I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

25 Divided By 5

Im 25 and Fabulous!

Ahh yes!  Another year has turned for me.  Although celebrations are indispensable, I plan for my special day to be chillax with a few clinks of champagne to top the night.  I thank God for the degree of contentment I am feeling right now.  So definitely, hard party animal wont be an option this year.

25 is a biggie!  I'd like to recollect the memories that made the most of me.

@ 5 years old:
~ I was a handful.  Relentlessly hyperactive!  Thank God ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ) wasn't that much of a fad back in the 90's or I wouldve been tranquilized!  When mom said no, I look at her all curious with a poker face seemingly agreeable to the prohibition.  Yet I do it anyway.  Come to think of it, to this day Im still like that.  

@ 10 years old:
~ I was carefree.  I didn't care how many friends I got, about hygiene, about dressing properly, about brushing my hair and I certainly didnt care much for school.  Its a bit of a blur to me.  I only remember being a chubby kid with a handful of friends and some guy enemies.

@ 15 years old:
~ I was friendly.  I finally had gotten over identity crisis and had lots of people I call friends.  I know people and people I know know me!  This was the time me and crazy friends discovered ah-ah-ah alcohol!  For some odd reason, I was not prohibited to drink alcohol by my parents.  That's probably the reason why Im not drinking now.  I grew out of my curiosity even before I graduated from college.  Alcohol is overrated!  As for boys, lets just say I had a specimen for my experiments! hahaha

@ 20 years old:
~ I was hopeless romantic.  Walking with heart-shaped eyes!  Thank God I grew out of that too!  Its silly!  Remember this: No boy should have power over you.  By this age, I finished my bachelors and was off to conquer the world!

@ 25 years old:
~ I am fabulous!  I have a strong heart and big head.  I can take on any challenge.  I can claw myself out from a difficult situation and in red manicured nails too!  Security and contentment are the only two tools I need to get me through the next five years.   I have so much to be thankful for.  To ever supportive family and my cheering friends, I survived all 25 of my years because you all were there to make sure of it.  ^^
my first birthday.  I love my dress!


  1. happy birthday,fabulous! have a blast. :D

  2. I like kaayo ni nga statement: "I can claw myself out from a difficult situation and in red manicured nails too! " hahah! Happy birthday shabz... ;)

  3. hahahaha! i was a hopeless romantic in my early twenties too...very. it wasn't until i turned 24 and very much confident about myself that i found harry...and it was such a perfect time.

    happy birthday isabeau! stay as fab as you are! :D

    i super love love the back of your cardi...so chic! they look like angel wings...tihee!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. what can I say??? i was a witness by all these division of years...

    happy birthday again love...