I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Cinema Bound: No Other Woman

I can vividly remember being terrified by Glenn Close's character in the iconic movie Fatal Attraction.  How I got to watch an R movie at barely 7 years old, is beyond my recollection.  To this day I still associate mistresses to "bunny boilers" and it would probably stay that way.  Mistress: Que Horror!

I so want to watch this for 2 reasons: First, Derek Ramsay-damn!  Second, I'm anxious to finding out who among Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes gets to be the psychotic bitch.  The spot on dialogues and cliches are but mere consolations, I dare say.  Who doesn't love a cat fight, right?

September 28, 2011  in cinemas nationwide!   
I will channel Anne and sport a nude lippy, for kicks!  See yah!

p.s poster from starmometer.com

Heart Stopper!

Jollibee Hash Brown Burger!!

I swear burgers are worse than cigarettes!  I am easily bribed with burgers this past few weeks.  Just yesterday, I got to drag my ass off to a mall just for a Flame It! burger.  Im talking about burgers hoping the craving will go away via write off!

A few hours ago, me and my law buds, stopped by Mcdonald's for a quick dinner.  Here's what happened..

Me: (to Mac) oii orderin natin yung bago na hash brown burger! sarap nun!
Mac: cge un na din orderin ko
I was looking up the menu looking for the hash brown burger wondering why there's no info about the product.   Moved on and brushed off the bewilderment and proceeded to voice out order.
Me: (to cashier/manager) Miss! 2 orders ng hash brown burger please! (smile)
Manager: what is your order ma'am?
Me:  hash brown burger nga!  ba't wala sa menu ninyo? ahh bagong product kasi noh?
Manager:  we don't have that in this Mcdonald's ma'am! ( no smile )
Me:  ahh sa ibang branch lang pala..... hala baka sa Jollibee yun!
Mac:  hahahhaha ano kaba manager yata yung kausap mo, sa Jollibee cguro yun!
Me:  eh pag hash browns Mcdonald's yung alam ko eh!
Me: (to manager) hala cge McFlurry na lang order ko!
Manager:  *punch *punch that would be 44 pesos mam.
Mac and I: LOL

Note:  I have long associated hash browns with Mcdonald's since they did offer it in their menu some years ago.  Kudos to Jollibee for the successful disassociation!

Moving My Personals

I've always wanted to give WordPress a spin.  My guest-post stint over at Pens and Lens for the I Blog for Bangkok Challenge and some wee bit of submissions over at Instyle Cebu, finally gave me a feel of how WordPress works.  However, I can't just drop Blogger and jump boat.  This would still be The ViXeN's LaiR's home.  As much as I'd love to maintain just one blog for everything I want to say, I also wouldn't want to bother you with my personal jibberjabbers.

This blog will now be solely dedicated to the Beauty and Fashion niche.  

For my takes on Life, Current Events, Poetry and Literature, Book Review/Reflections and the like, visit and subscribe to my WordPress blog over at Isabeau Jane: My Digital Fingerprints

Eye Bling!

Sunglasses, shades, sunnies! The eyewear that makes fun rhyme with the sun! Drop by your local flea market for the most wacky and outrageous designs. You don't have to be Lady Gaga to pull this off.

Spot that eye candy and never have to worry about being mistaken for a perv. Hide your peepers under the tints and glare and do eye-rolls whenever, wherever!

Ahhh let's pretend we're notorious gossip magnets and that our sunglasses are our only solace for anonymity!

Shout out to my girl Mac of Style Cebu for an awesome collection she dubs Sunglasses Frenzy.

Spot me if you can! ^oo^
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