to how many writer cliches were negated during the event.  

CBC's 1st Anniversary Party (c) KiatCebu

We had so much fun, we forgot our gadgets - our precious blogging paraphernalia.  The company of Cebu Blogging Community is THAT great!

We thank our sponsors for helping CBC's first ever anniversary!

MAJOR SPONSORS- YambaCapdase Official Page & Aerophone CebuTurtuleleGlobe TelecomKublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant
MINOR SPONSORSYoyi's Pastries & DessertsGiga Naturally CebuGlobal Hub Serviced OfficesStatic Data Hosting 
VENUEF CafĂ© & Bar 

Take a Stand for Better Education

Productive individuals are consequences of productive teachers.

Fact: Public elementary and highschool education in the country are facing challenges. Philippine education is far from fine.  47,000 public elementary and highschools, a meager government budget, a thankless teaching salary and classrooms without walls.  Coalition for Better Education dropped a lot of  reality-check-bombs during the Blogger's Forum hosted by Philippine Information Agency.  
From left: CBE President Jeffery Tarayao, CBE Executive Director Marilou Flores and PIA Cebu Information Center Manager Rachelle Nessia.

While sitting down trying to drink in all the introductions it struck me hard that I am clueless. Education issues I only hear about in the news are one by one becoming vivid and real to me as we got served with the hard facts from mouths of the people who have seen - firsthand the state of our education system.

I cringe, because in my own bubble, education is fine.  I was, for a long time, under the impression that once you get in school you immediately get served your buffet of ABC's and 123's.  When you digest them well, these are all you need to make good in life.  

The issues keep coming but so are the many ways to lift things up for better education.  Although our teacher's salaries and education budget are how much the government says they are, groups such as the Coalition for Better Education materialized to be education's other set of arms to hold on to for strength.

Since 2001 CBE has gathered education stakeholders, unite other groups, individuals and companies to take part in thrusting for better education in the Philippines.  Their vision is to CREATE EMPOWERED LEARNING COMMUNITIES.  They believe, and I agree, that education is a shared responsibility.  We cannot solely blame the government for poor education.  Everybody has to have a hand to lend.

During the Blogger's Forum, CBE introduced to us modules on Project Based Learning Energy Flashcards and Do Energy Flashcards.  This is developing teaching tool that is K12 ready which innovates the standard way of learning.  Personally, I find the method very interesting and engaging.  We all learn in different ways, and I think Energy Flashcards have something to offer for all types of learners.  Imagine giving this resource to our teachers, it is going to change things for the better.  

CBE empowers our teachers, our main educators to produce better ways of teaching.  They get introduced to teaching tools and methods that are attuned with the demands of the present and flexible for what lies ahead in the future.  

For the why's and how's of joining CBE go HERE.
Follow PIA on Facebook and Twitter 

This blog joins the thrust for better education. #iBLOGforBetterEducation

Join Yamba's Beta Test To Be One Of The THREE iPhone6 Winners!

Yamba.rocks is calling for beta testers! As an awesome treat, they are raffling off three iPHONE6!  Im not kidding.
yamba.rocks iphone6 giveaway

To join the beta testers list, simply go to www.yamba.rocks and fill out the sign up form! Form is only open from June 30 - July 5, 12mn. There will be no extensions.

Between July 6 - 17, you can go explore the site and its features and be one of the cool kids who got to evaluate and give feedback on whether or not yamba indeed rocks.

The following people will get to win the prize:
  • First winner is the one who has the most views post in yamba.rocks
  • Second winner is the one who has the most followers by the end of the test.
  • Third winner is the one who uploaded the most number of post (photos, links, quotes, texts, etc).
An evaluation form will be sent out to all beta testers on July 20, to mark the end of the testing period.

So sign up today, invite your friends to sign up and follow you, and make sure you’re online from July 6 - 17 to post, post, & post and WIN an iphone 6!

All winners will be announced through Yamba on July 25, 2015. The prizes will be given by the management of Yamba.rocks. Winners need to CLAIM their prizes in Cebu personally.

Love Wins!

Today an event shook the foundations of bigotry and ignorance.  Same sex marriage has been legalized in all 50 states of the United States of America by the US Supreme Court.

Read the full text of Obergefell vs. Hodges to fully appreciate the 103-page decision including lengthy dissents especially from Justice Scalia.

The dispositive part of the decision will be perpetuated as a major highlight on the timeline of humanity.

SCOTUS opinion on same sex marriage

The U.S. is now the 21st country to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, including territories. Married same-sex couples will now enjoy the same legal rights and benefits as married heterosexual couples nationwide and will be recognized on official documents such as birth and death certificates. - from CNN

Drink this all in because finally the world is moving forward from boxed mentalities.  Although I do not expect all continents to follow suit, it gives me hope that the citizens of the world will soon divest themselves of something as divisive as hate from ignorance.

