I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Im One Lucky Vixen ^^

Yes!  I am such a lucky bitch vixen these days. Maybe Fate is consoling me because it is our midterm examinations week in law school.  They probably found me looking pitiful with the amount of cramming I had to do. 

Now back to why I'm lucky.  I have never won anything in my life that came from a shot at chance or any fortuitous event for that matter. The eventful day was yesterday, Friday Feb 5, where I won DJ MoTwister's blog give away and the prize was a $$ Nokia 5230 $$. As if that was not enough, I also won, via actual raffle, the blog give away of dear friend Sweet of Confessions of a Drama Queen.  

Now is'nt that a grand slam of some sort?  Woooohooo for me!!

My Fabulous Prizes eeeeek! I'm so excited to get hold of them

Dj Mo gives away a Nokia 5230 every day for 30 days so you guys might want to follow Mo on Twitter its @djmotwister and his funny yet informative blog at motwister.com.

Sweet's giveaways are bongga Fashion21 accessories available to Cebu readers and followers only. It's her homecoming giveaway since she will be back in Cebu by summer after being away on a teaching job in Bangkok.  Visit Confessions of a Drama Queen for the mechanics.

Got this award from Sweet just today.  I asked her if she awarded this to me based on the merits of my blog and not because we are lifelong friends, she said "@damnvixen I love you blog, I've been following it since you started it again hahahaha...ikaw jud".  So Yippeee I can therefore brag this.
I'm passing this on to these girls because I lurk in their blogs everyday!

Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream

I hope this luck does not wear off soon as I plan to give the lottery a shot.  6/49 jackpot is probably over a million pesos as of this time.  *cross fingers LOLS


  1. You still posted the giveaway hahahha!!! that means another entry for you dear...mwuah!!!!

    you are one lucky bitch..seriously was your lucky number 5?...It was february 5 ayt? and you were the fifth person on my giveaway hahahah!!!!

    love yah


  2. how lucky! share me some luck? =)
    congratulations on your award. bisaya pud diay ka? cool! =)


  3. wow, you're damn lucky! a cellphone giveaway??? phew! :D

    thanks for passing the luck! i'm checking mo twister's blog na..hope i win too!!! :D