I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Thirty Thank Yous I need to Say

30 Thank you's

I’m a blogger with a list of thank yous to publish.  A long overdue litany of thirty fortunate things, events and people I have come across in real and digital life.  Let me start with a few sentiments.

Thank you no.1 is for the Man in the sky where all good things must come from.  Through Him all has been redeemed.  We all owe Him a life lead fruitfully.  Everything I had, have and will hold are graces I work hard to deserve.  Thanks Big Guy!

No. 2 is for the love of family.  My heart may wander in search for something uncertain but the bond of kin can never be substituted.  When everyone else will not understand, my family stands by me to be like a rock that is ready to break my thick head.

No. 3 is for my great friends.  Those I grew up with, who despite any distance, still connects with me and let me in their lives no matter how different from mine.

No. 4 is for the long intimate conversations with my best friends.  I'd rather have a few long and winding talks with you than thousands worth of small shoptalk with those who do not care for me at all.

No. 5 is for the heart breakers.  The run down line "you made me stronger by breaking my heart." is in order.  I smile better now, thank you!

No. 6 goes to the banking industry.  I never thought I'd go back to working in a formal setting but the stars have aligned for me and being where I am now, polishes me to be a better person.

No. 7 is my thank you to whoever put together A Thousand and One Nights.  The story of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves had awoken my curiosity for words and reading.  Writing came naturally after my love for books.

No. 8 is a shout out to booze.  I write better under the influence of rhum and anything over 40 proof.

No. 9 is for the colors red, green and orange.  Without these three I can never express my loud side.  Just because I enjoy books does not mean I cant get on somebody's nerves. 

No. 10 is for the real feminists.  Thank you keeping women empowered as we ought to feel.  We bring forth mankind onto the face of the earth.  Respect shouldnt have to be our battle cry.

No. 11 is for my lucky charms.  You keep my dark compulsion at bay.  Your powers aren’t real but I imagine too many things.

Thank you to lipstick, eyebrow pencils, contact lenses and BB creams.  These babies keep me looking the way I am outside our iron fence.  Without them I'd look very, very different.  My vanity is my armor against the harsh reality that appearance is a currency.

No. 16 is for the books I have yet to read.  Although my TBR list could be a mile long, I am happy I have them to read when then internet is down.  One wall in my room is commissioned as my bookshelf.  Sometimes when I hoard books and add them to my wall, I feel guilty.  At the rate I am going, I may never be able to finish reading every book in my room.  Thrifting for second hand books is an addiction I have no intention of curing.

No. 17 is for the internet.  My horizon stretch as far as the internet could reach.  I am truly the master of my fate because of you.  Life would've been so different and so so difficult.  Now, I cannot imagine life without Facebook or Instagram.  It may appear shallow for some, but truly the internet has uplifted so many lives no politician ever could.  If I really want to, I can learn any language, any profession or any deadly skill just by investing my time and effort on the internet.  At this day and age, ignorance is an active choice we make. Information sows in us empathy and understanding. 

No. 18 is for the very healthy blogging syndicates on Facebook!  You keep Cebu is a Beauty alive!  I never thought there are that many bloggers willing to labor day in and day out just to help others get better.

I'd like to thank the amazing leads of Cebu Blogging Community - Mary Narvasa, Bjornson Bernales, Chanel Imperial, Jeph Flores, Jhanis Vicente, Gay Dumaguing and our prime mover Ruben Licera Jr.  There was a time when I was really set on retiring this blog until you guys inspired me to rekindle the passion to write online again.

No. 26 is for the nature loving entrepreneurs.  Thank you for working hard on your businesses to bring your patrons healthy and safe products.  Since I switched to natural goodness, my disposition and outlook changed for the better. 

No. 27 is a powerful number and I this space of gratitude goes to the only person who can boss me around but never does.  You may or may not be reading this but I thank you for not being bossy.  Your warmth infects me so much it is always a  happy day at work.

No. 28 is for my adorable nephew, Nunki.  You are the star we look at with love and joy.  We steer our lives with you at the center.  We hurry home to be your playmate and provide the answers to your inquisitive blurbs.

No. 29 is for the year 2015.  I am amazed at how much I feel like a different person than last year.  The trials were so real, better than cheap prime time TV.  The defeats and wins were beyond what my old self could have endured.  2015 has marked me for life, for the better.

No. 30 is a solid thank you to Romeo. There is no compulsion here, I was not coaxed nor cajoled into putting together this list of thirty things or unthings I am thankful for.  However, I did get a nudge from ZupRome! and so it is unto him I drop my last thank you!

The big 30 years old is coming soon and Im happy and thankful!

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