At least now, those who envelope themselves in a blanket of their choosing, are shown there is acceptance amidst difference; that love in all its form will permeate all barriers; that every person capable of love will - at all cost- allow love to win.

Celebrate Pride and show it to the world!  

I love the lovely colors on my profile.  

Just go to http://facebook.com/celebratepride to have a rainbow profile picture an be instantly awesome!

Cebu is a Beauty

Maayo'ng adlaw(Good day)!

Thank you for your interest in the Cebu, Philippines. Your curiosity for the island has led you to Cebu is a Beauty.  This website wishes to magnify the nooks and crannies of this little and mighty tropical island. It seeks to not only lure you into the beautiful crevices and secret folds of the cities and municipalities of Cebu but it will blatantly tempt you to settle in for good simply because there is no place you'd rather be.

Should we start with history then?

Sinulog Tradition
The Spanish came in the 16th century and overtime (300 years) successfully ingrained unto the locals a strong Catholic faith, a penchant for greasy and savory cooking and unlimited reasons to start festivities.

More than 90% of Cebu's land development worked around a church as the town center with commercial and residential structures within less than a mile of each other.

Politics and government policies are anchored on orthodox Catholic beliefs which are currently in the process of slow liberation since the country is very much friends with western influencers.

Cebu's structural developments on the other hand is very much alive and striving.  Remnants of the old colonial era are still felt downtown but up north is a booming technological and commercial ecosystem that is keeping up with the present time.

The Cebu you will see here is not perfect.  It will not be the island paradise you might have seen in the glossy airport magazine you picked up from your flight.  What you see in the pictures and videos will be very different from the Cebu you will see with your own eyes.  Up-close, will be the magnification of the rough patches and uneven terrains that are merely mentioned on the side by one sided praises.

Colon Street
The Cebu you will meet in The ViXeN's LaiR, comes with the angst of a neglected adolescent, a cranky girlfriend and a taken for granted wife.  You will be introduced to the enchanting yet flawed Cebu.  A place you will love despite all odds.

She does not stand still and look pretty for pictures.  The raging, feisty yet delicate Cebu is a beauty.

Does Twitter Make Sense Anymore?

I like to think that I signed up for Twitter for the right reasons.  I pictured massive web links, interactions and full-on information overload which are all made to fill my distraction needs.
Technically, I may be correct about that; but why do I feel more and more alone while I linger on my Twitter feed.  The only real connection I get is when a few friends fancy chatting via volleyed tweets.

I could be doing this Twitter thing wrong and do please point me somewhere I can set my relationship right with currently, the most forgetful social media site in the internet.  

For quite a while now, I've been so annoyed by the noise that I just had to employ a few means to Tweet outside of Twitter.  Hootsuite has been helpful lately.

I want to quit Twitter because I can't stand having access to the whole world's blabber.  My curated List of Twitter Idols could not even make me dislike the site less.

Or maybe, today is just an off day and I could just blame the moon for all this.


P.S.  Oh do follow me  and join me in trying to make sense of Twitter.

Cebu Summer Reminisce + Ipanema Giveaway

Cebu will always be home to the best summers of my life.  The secret public beaches, carefree living and foodie haven all make Cebu difficult to depart from.  Local or not, it wouldn't take much to fall in love with this island.  As for someone born and bred here, there's no place I'd rather be - summer or not so summer.

There is not much on my summer agenda this year.  Which is why I'm reminiscing the best one's I've had so far.  

On my top 3 are: 
Tingko beach in Alcoy
Nalusuan Island

Bas Dako, Moalboal

Everybody's favorite season is about to simmer down and if you're looking for an experience to define your Cebu summer this year, Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015 will be the perfect lingering cap off event. Scoot over to Two Way Travels for details on getting FREE TICKETS Ipanema Summer Sunscream.

On a side note, Cebu Blogging Community wants our readers in on an Ipanema giveaway!  

Up for grabs are : 1 Flip Flop, 5 Key Chains and 1 Beach Bag each to 3 WINNERS.  Just follow the mechanics stated below and bet on your lucky stars! 

  Open to PHILIPPINE residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is sponsored by Ipanema Philippines.  All winners must contact Mary of www.twowaytravels.com for the prizes. 

CSDC: Say No! to Dog or Cat Meat

I like to think that people have already gone intricately deep into establishing a civilized society.  So it is quite disheartening to know that a significant number of our communities still have ice-age ways that are just beyond yuck!  In the Philippines, it is an open secret that some regions are consumers of dog and cat meat. Although the culture of eating dog is becoming scarce, the practice still exists and there is a threat of it becoming mainstream again as some enterprising individuals are capitalizing on dog and cat meat as exotic dishes.  

