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Personal Feel of the Diamond Suites in Cebu

As you know, I have formally joined Cebu Blogging Community (CBC). The new blogging group of Cebu had our first Ultimate Meet Up at the Diamond Suites.  It was not my first time in the venue however it was definitely my first time to really have a feel of the hotel and see it in a different light. 

The Diamond Suites used to have a business like impression on me when I went there for the first time for the Benmore Whiskey Event during my stint in Cebu Fashion Bloggers. 

Cebu Fashion Bloggers
Cebu Fashion Bloggers
During CBC's Ultimate Meet Up the group had the chance to not just sample the best of what Diamond Suites had to offer, we were treated to the full customer experience that I want my readers to also have.   

I recently signed up to Tripadvisor because I want to be a familiar voice when it comes to the ins and outs of the Cebuana lifestyle experience.  What jolted me to air out my personal reviews is the need to put the spotlight on the little treasures that mainstream media often brush aside.  

In a nutshell, the Diamond Suites is "Luxuriously Affordable." It is the quickest getaway from City life without having to literally leave the Metro.  It is located right in the heart of the buzzing Cebu City yet when you do get inside, your senses will follow the zen atmosphere and in an instant you are on vacation mode.

Diamond Suites Staff
The Diamond Suites Staff are sweetly mannered you can count on them to liven up your day!
One of the many reasons why I blog for Cebu is because every square meter of this island is worth talking about.  From destinations, to restaurants, to hotels and down to adventure activities, Cebu will never run out of places to see and people to share the whole experience with.

For bookings at The Diamond Suites & Residences:

No. 8 Apitong cor. Escario Sts.
Cebu City 6000 Philippines

Tel: (6332) 402-9800
Fax: (6332) 402-9888
Email: inquiry@diamondsuitescebu.com.ph

Why I Blog for Cebu and Why You Should Too

As of writing, this blog, The ViXeN's LaiR, has exactly 231 published blog posts and this post makes that number 232.  I have been blogging since Multiply days and in retrospect, I am amazed at the person I have become because of blogging.  I used to blog only about myself, now I blog for Cebu and this post brings you the answer to the why's.

Blogging used to be my medium to rant or shout praises.  The earliest posts really showcased my extreme highs and ultimate lows. Overtime, the deeper I got into blogging, the more sociable and interactive I have become in real life.  Blogging heightened my curiosity, cultivated my whimsical interests in various topics and most noteworthy is the fact that blogging polished my language skills into a competitive caliber I am proud of today.

Now, I no longer consider my blog as my own personal virtual private space.  My blog is now a platform I use to effectively shoutout and reachout in an aim to influence Cebuano readers on what is relevant in the current modern day Cebuano lifestyles. 

I blog for Cebu because the island of my birth deserves to be the muse of my writing.  I put Cebu as the centerpiece of my blog because everywhere in Cebu and the Cebuanos too are overflowing springs of inspiration that the whole world ought to know about.

CBC at the Diamond Suites

The ViXeN's LaiR is proud to be a member of Cebu Blogging Community a group which mirrors my drive and dedication to make blogging an act of social responsibility.  We'd love for any Cebuano blogger lurking out there to join us and be an open book for anything Cebu.

Something I Realized Upon Joining the Cebu Real Estate Industry

If you have been living in Cebu City for quite some time now, for sure you cannot help but notice the immense developments especially with Cebu's real estate industry sprouting all over our lovely island. In just the last 5 years alone, IT Park in Apas, Lahug has drastically morphed from mere grassland to concrete jungle teeming with "millennials" buzzing about their consumerist lifestyle from sunup to sundown.

Everything looks so promising economy wise and I feel many have felt that the recent improvements in structures and commercialism are also commensurate or proportionately attributable to healthy employment opportunities in the region. Consequently, young professionals are earning more and with that naturally comes a stronger purchasing power and confidence in spending on the non-essentials. In short, people now have money to burn.  

