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Adios Rob Patz + Rude Boy:RiRi

Its now out with the mushy mushy and back to reality.  What better way to free yourself from the bonds of hopeless romanticism than purge your brain of Robert Pattinson fantasies and then rinse with RiRi's new bodacious music video of Rude Boy, my new on-instant-replay sound track.
If you're still not dropping Rob Patz from your list of imaginary boyfies then this should convince you: He HATES and is ALLERGIC to V-A-G-I-N-A-S!!  He said so in this interview for details magazine.  Well, that statement says it all for me.  I don't care about the circumstances surrounding the question, but I've got a feeling those strong words did not come from nowhere.  So baboo Edward Cullen!  I guess you were just too good to be true.

Now on Rihanna.  I always find myself jumping to her beats.  Her music just fills me with energy.  This new video is not an exception.  The ultimate Vixen song! Booom! Boom! Boom! Enjoy the video. ^^


  1. really? he said that? wow. oh well, i'm so over him the moment I realized a vampire called Eric Northman and Damon Salvatore exist. =)


  2. yup betz he said that.. now im crawling back to Lestat ^^ thnx for droppin by ;)

  3. love! im super liking the new layout. nindot kaayo! haha im so dumb when it comes to stuff like these mu na my blog continues to be as basic as ever.. sigh:)

    watch VM ha?


  4. celebrities say the dumbest thing to stay relevant. i think he's thinking about kstew's vagina here.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  5. @eden i want to watch VM! *sigh i have class on weekends :((
    @denise gratz again on the engagement! i wouldnt argue with you on that.. KStew's V is not even worth mentioning.. ^^

    thanks for the love ladies <3

  6. Purge my brain of Robert Pattinson fantasies....All right, off to do that! :)

  7. Rihanna's song is good but not the video Mon Mode Blog

  8. Hahahahahaha. YESSSSS. I read that before.

    I never was a Robert Pattinson fan. Never. So yay?

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. Saw these photos and now I am drooling! lucky girls!

  10. He really said that? Then he's definitely OUT in my list. Hahaha! Happy Friday! xoxo

  11. I am so loving that new Rihanna video, she looks amazing. i crank that song whenever it comes on the radio!

  12. Kumusta ka aking mahal?LOL!
    I love listening to Rihanna's songs.
    She has a beautiful voice.