Laws are present to address this atrocious inhumanity towards our beloved pets.  However implementation of our animal rights laws seem to be missing a few teeth, actually we are missing able and capable authorities to stop dog or cat meat trade. 

Recently here in Cebu, although eating dog and cat meat are virtually unheard of, Cebu South Dog Club is a forerunner of the advocacy to stop dog and cat meat trade.  They launched an awareness drive last month and was very successful in spreading information about current laws against such practice.  CSDC roamed the streets of Talisay City, Cebu advancing the club's stand against the barbaric trade.  It was made clear that they have assumed the position of watching over the welfare of animals and that they will not hesitate to put things right when it comes to our beloved pets.

Cebu South Dog Club culminated the Say No To Dog Meat propaganda at Starmall Talisay City.  The event pooled together the participation of Island Rescue Organization, individuals and Cebu Blogging Community to showcase to the Cebuano community that there are people looking out for man's best friends and they will see to it that the full length of the law will be implemented.

Blame Procrastination on Game of Thrones Leak

A real live and sensible adult has responsibilities and therefore functions effectively and efficiently on established structured daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly schedules.  

Which is why in theory it is most amiable to schedule our R and R on specific time and dates because although spontaneity is romantic, it is, more often than not, foolish, childish and downright irresponsible.  

So imagine my horror when the first four episodes of Game of Thrones Season 5 are currently being leaked on torrent sites. I cannot NOT watch it.  I'm sorry I just can't! 

I am screwed! KBYE!

Dessert Runs with Sweet: Dessert Factory's Red Velvet Cake

A photo posted by Sahbu Gomez (@damnvixen) on

Good friend Sweet and I have decided to give ourselves a regular dose of sugar rush.  Our dessert runs all over Cebu will be a bi-monthly thing.  We need happy food for our crazy pressure cooker lives.  We will bring you delectable finds and rate them as honestly as we can.  But please do factor in the fact that we might be PMS-ing and give slightly emotional reviews.  Fair warning lang.

Well here is the famous Red Velvet Cake by Dessert Factory.  Im not a fan of red velvet cake but I chose it over my usual blueberry cheesecake staple because Dessert Factory has the best Red Velvet Cake according to Sunstar Cebu.

The romantic value of this notorious dessert does not apply to my desensitized heart - bitter - kebs! Anyhoo I got to dig into this half way through until I got overwhelmed by my saturated taste buds. Because when it comes to desserts you really get to a point where you cant eat anymore.  

Follow me @damnvixen and Sweet @mistytewest on Instagram for real time Dessert Run updates!

Dessert Factory is located in Ayala Center Cebu and in SSY Business Center in Lahug.

Personal Feel of the Diamond Suites in Cebu

As you know, I have formally joined Cebu Blogging Community (CBC). The new blogging group of Cebu had our first Ultimate Meet Up at the Diamond Suites.  It was not my first time in the venue however it was definitely my first time to really have a feel of the hotel and see it in a different light. 

The Diamond Suites used to have a business like impression on me when I went there for the first time for the Benmore Whiskey Event during my stint in Cebu Fashion Bloggers. 

Cebu Fashion Bloggers
Cebu Fashion Bloggers
During CBC's Ultimate Meet Up the group had the chance to not just sample the best of what Diamond Suites had to offer, we were treated to the full customer experience that I want my readers to also have.   

I recently signed up to Tripadvisor because I want to be a familiar voice when it comes to the ins and outs of the Cebuana lifestyle experience.  What jolted me to air out my personal reviews is the need to put the spotlight on the little treasures that mainstream media often brush aside.  

In a nutshell, the Diamond Suites is "Luxuriously Affordable." It is the quickest getaway from City life without having to literally leave the Metro.  It is located right in the heart of the buzzing Cebu City yet when you do get inside, your senses will follow the zen atmosphere and in an instant you are on vacation mode.

Diamond Suites Staff
The Diamond Suites Staff are sweetly mannered you can count on them to liven up your day!
One of the many reasons why I blog for Cebu is because every square meter of this island is worth talking about.  From destinations, to restaurants, to hotels and down to adventure activities, Cebu will never run out of places to see and people to share the whole experience with.

For bookings at The Diamond Suites & Residences:

No. 8 Apitong cor. Escario Sts.
Cebu City 6000 Philippines

Tel: (6332) 402-9800
Fax: (6332) 402-9888
Email: inquiry@diamondsuitescebu.com.ph

Why I Blog for Cebu and Why You Should Too

As of writing, this blog, The ViXeN's LaiR, has exactly 231 published blog posts and this post makes that number 232.  I have been blogging since Multiply days and in retrospect, I am amazed at the person I have become because of blogging.  I used to blog only about myself, now I blog for Cebu and this post brings you the answer to the why's.