And when you have money, all seems good isn't it?

The problem with having money or being liquid - and I mean financial liquidity - is the fact that you will always be lured into buying something you really do not need.  

You save because you spend.  When you have had this cycle of divesting disguised as saving going on for a while and reach the time when your earning capacity wanes, almost instantly you will find yourself going into debt and deeper down thereafter.  

Cut your spending lifestyle and put your hard-earned money in investments  that cannot be easily corroded by inflation such as something as promising as CEBU'S REAL ESTATE

Cebu Real Estate Agent

If you do plan to get a hold of your finances and earn passive income for your future, just send me a message.  I'd be happy to assist you in making real and mature decisions henceforth.

How to Have a Flawless Summer in Cebu

flawless summer in cebu

Let's face it.  The increasing humidity, glare and burn of the inevitable dry season are threats to having a flawless summer in Cebu.  You are crazy if you do not arm yourself with sun protection while going about your day here in bright and sunny Cebu City.  If you are someone like me who is starting to fight or counter the effects of the dreaded clock a.k.a. "aging," it's best to start with the knowledge that all of us need sun protection. 
If you want to keep the sunspots and freckles from ever appearing include the letters SPF in your daily personal habits.  Here below is my sun protection step by step regimen for a flawless summer.


Summer temperatures bring extra humidity and this means I am also especially oily during this season.  I wash my face at least twice a day with my reliable Flawless SAS soap to prevent oil build up that causes my breakouts.


I use a facial scrub once a week to get rid of invisible dead skin that causes an uneven skin tone.  Exfoliation will make you burn under the sun easily.  It is best to refrain from getting a chemical peel if you plan to stay under the direct heat of the sun for extended periods.   Sad to say there aren't that many tree shades in Cebu City to hide under.  Better yet, no peel of any kind while it is still glaringly hot.


Show your pores your care by keeping them calm and relax.  A refreshing toner will do the trick of minimizing these very tiny punctures on your skin.  Choose the one that suits your skin type.  I am currently finishing my bottle of Nivea's Mattifying Toner.


After stripping your skin of its natural protective film by cleansing, exfoliating and toning, you need to allow it to recuperate by re-nourishing it with a moisturizer.  Since it's summer pick a light weight moisturizer that guarantees to not clog your pores.  I find that gel formula moisturizers does the job very well on my oily skin.

Sun Protection

Never skip sun protection. You will never achieve flawless summer or flawless anything if you do not apply sunscreen.  Our young fair complexion will not look as good as it is now in the next years if we continue to frolic under the harsh sun irresponsibly.  I know choosing the right sun protection product can be very confusing.  I recently got hold of Flawless' Skin Protect Mist and this baby just does it for me.  It's safe to spray at any angle and I get the SPF 70 protection I need to work or play under the sun and it's PARABEN FREE! 


Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone, Moisturize 
Spray Protect Play 
for a 
Flawless Summer!

Watch out for My Light Summer Makeup Routine!

Discovering Ziya Cebu

Ziya Cebu

Ziya SM Cebu

Summer in my island is quite unforgiving which is why you can't blame a girl to go "have a look" at boutique displays whenever the turn of the season is threatening close.  I hopped about SM City Cebu and discovered Ziya, a store that gives classy options for bohemian chic lovers.

ziya style
Cebu Fashion Bloggers covered Ziya Cebu's store opening last year but I've been so caught up with life that I am totally off the fashion tangent. Check out the posts from my favorite stylish Cebuana's Jean YuIssa and The Style Cebu.

ziya cebu

Ziya means laid back, comfortable and classy which translate to being able to wear the bohemian chic style to the office.  The price is set a range any woman on her initial steps to the top can afford.

ziya cebu

If your looking for light pieces to combat the onslaught of summer 2015 and still retain the professional go-getter look, drop by Ziya at SM City Cebu. My friend Joe, just found her new favorite store.