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Cinema Bound: No Other Woman

I can vividly remember being terrified by Glenn Close's character in the iconic movie Fatal Attraction.  How I got to watch an R movie at barely 7 years old, is beyond my recollection.  To this day I still associate mistresses to "bunny boilers" and it would probably stay that way.  Mistress: Que Horror!

I so want to watch this for 2 reasons: First, Derek Ramsay-damn!  Second, I'm anxious to finding out who among Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes gets to be the psychotic bitch.  The spot on dialogues and cliches are but mere consolations, I dare say.  Who doesn't love a cat fight, right?

September 28, 2011  in cinemas nationwide!   
I will channel Anne and sport a nude lippy, for kicks!  See yah!

p.s poster from starmometer.com


  1. I wanna watch this so bad but Dennis doesn't want to. I need a girls night out! :P

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  2. si Anne ra jud ang love sa Ginoo noh? hahaha! super gorgeous and talented...:D will wait for this movie on DVD...whoot!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