Blogging used to be my medium to rant or shout praises.  The earliest posts really showcased my extreme highs and ultimate lows. Overtime, the deeper I got into blogging, the more sociable and interactive I have become in real life.  Blogging heightened my curiosity, cultivated my whimsical interests in various topics and most noteworthy is the fact that blogging polished my language skills into a competitive caliber I am proud of today.

Now, I no longer consider my blog as my own personal virtual private space.  My blog is now a platform I use to effectively shoutout and reachout in an aim to influence Cebuano readers on what is relevant in the current modern day Cebuano lifestyles. 

I blog for Cebu because the island of my birth deserves to be the muse of my writing.  I put Cebu as the centerpiece of my blog because everywhere in Cebu and the Cebuanos too are overflowing springs of inspiration that the whole world ought to know about.

CBC at the Diamond Suites

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Something I Realized Upon Joining the Cebu Real Estate Industry

If you have been living in Cebu City for quite some time now, for sure you cannot help but notice the immense developments especially with Cebu's real estate industry sprouting all over our lovely island. In just the last 5 years alone, IT Park in Apas, Lahug has drastically morphed from mere grassland to concrete jungle teeming with "millennials" buzzing about their consumerist lifestyle from sunup to sundown.

Everything looks so promising economy wise and I feel many have felt that the recent improvements in structures and commercialism are also commensurate or proportionately attributable to healthy employment opportunities in the region. Consequently, young professionals are earning more and with that naturally comes a stronger purchasing power and confidence in spending on the non-essentials. In short, people now have money to burn.  

And when you have money, all seems good isn't it?

The problem with having money or being liquid - and I mean financial liquidity - is the fact that you will always be lured into buying something you really do not need.  

You save because you spend.  When you have had this cycle of divesting disguised as saving going on for a while and reach the time when your earning capacity wanes, almost instantly you will find yourself going into debt and deeper down thereafter.  

Cut your spending lifestyle and put your hard-earned money in investments  that cannot be easily corroded by inflation such as something as promising as CEBU'S REAL ESTATE

Cebu Real Estate Agent

If you do plan to get a hold of your finances and earn passive income for your future, just send me a message.  I'd be happy to assist you in making real and mature decisions henceforth.

How to Have a Flawless Summer in Cebu

flawless summer in cebu

Let's face it.  The increasing humidity, glare and burn of the inevitable dry season are threats to having a flawless summer in Cebu.  You are crazy if you do not arm yourself with sun protection while going about your day here in bright and sunny Cebu City.  If you are someone like me who is starting to fight or counter the effects of the dreaded clock a.k.a. "aging," it's best to start with the knowledge that all of us need sun protection. 
If you want to keep the sunspots and freckles from ever appearing include the letters SPF in your daily personal habits.  Here below is my sun protection step by step regimen for a flawless summer.


Summer temperatures bring extra humidity and this means I am also especially oily during this season.  I wash my face at least twice a day with my reliable Flawless SAS soap to prevent oil build up that causes my breakouts.


I use a facial scrub once a week to get rid of invisible dead skin that causes an uneven skin tone.  Exfoliation will make you burn under the sun easily.  It is best to refrain from getting a chemical peel if you plan to stay under the direct heat of the sun for extended periods.   Sad to say there aren't that many tree shades in Cebu City to hide under.  Better yet, no peel of any kind while it is still glaringly hot.


Show your pores your care by keeping them calm and relax.  A refreshing toner will do the trick of minimizing these very tiny punctures on your skin.  Choose the one that suits your skin type.  I am currently finishing my bottle of Nivea's Mattifying Toner.


After stripping your skin of its natural protective film by cleansing, exfoliating and toning, you need to allow it to recuperate by re-nourishing it with a moisturizer.  Since it's summer pick a light weight moisturizer that guarantees to not clog your pores.  I find that gel formula moisturizers does the job very well on my oily skin.

Sun Protection

Never skip sun protection. You will never achieve flawless summer or flawless anything if you do not apply sunscreen.  Our young fair complexion will not look as good as it is now in the next years if we continue to frolic under the harsh sun irresponsibly.  I know choosing the right sun protection product can be very confusing.  I recently got hold of Flawless' Skin Protect Mist and this baby just does it for me.  It's safe to spray at any angle and I get the SPF 70 protection I need to work or play under the sun and it's PARABEN FREE! 


Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone, Moisturize 
Spray Protect Play 
for a 
Flawless Summer!

Watch out for My Light Summer Makeup Routine!