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Beware of These 3 Women!

As a general rule, a woman is an apple to everyone's eyes.  We bring sunshine to the gloomy, excitement to the bored and liven up just about anything.  However, our species aren't perfect.  Flaws are sometimes extrinsic, but are usually dangerously bottled up inside too.  I'm writing this as a fair warning to all those who love the company of women.  Beware of these three!

Sad Little Girl
They are gloomy and most likely loners.  Why?  Because they talk about their problems too much and never really making mention of how to solve or over come them.  Suicidal?  Most likely!
Why should you be aware?  If you have someone like this hanging around you, their tendency is to stick with you and pester you.  So unless your a shrink, it would be best to keep distance or they will follow you around relentlessly.  Imba stalking abilities!  Needy bitch I tell you.

Example: Your local emo girl!

Crazy Bitch
This one's a meanie.  They snap poof! just like that.  One moment she's the sweetest, then in a blink of an eye, she screams and suddenly transforms into a level of rage only tranquilizers can extinguish.  Everything she touches while consumed by anger will be beaten down to a pulp.  Wear protective gear if an encounter with this kind would be unavoidable.
They can lose all reason, case on point are the many crimes of passion recorded in any court.  Murder is a natural instinct, so its either you oblige or you flee.  Remember that movie Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct?  They are the same!

Example:  Your foul mouthed neighbor shrieking at 7 in the morning.

The Bitch from Hell
Careful coz they seem normal.  Highly intellectual, calculating and efficiently manipulative.  They make you do things you wont normally do.  They act with impunity in high heels and a smile.  Inside their minds are intricate blueprints for the next 20 years.  Believe me, you dont want to get in the way of her scheme of things.  You will get trampled on and get burned!  They get to the top and at the top they intend to remain.

Example: That highly decorated classmate who always ask you about your exam scores.

My mantra when I have encounters with these women is simple.  Remain cool and composed as my usual self and practice maximum tolerance at all cost!  Dont get in their way but when in right always stand your ground.  Every girl has claws! They dont call it cat fight for nothing.

p.s.  This was a product of me and my brothers observation based on what we see on T.V.  I would love to drop names, but that would be cruel! ahahha


  1. hahaha...i think i have a bit of all 3...:D taray post jud!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  2. hahaha! so funny and so true.


  3. I think everyone obviously knows the category i fall in

  4. hmmmm, i don't think i've met girl no 1 yet, but in my life, i've totally met girls 2 and 3... way too many times and too many in number... yeah, definitely best to stay away from these types!


  5. lol!! great post!! made me laugh while still being poignantly true at the same time. i have definitely encountered women like this in my life unfortunately. i wish i could just laugh it off and say "oh well it's not that big of a deal" but they make it a big deal! i still have a "sad little girl" in my life and it's like nothing anyone says can help her snap out of it and try to be more positive or optimistic.

    and sometimes, i think i am a crazy bitch. =P hehehe.

    thank you for your comment and support on my sunglass hut blog! i really appreciate it. =)

    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Full Time Fabulous - Kristy
    twitter: @kristyelena

  6. whahaha...I have meet a lot of number 1 and 3...but so far not yet number 2 hehehehe...love this posts...reminds me of so many girls out there and myself too... :D


  7. Hahaha hilarios.
    I always hated the girl who asks for your exam scores. Very annoying.

  8. funny - definitely the types of girls you want to avoid! x


  9. I loveeet! each bitchy category i can associate at least one person in it while reading hahaha :) nice blog!