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How to Have a Flawless Summer in Cebu

flawless summer in cebu

Let's face it.  The increasing humidity, glare and burn of the inevitable dry season are threats to having a flawless summer in Cebu.  You are crazy if you do not arm yourself with sun protection while going about your day here in bright and sunny Cebu City.  If you are someone like me who is starting to fight or counter the effects of the dreaded clock a.k.a. "aging," it's best to start with the knowledge that all of us need sun protection. 
If you want to keep the sunspots and freckles from ever appearing include the letters SPF in your daily personal habits.  Here below is my sun protection step by step regimen for a flawless summer.


Summer temperatures bring extra humidity and this means I am also especially oily during this season.  I wash my face at least twice a day with my reliable Flawless SAS soap to prevent oil build up that causes my breakouts.


I use a facial scrub once a week to get rid of invisible dead skin that causes an uneven skin tone.  Exfoliation will make you burn under the sun easily.  It is best to refrain from getting a chemical peel if you plan to stay under the direct heat of the sun for extended periods.   Sad to say there aren't that many tree shades in Cebu City to hide under.  Better yet, no peel of any kind while it is still glaringly hot.


Show your pores your care by keeping them calm and relax.  A refreshing toner will do the trick of minimizing these very tiny punctures on your skin.  Choose the one that suits your skin type.  I am currently finishing my bottle of Nivea's Mattifying Toner.


After stripping your skin of its natural protective film by cleansing, exfoliating and toning, you need to allow it to recuperate by re-nourishing it with a moisturizer.  Since it's summer pick a light weight moisturizer that guarantees to not clog your pores.  I find that gel formula moisturizers does the job very well on my oily skin.

Sun Protection

Never skip sun protection. You will never achieve flawless summer or flawless anything if you do not apply sunscreen.  Our young fair complexion will not look as good as it is now in the next years if we continue to frolic under the harsh sun irresponsibly.  I know choosing the right sun protection product can be very confusing.  I recently got hold of Flawless' Skin Protect Mist and this baby just does it for me.  It's safe to spray at any angle and I get the SPF 70 protection I need to work or play under the sun and it's PARABEN FREE! 


Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone, Moisturize 
Spray Protect Play 
for a 
Flawless Summer!

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